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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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PostSubject: suma's current characters ♥   suma's current characters ♥ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2018 7:41 am

suma's current characters ♥ SeazpUO

Table of Contents:


  • - - -


  • - - -


  • - - -


    Dacedream (She-cat; New [T2] Warrior)


  • Clovertwist (Tom; Young [T3] Warrior)

Rogue / Loner / Kittypet

  • - - -

Inactive Characters

  • Frogmarsh (She-cat; ShadowClan Newly Appointed Warrior) [StarClan]
  • Lightstep (Tom; RiverClan Young Warrior) [StarClan]
  • Mottledspark (Tom; RiverClan Warrior) [StarClan]
  • "Shimmer" on Silver Pool (She-cat; Tribe of Endless Skies Kit-mother) [NPC]
  • Marmalade/Amberdawn (She-cat; ex-SkyClan MCA Kittypet) [alive, out of the forest]
  • Barleytuft (Tom; Senior Warrior) [StarClan]

Next Characters?
E [Egg, Elk], G [Garlic, Gust], H [Hay, Hedge, Hoopoe], I [Iris], J [Jade (loner/kittypet), Jagged], K [Kink], N [Newt], O [Orange, Orchid], P [Pale, Puddle], Q [Quil], R [Robin, Rose], S [Summer (kittypet)], T [Tawny, Thorn, Toad], U [Umber, Ulysses], V [Vine, Vole], W [Web, Wheat], X [???], Y [Yeti (kittypet)], Z [???]

[center][size=24][font=tahoma][b][color=#FFBAD2]C h a r a c t e r[/color][/b][/font][/size][/center]

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birth date - <i>death date</i>
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<div style="font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;align:justify;">
History goes here.

[i]to be continued...[/i]
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<div style="font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;">
<b>BREED:</b> - - -
<b>FUR:</b> - - -
<b>EYES:</b> - - -
<b>NOSE:</b> - - -
<b>PAWS:</b> - - -
<b>BUILD:</b> - - -
<b>SCARS:</b> - - -

<a href="piccredit"><img src="imglink" width="175" height="150"></a>

Appearance blurb goes here.
<img src="imglink" width="175" height="150">
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<b>CREATION:</b> date
<b>BIRTH/FIRST:</b> link
<b>APPRENTICE:</b> date
<b>MOONSTONE:</b> date
<b>FULL NAME:</b> date

<b style="font-size:11px;letter-spacing:2px;">KIT</b>
<p style="border-left:3px solid #FFBAD2;padding:0 0 0 10px;font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;">
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<b style="font-size:11px;letter-spacing:2px;">APPRENTICE</b>
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<b style="font-size:11px;letter-spacing:2px;">FULL NAME</b>
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threads go here
<b style="font-size:11px;letter-spacing:2px;">OTHER</b>
<p style="border-left:3px solid #FFBAD2;padding:0 0 0 5px;font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;">
other threads
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<div style="padding:5px;background-color=#FFBAD2;-webkit-border-radius: 10px 0px 10px 0px;border-radius: 10px 0px 10px 0px;text-align:center;font-family:tahoma;font-weight:bold;font-size:25px;color:#f5f5f5;letter-spacing:-3px;text-transform:lowercase;">PERSONALITY</div>
<div style="font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;">
<b>POSITIVE:</b> - - -
<b>NEUTRAL:</b> - - -
<b>NEGATIVE:</b> - - -

<b>LIKES:</b> - - -
<b>DISLIKES:</b> - - -
<b>QUIRKS:</b> - - -
<b>GOALS:</b> - - -
<b>FEARS:</b> - - -

<b>ANCESTORS:</b> - - -
<b>THE CODE:</b> - - -

<b>CLANS:</b> - - -
<b>OUTSIDERS:</b> - - -
<b>TWOLEGS:</b> - - -

Personality blurb goes here.
</div></div></td></tr><tr><td valign="top"><div style="padding:10px;background:#f5f5f5;width:200px;height:180px;overflow-y:auto">
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<div style="font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;">
<b>NAME:</b> - - -
<b>FORMERLY:</b> - - -
<b>GENDER:</b> - - -
<b>AFFILIATION:</b> - - -
<b>PREVIOUS:</b> - - -

<b>RANK:</b> - - -
<b>STATS:</b> [#/#]
<b>"AGE":</b> - - -

<b>MARITAL STATUS:</b> - - -
<b>SEXUALITY:</b> - - -
</div></div></td><td valign="top" rowspan="2"><div style="padding:10px;background:#f5f5f5;width:300px;height:180px;overflow-y:auto">
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"Quotes go here!" [url=LINK]x[/url]
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<div style="padding:5px;background-color=#FFBAD2;-webkit-border-radius: 10px 0px 10px 0px;border-radius: 10px 0px 10px 0px;text-align:center;font-family:tahoma;font-weight:bold;font-size:25px;color:#f5f5f5;letter-spacing:-3px;text-transform:lowercase;">RELATIONS</div>
<div style="font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;">
<b>MATE:</b> - - -
<b>NESTMATE/CRUSH:</b> - - -
<b>EXES:</b> - - -
<b>SONS:</b> - - -
<b>DAUGHTERS:</b> - - -

<b>FATHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDMOTHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDFATHER:</b> - - -

<b>MOTHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDMOTHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDFATHER:</b> - - -

<b>BROTHER(S):</b> - - -
<b>SISTER(S):</b> - - -

<b>MENTOR(S):</b> - - -
<b>APPRENTICE(S):</b> - - -
<b>MEDDIE(S)/WARRIOR(S):</b> - - -

<b>FRIENDS:</b> - - -
<b>NEUTRAL:</b> - - -
<b>ENEMIES:</b> - - -
</div></div></td></tr><tr><td valign="top" colspan="4" bgcolor="#f5f5f5"><div style="padding:5px;font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:8px;text-align:right;text-transform:uppercase;color:#555;">
OOC: SUMASHIRA · MST | [url="mainpiccredit"]PIC CREDIT[/url] | <a href="http://tessisamess.insanejournal.com/" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#555">CHARACTER SHEET MADE BY TESSISAMESS</font></a>

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PostSubject: Clover of WindClan   suma's current characters ♥ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2018 8:07 am

C l o v e r t w i s t

suma's current characters ♥ XHqRJeSsuma's current characters ♥ T26zCmd

June 20, 2019 - present


Cloverkit was born during a time of recovery in WindClan: they were not only rebuilding from the flood which washed the Clans from the forest but also recovering from the devastating loss of a respected warrior named Brookclover who died in a collapse of the moor. Cloverkit was named in her memory, and he and his siblings Mistykit (the eldest sister, who he referred to as his twin), Goldenkit, and Quailkit were kept safe and loved in the nursery after their birth. Their mother Graybriar was attentive despite being eager to go back to warrior duties, and their father Barleytuft visited at least twice every day, ensuring a bond with his kin at a young age. Cloverkit eagerly followed Goldenkit in her misadventures around camp, but at his kit age his biggest concerns were getting sleep, getting food, and getting the best gossip to share with his littermates.

When he reached six moons old, Cloverpaw was exhilarated to receive his new name first; furthermore, he was granted the honor of becoming WindClan's leader Finchstar's apprentice. His first night in the apprentices' den he started a moss fight with his kin, much to the delight of disdain of the older cats, foreshadowing his mischievous and energetic nature as an apprentice. On his first day of training, he discovered the Gorge and very quickly took its danger to heart, but he kept the rest of his learning quite light-hearted until he was offered the chance to hunt. He jumped at the opportunity, eager to know what rabbit was like.

Not long after becoming an apprentice, Cloverpaw witnessed a change in his Clan that he was granted the opportunity to be a part of. A moon following Brookclover's death, Finchstar brought up the discussion of the tunnels, wondering if something could be done to prevent another situation like the one that took his mate's life. Some suggested that they be re-opened and others swiftly rejected the idea, though still others hesitated. Goldenpaw, watching the meeting from beside their father, voiced her support of learning WindClan's ancient skill once more. Much to both her and Cloverpaw's surprise, their own dad Barleytuft was the first to voice his disagreement to her suggestion, voicing his fears about moving through them again. Their leader suggested that they perhaps destroy the tunnels and a warrior by the name of Grousefrost adamantly denied the suggestion, stating that it would only increase risks of cave-ins as well as de-home the rabbit population.

Cloverpaw was excited to be present for the conclusion. WindClan would tentatively reopen the tunnels; a few warriors would be chosen to go to the Moonstone to learn their ancestors' ways of tunneling, and once they were ready they would pass on the knowledge to their Clanmates. The apprentice was disappointed he couldn't go but awestruck when he learned his father, who had initially opposed the reopening of the tunnels, would be going on the trip. Cloverpaw refused to let his spirits be dampened by his inability to participate, knowing his turn would come soon if everything went well.

At his first Gathering, Cloverpaw eagerly left his father's side to meet others, though he stayed close to his twin, Mistypaw. The two of them were stumbled upon by a dashing tom by the name of Swallowpaw, from SkyClan, and Cloverpaw was immediately enthralled by the attention he received. He leaned into the limelight and engaged in what he considered to be harmless flirting while his sister paid better notice to the happenings. Cloverpaw half-listened when Burntstag, formerly of ShadowClan, called forth his message about abandoning StarClan and the Warrior Code. Cloverpaw, young and naive, thought only of his warrior name and how badly he wanted to earn it, and the thought of abandoning the code which would give him his name didn't appeal to his still young and narrow mind.

Cloverpaw's training was going well under Finchstar's guidance, and he delighted in learning from the tom. However, when he was selected for a patrol to go herb hunting with Aspenpaw, WindClan's medicine cat, he eagerly exchanged lessons in battle or hunting for one in territory exploration and herb identification. The day was hot, and for a long while it went successfully; however, disaster struck when they paused by a pond of stormwater to take a drink. A dog, loose from its twoleg on a nearby walking path, located the cats and began to run towards them. Though he was terrified, Cloverpaw clung to the idea that it was his duty to protect his medicine cat. Aspenpaw, himself, was frozen in place with fear, and Cloverpaw knew he would be an easy target for a dog.

The tom used himself as a shield between the dog and Aspenpaw, but the canine eagerly latched onto him, first slamming its paws into him to bowl him over and then grabbing him in his jaws by clamping on the ribcage. Cloverpaw was shaken and tossed into the air, and as he was falling it caught him by the tail to shake him again. His tail was horribly broken and the weakened apprentice hit the ground and lost consciousness. Cloverpaw wasn't awake to see Aspenpaw swat helplessly at the dog, sending it whimpering back to its shouting master. The medicine cat struggled to keep Cloverpaw awake and carry him back to camp.

Cloverpaw remembers little of when they arrived, though Mintwhisker quickly arrived to oversee Aspenpaw's careful, accurate work. The tom awakened again in the medicine den with poultices plastered to his sides, left cheek, and tail. His tail had received the worst injury of all; his broken ribs would take two moons to heal, but his tail could take six moons or longer if he wasn't careful. The tom was devastated by the sudden halt of his short-lived apprenticeship, but he held a quiet wisdom at his young age: he was simply happy to still be alive and somewhat functioning even if he couldn't do what regular apprentices did.

The apprentice spent much of the first half-moon sleeping as he recovered, but as his bones began to heal he began to become acquainted with the medicine cat who was helping him. Aspenpaw suffered from a strange falling sickness that cause him to blank out or seize. Cloverpaw quickly learned what he could do to help which was often simply staying out of the way and then letting the medicine cat know what the episode had been like. Furthermore, Cloverpaw became acquainted with Aspenpaw's clever system of bug collection. Aspenpaw kept spiders in or near the medicine den, encouraging them not only to create cobwebs that were easy for the medicine cat to access but also to help keep out the bugs that would impact that stores. Cloverpaw grew fond of Aspenpaw's quick, dry wit and humor. He held no bitterness that he'd been injured while assisting the older tom.

During his healing, Cloverpaw was devastated to learn about the disappearance and presumed death of his brother, Quailpaw. According to what Barleytuft, Grousefrost, and Goldenpaw had found on their patrol, the youngest kit of the litter had wandered from camp and, more likely than not, attempted to enter the tunnels on his own. Though the body was never found, the outcome was likely with all the evidence. Cloverpaw felt his heart hurting not only for his lost brother but also for his hurting kin. The silver tabby simply bore the sadness of the loss on his chest, and in time it began to heal like the rest of his wounds.

Cloverpaw was able to see both of his sisters of to their Moonstone journeys; he often occupied himself with the bugs while Aspenpaw was away. The tom maintained his good relationship with his kin as well as he could. When at last it came time for Goldenpaw to receive her warrior name, Cloverpaw held no bitterness. He was able to exit the medicine den for the first time in moons to watch her. He eagerly kept vigil with Goldengale - though he fell asleep before dawn. In that time Aspenpaw, the medicine cat, received his full name as well: Aspenheart, for his undying spirit, no doubt. Cloverpaw was pleased, and waited for Mistypaw's turn...

... as well as his turn to return to training. His sister's turn came much sooner, though, and Mistystripe joined the other warriors in no time.

- WindClan began to be assailed by predators, particularly foxes; Ploverpuddle and his apprentice were attacked, followed by Raventail, Goldengale, and Barleytuft, and then at last Puddlepaw went missing. Finchstar called for a search patrol on which Barleytuft volunteered to go. Cloverpaw tried to distract his family while his father was out. Barleytuft, Grousefrost, Elmskip, and Sandpaw - who wasn't assigned to the patrol - all returned badly injured

- Goldengale announced her pregnancy; a loner named Patrick temporarily joined the Clan after having saved Aspenheart at Highstones

- Cloverpaw was finally able to go back to training. Almost immediately, he followed Finchstar out of camp at sunset to accompany him. Raventail had gone missing. They found Dappleshine, who told them he had left the Clans

- Cloverpaw and Finchstar returned home after dawn to inform WindClan that Raventail had fled, but that the foxes were a bigger threat. Finchstar declared war, and Aspenheart suggested that they poison the foxes - fight dirty, since the foxes were too powerful to fight properly.

- Cloverpaw developed a new good friendship with Ploverpuddle

- Mistystripe, Cloverpaw's sister, was chosen as Aspenheart's medicine cat apprentice despite her warrior name; shortly after, Goldengale gave birth to her son, Crowkit

- Raventail returned home; he brought Dappleshine with him, much to Cloverpaw's surprise as he'd recently seen her. He was shocked to learn she'd been chased from RiverClan, and especially surprised that it was because she fell in love with Raventail. They were both welcomed, despite some protests from a few Clanmates

- Cloverpaw attended his Moonstone journey, where his grandmother Amberheart told him, "You are more than enough for WindClan. My hope is that you learn to be enough for you."

- The poisoned rabbits were returned and laid out in the camp: Finchstar was forced to declare war and battle on the foxes, and preparations began to get ready. The tunnels were to be narrowed, with trick chambers added to collapse on command

- Burningsun, Lightfang, and Swallowflight appeared from SkyClan, informing Finchstar that they'd put Tinystar and trial and took his life and that the Clan was against them now; Cloverpaw, recognizing Swallow from several previous encounters, approached him with understanding and friendliness. The three ex-SkyClan cats were welcomed to remain in WindClan

- Cloverpaw received his warrior name of Clovertwist

- WindClan prepared to lure the predators into the tunnels and collapse them; however, Finchstar never gave the signal, and quickly the situation devolved, leading to the disappearance of Finchstar, Goldengale, and the predators and the injury of several others

- The predators returned to camp in the dead of night and started war. WindClan killed them once, and at that point Finchstar and Goldengale returned and the predators came to life again with a vengeance

- WindClan began to recover

- Clovertwist endeavored to be closer friends with Spotpaw - Spotlake - and Crowpaw, as well as other young cats in the Clan

to be continued... [updated 12/17/2019]


BREED: American Shorthair
FUR: light silver
EYES: pale amber
NOSE: dark brown
PAWS: dark brown
BUILD: long- and lean-bodied
SCARS: shortened/kinked tail, punctures/tears around rib-cage/back, long scar with second smaller scar under left eye (dog attack)

Clover is a light silver-white tabby tom with distinct, dark tabby stripes and a very dark ringed tail. He has the classic long, lean WindClan body and legs, but his face is quite round. He has a small, dark brown nose and intense light amber eyes. As a new apprentice, he was picked up by a dog and shaken; he has a scratch with a smaller one next to it on his left cheek, a bite mark scar all around his back and ribcage, and his tail is kinked and scarred from the dog's bite.


CREATION: March 21, 2019
FIRST: Rainbows After Rain
APPRENTICE: June 29, 2019
MOONSTONE: Amberheart
WARRIOR: Oct. 27, 2019


rainbows after rain
Apprentice Ceremony


Goldenkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Mistykit's Apprentice Ceremony
Quailkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Let Us Build the Future Together
July Gathering 2019
no good omens
trampled clovers, torn leaves
recover the light
Goldenpaw's Moonstone
a restless breeze
Mistypaw's Moonstone
Goldenpaw's Warrior Ceremony
Mistypaw's Warrior Ceremony
youth: those left waiting
season of change
a visitor, a vagabond
quoth the raven, nevermore
make it right
Rabbitpaw's Warrior Ceremony
Sandpaw's Warrior Ceremony
October Gathering 2019
come bug your new mca
new life arises
excitement to have prey as a pet
a way back home
Moonstone Journey
life itself
new skies on the grass
Spotkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Warrior Ceremony


- Tier 1 -
dust in your pocket
glass animals [exxus finale]
December Gathering 2019
just chillin
right there with you
hunting, to put it simply
Spotpaw's Warrior Ceremony
calm after the storm
hunting, hunted
no darkness alone
- Tier 2 -
Sunkit's Apprentice Ceremony
bright as the sun
Downkit's Apprentice Ceremony
January Gathering 2020
- Tier 3 -
Crowpaw's Warrior Ceremony
don't underestimate yourself!
watching you stand alone, all of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow
busy paws, busy minds
just your average patrol
it hurts too much; and i'm alone
all plants wither


Graykit of SkyClan (plot child)


POSITIVE: loves his family, loyal to his Clan, good sense of humor, optimistic
NEUTRAL: casual, energetic
NEGATIVE: distractable, opinionated

LIKES: the sound of rushing water, rabbit
DISLIKES: sitting still
QUIRKS: tail's signals are crossed and struggle with direction
GOALS: become a warrior
FEARS: disappointing his mentor, disappointing his parents, losing his siblings sisters, dogs

ANCESTORS: a bit lazy

CLANS: fine; interesting to learn about
OUTSIDERS: mostly untrustworthy but fun to learn from

Clover really doesn't mind being in the spotlight, but truth be told he is a better follower than a leader since he often acts before fully thinking things through. He has trouble taking things seriously, but he finds that it's easier to be wrong if he can shrug it off as a joke. He can come off as a know-it-all for that purpose. Really he just wants to learn everything so he can be the best cat possible for his family.


NAME: Clovertwist
FORMERLY: Cloverkit, Cloverpaw

RANK: Tier 3 Warrior
STATS: [60/200]
"AGE": young adult



"ShadowClan cats can slip in the mud, RiverClan cats can miss a fish, and even pureblooded WindClan cats can get toppled by a good gust. "It's important to find your footing. Being out of the middle and on the edges for a while can be helpful." x

"I'm just Clover the 'paw, don't mind me." x

"There's never harm in having hope; when we lose that, we lose everything." x

"No one has to call us beautiful back at home; we already know. It's nice to hear you say it, though." x


MATE/CRUSH: Ploverpuddle (WindClan, Crush)
EXES: - - -
SONS: - - -

FATHER: Barleytuft (WindClan) {died February 2020}
GRANDMOTHER: Amberheart (WindClan) [NPC]
GRANDFATHER: Pheasantwing (WindClan) [NPC]

MOTHER: Graybriar (WindClan)
GRANDMOTHER: Robinfeather (SkyClan) [NPC]
GRANDFATHER: Stormgaze (SkyClan) [NPC]

BROTHER(S): Downpaw (WindClan), Quailpaw (WindClan) {died July 2019}
SISTER(S): Goldengale (WindClan), Mistystripe (WindClan) {???}, Softpaw (WindClan)

MENTOR(S): Finchstar (WindClan)
WARRIOR(S): - - -

FRIENDS: Ploverpuddle, Lightfang, Spotlake, Crowpaw
NEUTRAL: Swallowflight
ENEMIES: - - -

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D a c e d r e a m

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July 23, 2019 - present
FONT: #808000


dace is baby

Though she was the result of a one-night fling between good friends Dappleshine and Sparkfrost, two RiverClan warriors, Dacekit was born an only kit with a loving family and support group around her. She immediately showed her colors as a lover and a dreamer as well as a bundle of kitten energy. She was quick to try to befriend everyone in camp - including ShadowClan, who was present for her first few moons of life due to being chased from their own territory by StagClan but later was able to return home - and showed herself to be a very social and kindly kit. She did her best to obey rules and stay out of the way until her apprenticeship while still learning all that she could.

Dacepaw received her name in greenleaf, receiving a RiverClan warrior by the name of Addershade as her mentor. Dacepaw was eager to please, but it was clear she hadn't quite outgrown the nursery. She was very soft and naive, barely more than a kit, and her whimsical behavior showed it. She did her best to pay attention during all of her lessons. It was hard to keep her still, but becoming an apprentice had opened a new world of opportunities to her. Her mother, Dappleshine, taught her to swim in the Broken Pools during one outing; Addershade and some other apprentices showed Dacepaw RiverClan's signature fighting moves, though she preferred hunting to battle at the start.

Before she had been an apprentice for half a moon, tragedy struck RiverClan. A commotion was raised in the center of camp; Dacepaw was unable to see through the crowd before her mother called her away towards the edge of camp, sheltering her from the sight. Jaystar, RiverClan's leader, and Ivybrook, his newly-claimed daughter, had fallen into the Gorge, and the leader's final life was taken from him. Sparkfrost had been there for the fall, and he called Dappleshine and his daughter away from the crowd, further sparing Dacepaw from the true knowledge of what had occurred.

It was on this day that Dacepaw's life changed, though not solely because of Jaystar's death. Sparkfrost announced that he had to leae the Clan; though Dappleshine understood his reasoning as he explained it, Dacepaw was lost and confused. He proclaimed that he had to follow his heart as he left RiverClan. In a desperate attempt to not lose him, the apprentice stole her father's words in order to follow him. She claimed that her heart told her that she needed to follow him, though she couldn't understand the significance of saying it. With a breaking heart, but the patience and understanding of a mother, Dappleshine let Dacepaw go with her blessing. The little tortoiseshell she-cat left RiverClan behind without knowing what it meant.

Dacepaw followed close on her father's heels, but she struggled to keep up with his greater speed. Thankfully he slowed after a short time, allowing her to catch up and reveal herself and her intentions to travel with him. Sparkfrost took her along eagerly, a little less naive about the significance of her decision but still supportive. The pair ran into a ThunderClan patrol, and then Dacepaw realized where they had gone. They were escorted to camp, and Dacepaw remained quietly at her father's side as he explained that they had left RiverClan and were seeking a new home. Oakstar welcomed them graciously, but he noticed something about Sparkfrost that Dacepaw failed to see: that he was ill, and quickly growing worse. The ThunderClan leader sent Dacepaw on her way to meet the other apprentices, and she eagerly turned an oblivious eye to Sparkfrost as he was lead away to the medicine den.

Dacepaw's first friends in ThunderClan were Houndpaw and Duskkit, whose odd welcome did nothing to dishearten her. Houndpaw seemed displeased by her fishy RiverClan scent and odd oily pelt, but Dacepaw quickly attached to him for his confidence and skill in distracting her from her father's absence. Though the tortoiseshell apprentice didn't receive a ceremony right away, she was mostly welcomed by the Clan, being allowed to join patrols and wander freely. Dacepaw was eager to help, for it kept her thoughts away from Sparkfrost. In some ways she settled swiftly into her new life in ThunderClan.

Her integration was shaken suddenly the night that Sparkfrost left. Dacepaw was awakened from where she was sleeping in the apprentice's den by the sound of her father's voice. When she joined him in the clearing, he spoke warmly and with love, but Dacepaw sensed that things were wrong when he made no move to touch her. She sensed, even, that he didn't want to touch her. She could feel the heat coming off of his pelt and hear the sickness in his voice, and she knew he'd been staying in the medicine cat's den since their arrival in ThunderClan, but she refused to make the connections that he was ill.

For better or worse, Sparkfrost indulged the desire, telling her not that he was sick and dying but instead that StarClan had called him away on a journey to save the forest. He said that she couldn't come, and Dacepaw began to understand that he was leaving. Wanting nothing more than to make him happy, she let him go peacefully, but her heart was broken. When Houndpaw found her alone in the camp clearing, however, Dacepaw made no indication that anything was wrong, simply returning to bed to whisper a soft prayer - enforcing a habit that would last throughout her apprenticeship and beyond.

As Dacepaw struggled to find her place in ThunderClan, the creeping feeling that she belonged in RiverClan began to take over. She missed her kin, but more than that she struggled with Houndpaw unwillingness to be emotionally open and Duskkit's inability to understand the nuance of emotion. When she eagerly agreed to join a patrol with a warrior by the name of Dawngaze, Dacepaw was faced for the first time in her life by a raccoon. The creature battered at her cheeks and she immediately fled, only to be caught in the thorny brush of ThunderClan's territory. She was scarred and humiliated, but she clung to the calm fortitude of Dawngaze and returned to camp to receive healing.

The Gathering began to grow closer and Dacepaw thought more and more of where she belonged. She hoped that perhaps the full-moon meeting - the first of her apprenticeship - would provide her with some of the clarity that she needed.

- At the Gathering, Dacepaw found her mother Dappleshine and introduced her to Houndpaw and Duskpaw, her two best friends. Berrycloud tried to convince her to come back, but Dacepaw didn't understand. When the announcements came, Torrentstar called Dacepaw out as a traitor and deserter. Dacepaw cried and, at Torrentstar's prompting, chose to stay in ThunderClan at the end of the Gathering

- Emberheart, Mistwalker, and several other Clanmates helped Dacepaw to feel welcome despite the trouble. She received a new apprentice ceremony with Dawngaze as her mentor

- Dacepaw was the first to celebrate when Houndheart received his warrior name

- Dacepaw met her former RiverClan denmate, Honeytongue, near Sunningrocks; the two discussed the trials of Clan life and how Torrentstar had changed after becoming leader, and they left on good terms despite Dacepaw accidentally overstepping the border in excitement

- After a few days, Dacepaw missed Houndheart and begged him to take her out of camp since he has his warrior name

- Dacepaw and Mossbloom got to go on their journey to the Moonstone

- Dacepaw initiated a change in relationship with Duskpaw, beginning an unrecognized apprenticehood romance; when Duskpaw was injured by a fox, Dacepaw gladly kept her company

- ThunderClan was asked to aid SkyClan in preventing a war with ShadowClan; however, much to Dacepaw's devastation, her grandmother's Clan causes the death of three cats

- Duskpaw began to heal, to Dacepaw's relief, and ThunderClan was relatively peaceful

- a bunch of time passed but i'm lazy rn

- Dacedream revealed her heritage to her kits: Cherry [], Jay [afraid of being looked at differently; will strive to prove himself], Puddle [], Vixen []

to be continued... [updated 12/17/2019]


BREED: Domestic Medium Hair
FUR: dilute gray-and-tan tort
EYES: green-hazel
NOSE: apricot
PAWS: apricot-and-brown
BUILD: broad-shouldered, average size
SCARS: four scratches on both cheeks (raccoon fight)

Dace is a medium-furred dilute tortoiseshell she-cat who is a creamy gray-and-tan color. She has thick, wispy tufts inside her ears and at their tips, and her fur is known to occasionally stick out wildly rather like her father Sparkfrost's; however, for the most part it sits more sleek and tidy like her mother. She has vibrant green-hazel eyes and an apricot-colored nose.


CREATION: July 7, 2019
BIRTH: July 23, 2019
Aug. 7, 2019
Sep. 19, 2019
MOONSTONE: Grasswhisker
FULL NAME: Jan. 3, 2020


shining sparkles abound
you're all my friends!
welcome home, always
flying fish, grounded bird
Apprentice Ceremony


teaching fish to swim
for what goes up must come down
Flight or Flight
big dog, little fish
maple trees and forest greens
the wish
new rank, same job
hymn for the missing
Duskkit's Apprentice Ceremony
September Gathering 2019
Emberheart's Elder Ceremony
alone in the crowd, solitude in the loud
looking to the future
TC Apprentice Ceremony
sharing tongues - September
the nightmare begins
swimming lessons
October Gathering 2019
Houndpaw's Warrior Ceremony
on the rocks
new life arrives, followed by heartbreak
shifting colors, shifting streams
bright eyes
Moonstone Journey
together forever or whenever
November Gathering 2019
the restless wounded
safety is just a pipe dream
December Gathering 2019
yee my haw
all possible futures
kitten adventures!
a falcon's fall
frozen resolves
Warrior Ceremony


- Tier 1 -
Rainpaw's Warrior Ceremony
mourning a beast
we must carry on (Deputy Ceremony)
Coniferkit's Apprentice Ceremony
settling like snow
Leopardkit's Apprentice Ceremony
January Gathering 2020
- Tier 2 -
Duskpaw's Warrior Ceremony
coming back home
am i okay?
"joyous" occasion (kitting thread)
no, i'm not
pretty please, with a cherry on top
promises to keep
the threatening darkness
another one down (Deputy Ceremony)
Cherrykit's Apprentice Ceremony
Puddlekit's Apprentice Ceremony
Vixenkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Jaykit's Apprentice Ceremony
Coalkit's Apprentice Ceremony
here we go again
February Gathering 2020
getting back in shape
the serpent's den
Stormpaw's New Mentor
carry on, carry on
nightly ventures


when Torrentstar banished her from returning to RiverClan
first litter (planned)
little dark dreams (post-partum depression plot)


POSITIVE: friendly, sociable, optimistic
NEUTRAL: curious, obedient
NEGATIVE: distractable, oblivious, gullible

LIKES: snuggling, voles, puddles
DISLIKES: being alone
QUIRKS: completely oblivious to witty insults and taunting; lists every cat she talked to each night
GOALS: "finding happiness", finding Sparkfrost again
FEARS: forgetting her loved ones, raccoons, becoming pregnant again

ANCESTORS: they exist; some are kind and understanding
THE CODE: believes loyalty to one's loved ones is foremost, and most of the code exists for a reason

CLANS: likes them all
OUTSIDERS: is quick to trust

Dace tries to always be calm and not let things get under her fur, but truth be told she has too much energy to keep her emotions to herself. She focuses hard on socializing and keeping up with her friends and family; however, taking care of herself or her living space can be a difficult concept to grasp. Dace often gets distracted in the middle of a task but always makes her way back to it of her own accord in her own time. She is loving to a fault, always willing to see what those she cares about want her to see.


NAME: Dacedream
FORMERLY: Dacekit, Dacepaw
GENDER: She-cat
PREVIOUS: RiverClan (birth - mid August '19)

RANK: Tier 2 Warrior
STATS: [45/160]
"AGE": early adult

MARITAL STATUS: open relationship


"I want to hunt and be useful and take care of them, like... like they've always taken care of me. I know my daddy would want that, too. They helped me find my happiness just like he said." x

"I love you daddy. I'm trying to find what I'm looking for, but I wish I could find you. I'm still doing my best." x

"I'm Dacekit, and I'm your friend!" x


MATE: - - -
NESTMATE/CRUSH: Duskrain (ThunderClan), Houndheart (ThunderClan) [NPC]
EXES: - - -
SONS: Jaypaw (ThunderClan)
DAUGHTERS: Cherrypaw (ThunderClan), Puddlepaw (ThunderClan), Vixenpaw (ThunderClan)

FATHER: Sparkfrost (RiverClan, biological), Raventail (WindClan, step-father)
GRANDMOTHER: Goldeneye (RiverClan, unknown biological); Finchstream (RiverClan, adopted)
GRANDFATHER: Jaystar (RiverClan, unknown biological); Starlord (loner, adopted)
MOTHER: Dappleshine (RiverClan)
GRANDMOTHER: Dewshine (RiverClan); Thornstar (ShadowClan, adopted)
GRANDFATHER: Gingerstripe (RiverClan); Torrentstar (RiverClan, adopted)

BROTHER(S): - - -
SISTER(S): Smudgekit (WindClan, half-sister)

MENTOR(S): Addershade (RiverClan), Dawngaze (ThunderClan)
APPRENTICE(S): Jaypaw (ThunderClan), Stormpaw
WARRIOR(S): - - -

FRIENDS: Dawngaze, Duskrain, Mossbloom, Ferretnose
NEUTRAL: Dustcloud, Oakstar, Bonewatcher, Streamsong, Rainstrike
ENEMIES: - - -


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