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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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PostSubject: suma's characters ♥   suma's characters ♥ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2018 7:41 am

If you wish to see their requirements, both fulfilled and in progress, click here!

suma's characters ♥ M3v5eG5

Table of Contents:


  • - - -


  • - - -


  • - - -


    Dacepaw (She-cat; Apprentice)


  • Barleytuft (Tom; Senior [T5] Warrior)
  • Clovertwist (Tom; Newly Named [T1] Warrior)

Rogue / Loner / Kittypet

  • Marmalade (She-cat; Kittypet, ex-SkyClan Medicine Cat)

Deceased Characters

  • Frogmarsh (She-cat; ShadowClan Newly Appointed Warrior) [StarClan]
  • Lightstep (Tom; RiverClan Young Warrior) [StarClan]
  • Mottledspark (Tom; RiverClan Warrior) [StarClan]
  • "Shimmer" on Silver Pool (She-cat; Tribe of Endless Skies Kit-mother) [NPC]

Next Characters?
E [Elder, Elm], G [Garlic, Gust], H [Hay, Hedge, Hoopoe], I [Iris]
J [Jagged], K [Kink], M [Mouse], N [Newt], O [Orange, Orchid]
P [Pale, Puddle], Q [Quil], R [Robin, Rose], S [Summer (kittypet)],
T [Tawny, Toad], U [???], V [Vine, Vole], W [Web, Wheat], X [???],
Y [Yeti (kittypet)], Z [???]

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<div style="font-family:tahoma;line-height:155%;letter-spacing:1px;font-size:11px;margin-top:8px;color:#444;align:justify;">
History goes here.

[i]to be continued...[/i]
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<b>NOSE:</b> - - -
<b>PAWS:</b> - - -
<b>BUILD:</b> - - -
<b>SCARS:</b> - - -

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<b>FULL NAME:</b> date

<b style="font-size:11px;letter-spacing:2px;">KIT</b>
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other threads
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<b>QUIRKS:</b> - - -
<b>GOALS:</b> - - -
<b>FEARS:</b> - - -

<b>ANCESTORS:</b> - - -
<b>THE CODE:</b> - - -

<b>CLANS:</b> - - -
<b>OUTSIDERS:</b> - - -
<b>TWOLEGS:</b> - - -

Personality blurb goes here.
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<b>AFFILIATION:</b> - - -
<b>PREVIOUS:</b> - - -

<b>RANK:</b> - - -
<b>STATS:</b> [#/#]
<b>"AGE":</b> - - -

<b>MARITAL STATUS:</b> - - -
<b>SEXUALITY:</b> - - -
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<b>DAUGHTERS:</b> - - -

<b>FATHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDMOTHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDFATHER:</b> - - -

<b>MOTHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDMOTHER:</b> - - -
<b>GRANDFATHER:</b> - - -

<b>BROTHER(S):</b> - - -
<b>SISTER(S):</b> - - -

<b>MENTOR(S):</b> - - -
<b>APPRENTICE(S):</b> - - -
<b>MEDDIE(S)/WARRIOR(S):</b> - - -

<b>FRIENDS:</b> - - -
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PostSubject: Amber of SkyClan   suma's characters ♥ Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2018 7:43 am

M a r m a l a d e

suma's characters ♥ 7Mhfu8dsuma's characters ♥ DbSfgax

August 7, 2018 - present
FONT: #C1550A


Currently Accessible Herbs:
chervil, goldenrod, lavender, mint, parsley, thyme

When she was young, Amberkit showed a notable disinterest and lack of skill in fighting and battles. When she first met Mintwhisker, SkyClan's medicine cat, she was full of curiosity about the she-cat's duties and the training she had undergone. Though the curiosity might have seemed like little more than kittish wonder to some, the medicine cat took Amberkit's words to heart and, with only little prompting from StarClan, took Amberpaw as her apprentice. Amberpaw settled into her new duties well, eagerly learning all she could about being a medicine cat and keeping her paws busy with herb hunting and healing. 

In the leaf-bare, SkyClan was made aware of a threat to the forest: a group of Clan exiles and rogues teamed together with a threat to destroy the Clans for their impurity. Amberpaw was one of the young medicine cat apprentices chosen to attend the battle, her duty being to help collect the fallen and ensure they received treatment. Overwhelmed by the terror of battle, she nearly became paralyzed with indecision. RiverClan's deputy, Scorchclaw, scolded her, jolting her back into action. Though it was unpleasant at the time, she acknowledges that she needed the push. The Clan cats won the battle, defeating and chasing away the enemies, and life in the forest began to swiftly go back to normal. 

Amberpaw continued on her path, making friends in her Clanmates as well as in other Clans. The she-cat even encountered a few rogues, choosing to try to cautiously befriend and help them when the opportunity arose. Wherever she placed her paws she acted with the desire to make friends and allies - at the very least, to not gain enemies and rivals. Amberdawn received her full medicine cat name during somewhat calm and peaceful times; despite one or two incidents in the forest, her Clan seemed to be thriving. Her first leaf-bare was mild - at least in weather. 

However, the peace was not to last, and the spirit of the forest had shifted. At a medicine cat meeting, Amberdawn was informed that her mentor had killed Sedgewhisker - Tinystar's killer, Sparrowpaw's father. Before she was able to speak with her mentor and learn the full truth, Mintwhisker chose to reveal a dark revelation at the Gathering: that Jaystar of RiverClan had kits with his medicine cat, Goldeneye. In retaliation, Goldeneye revealed that Mintwhisker had killed a cat. Amberdawn was struck with bitter sadness upon learning that not only was it true, but Tinystar had known it transpired. No one had told her, neither mentor nor kin. The SkyClan leader dismissed the accusation of it being a murder; he claimed it was in self-defense. 

Already dealing with feelings of uncertainty about what she thought she knew, Tinystar, her leader and grandfather, flipped Amberdawn's world upside by executing an apprentice, Sparrowpaw. The leader justified his actions to the Clan, but he feared the she-cat for her heritage as kit of the tom who took his first life and wouldn't listen when his Clanmates begged for the apprentice's life. One of the senior members of the Clan, Nightstorm, was exiled for standing up to him; the apprentice was executed by Tinystar. Though she didn't know the she-cat well, Amberdawn was crushed by the realization that her grandfather, who she had always regarded with trust and respect, was just as fallible and irrational as any other cat. The following day she discovered him in the forest racked with guilt, but her heart was broken further when she came to understand that Tinystar wasn't upset about Sparrowpaw's death - he was upset that his Clan didn't trust him anymore. Her relationship with him was forever changed.

Her first new-leaf was dismal and wet, but little did she know what the weather held. The rains were relentless, and the ground seemed unable to soak up anymore moisture. Amberdawn awoke one late leaf-bare day to discover that the world was beginning to flood. Before SkyClan - or any of the Clans - could attempt to flee and seek shelter, a Twoleg dam a long ways up the river broke, sending a torrential wave over the forest. Amberdawn was swept in the wave, floundering alone and terrified for hours and hours until she found herself awakening on a strange bank beside a seemingly endless body of water. She soon discovered that many other Clan cats had been swept in the same flood, and after receiving a sign from StarClan they were all gathered on the southernmost part of the lake shore.

Scorchstar of ShadowClan took charge, with Amberdawn dutifully continuing to fulfill her medicine cat role under his authority. They settled in an abandoned twoleg pasture with several small sheds; they provided adequate shelter, and in any direction there was forest, field, or shore on which to hunt. There she met Mosspaw of ThunderClan, utilizing the apprentice's energy and enthusiasm to gather herbs and teach her about them so she could more effectively heal so many Clan cats. There she also discovered that Night, the tom Tinystar had exiled, had also survived the flood and been sent away from the forest by it. Eager to not make the same mistake she made before in not standing up on his behalf, Amberdawn graciously welcomed him back to the Clans' temporary home (with "encouragement" from Fernpetal, Mintwhisker's estranged sister).

After over a moon away from the forest, Amberdawn received a vision from StarClan. Their ancestors could finally guide them home, following a bright star up the shore. The day they intended to leave, however, their camp was invaded by a twoleg and two vicious dogs. Warriors and apprentices from all Clans were forced to fight for their lives and the lives of their newfound friends, and Amberdawn forced herself to be brave as she darted through the fray to retrieve those who could no longer fight. Her friend, Mosspaw, felled one of the dogs in defense of a tom who had been killed by it. The twoleg and the second dog both fled in terror, leaving the battered cats to finish gathering themselves up. 

They left the shore, following StarClan's bright star. After less than a day's travel they came to a wooden twoleg bridge. Much to their surprise and delight, the Clan cats discovered more of their kin and Clanmates; another large group of Clan cats had been swept and washed up on the other shore. They had received the same message, guided up the banks. The two groups reunited, and Amberdawn was relieved to discover that Mintwhisker had survived the flood on that shore. She was eager to forget the mistrust that had been sewn between them. While upon the bridge, Amberdawn received a vision from StarClan of a battle to come - that their Clanmates had survived in the mountains, but the price to reunite with them would be blood. The distraction of the long trek home promised a good way to keep the thoughts at bay.

Immediately upon returning to the flood-wasted forest, Amberdawn's strained relationships with her kin quickly returned. The two medicine cats were too busy to share a heart to heart; reparation of SkyClan's camp took everyone's time and was top priority. When the cats from the mountains finally returned, Amberdawn was relieved that her grandfather Tinystar had survived. However, he was more changed, his long-time mate having died, and the hope of rekindling their relationship was immediately snuffed. The young medicine cat apprentice felt isolated from her family and sad, yet things would get worse. She went on an herb hunting patrol with Mintwhisker, bringing Fernpetal and Silentwhisper as reluctant protectors. The two were crushed beneath a tree while trying to defend the medicine cats from a fox. Amberdawn wondered if she had inadvertently caused their death.

A bitter silence fell between the spared medicine cats. Within half a moon of returning, a cat in WindClan needed the help of a medicine cat in order to diagnose his strange condition and treat him or otherwise decide his future. Mintwhisker, being the eldest medicine cat in the forest, rushed to care for him, eager to throw herself into duties away from home to avoid the horrific memories there. Amberdawn stayed, feeling abandoned once again, once again becoming accustomed to life as the sole medicine cat of SkyClan. She attended the medicine cat meeting that moon and was surprised and delighted to discover that her friend from the shore, Mosspaw, had become a medicine cat under Pricklebush's guidance. Furthermore, ShadowClan had a new medicine cat named Mothpaw, and even more to Amberdawn's surprise and perhaps even jealousy, she learned that Aspenpaw of WindClan - Mintwhisker's patient - had now become her apprentice, serving StarClan.

Without Amberdawn's knowledge, Mintwhisker had stayed in WindClan to train their new medicine cat and seemingly abandoned her own apprentice for the third time without warning. When they all made their way down into the cavern of the Moonstone, Amberdawn received a prophecy from StarClan that ShadowClan would fall. She felt uneasy that she would receive a prophecy about a Clan not her own and wondered if it might one day involve SkyClan. She longed to bring her dream to her mentor for guidance. After the medicine cat meeting, however, her mentor went back to the moors again without speaking a word to her apprentice, leaving Amberdawn to walk home with her acquaintance, Mosspaw. The she-cat's company helped for a while, yet both the medicine cat apprentices were deeply troubled and held each other at an anxious distance. Eventually they had to part ways much to both of their disappointment. Feeling isolated, Amberdawn did her duties with her head down day-in and day-out. Receiving ShadowClan's new medicine cat Mothpaw as an apprentice - and friend - who she visited two or three times a moon helped rejuvenate her spirit, but one day ShadowClan disappeared.

Knowing her vision - and Mothpaw's - had come true, the SkyClan cat had to reluctantly give up the endeavor of training the absent she-cat. Amberdawn continued her duties. One early morning while deep in thought on an outing to find herbs, she stumbled upon her leader and grandfather, Tinystar. He was sullen and exhausted, and Amberdawn sat beside him to talk. He explained his concerns about Mintwhisker's absence, and his confusion about a RiverClan cat who had come searching for Amberdawn in the territory. She didn't know which cat he meant, nor why her mentor had been absent so long, for she assumed that her leader had spoken with her about it.

Tinystar revealed that he was suspicious of Mintwhisker, and also of Amberdawn, for always being off in other Clans teaching other medicine cats, even going so far as to suggest that she was disloyal to her Clan and didn't consider it. Heartbroken, she tried to defend herself, citing her constant sacrifice for the sake of the Clan. She was bewildered as to how he could possibly not trust her when she had never done anything to earn his mistrust. They parted ways with Amberdawn feeling more lonely than ever, knowing that when she returned to camp she had no mentor, no friends, and no true family there waiting for her.

Over the next few days Tinystar fell ill, and he was confined to his den to recover. In the meantime, Amberdawn attended the medicine cat meeting as she always did, and though she arrived in a good mood having traveled with Mosspaw, she wound up feeling devastated once again when Mintwhisker made no move to acknowledge her before entering the Mothermouth. Full of melancholy, she presented herself to their ancestors only to be approached by Rippedstar, one of SkyClan's former leaders. He bore news of three half-blood SkyClan kits, children of Firflower and a tom with an orange-and-white pelt, and commanded Amberdawn to defend the knowledge and the cats impacted by it. As she returned home, she realized sorrowfully that Tinystar had been right: he couldn't trust her. She knew she would never tell him what she had learned in her vision. He had been right about her all along.

When ShadowClan fell, it was replaced by StagClan, headed by Burntstag - a cat Amberdawn had once come to respect. She learned that Flintfang, her ThunderClan friend's adopted father, had abandoned the other she-cat to live there as well. Its life was short and tumultuous, but it had drawn in a very willing participant: Maplepaw, a certain child of Firflower - one of the possible rogue kits - had left the Clan at a Gathering and disappeared to join StagClan without another word. When the Clan was beginning to decay, Maplepaw found her way back to SkyClan again, conveniently in Tinystar's bout of illness. Though she was tentatively let back in, a cold, knowing fear went over the camp: soon Tinystar would return to health and the runaway apprentice would be put on trial.

Indeed, within days of his recovery Tinystar called the meeting to order. The Clan gathered, Amberdawn among them, to fearfully see what future would await Maplepaw. Though she seemed unaware of her peril, the she-cat's brothers Lightfang, Sandblaze, and Swallowflight showed reasonable concern and unease about the trial. When Tinystar began to talk, he spoke of treason and exile, and the Clan was ready to burst with protest until he offered an alternative: isolation; confinement; surrendering her ability to wander, her right to friends in other Clans.

SkyClan was relieved to know that a family would not need to be split apart or a young cat sent away. Tinystar had given her mercy. That was, until Maplepaw chose the exile. Swallowflight turned on her immediately, disowning her with a fury before scoring her face with his claws. Amberdawn stepped in fearfully, knowing she had already failed Rippedstar by being unable to keep Maplepaw with her brothers.

Life moved on, and Amberdawn continued on autopilot, taking Clanmates on Moonstones and healing their wounds and trying to do everything that Tinystar would want her to do. She simply wanted to do her duty as a medicine cat, but things were only getting more complicated. At the Gathering, Finchstar, leader of WindClan, revealed to all the Clans that Tinystar had executed Sparrowpaw many, many moons ago. Immediately accusations began to fly, but the harshest ones came from Amberdawn's own fellow medicine cat, Aspenheart of WindClan. He accused her of allowing the death - causing it, even - and gave her no chance to defend herself before fleeing. Despite Mossbloom's reassurance, Amberdawn was deeply shaken, and Tinystar was quick to shut down any questions from other Clans and demanded SkyClan to leave. Sadly, the medicine cat followed, feeling numb with guilt and sorrow. Mintwhisker had been nowhere to be seen.

Information about her prophecy of Firflower's kits became clearer to Amberdawn that night as well. Sandblaze entered her den stating that he couldn't sleep. However, as the medicine cat prepared herbs for him, he revealed that he had received a vision from StarClan during his visit to the Moonstone: a ShadowClan kit had told him of a rogue father with red fur. Amberdawn immediately guessed a part of her prophecy: Starlord was the rogue in her dream, Firflower's mate; Sandblaze was the one who knew.

After a few moments of each testing the waters, at last Sandblaze revealed all he knew. He feared for his rogue sister, Delta, and expressed concern that sometimes he felt the rogue life calling him as well. He worried for his siblings who didn't know, and for his mother who couldn't possibly understand. The warrior asked Amberdawn to protect them if something happened to him or the Clan. Despite her gut response to say no, she hesitated before finally agreeing to do the best she could.

While out on an herb patrol with Beanpaw, an apprentice, a few days later, Amberdawn and her companion stumbled across Houndpaw - Beartooth hot-headed, short-tempered, scrawny son - at the ThunderClan border. Despite being well within their own territory, Houndpaw leaped atop the Fallen Oak and shouted down to them threateningly about trespassing. Beanpaw, well goaded, leaped up and began to fight with Houndpaw. Despite Amberdawn's repeated requests and demands for them to stop, they continued until the ThunderClan apprentice was overwhelmed. He accused Amberdawn of allowing him to be hurt, even suggesting that she was unfit to be a medicine cat. Though she knew his sour attitude to be typical, it still hurt her to hear.

One greenleaf day, a short time later, the medicine cat had left the camp to retrieve some more herbs for the stores. She was near the ThunderClan border when Flintfang stumbled upon her. Amberdawn recognized him quickly as her ThunderClan friend's father; judging by his wounds, she suspected his non-Clan group had fallen apart and that he was fleeing. She stood in his way as he attempted to pass through, forcing him to go around rather than directly across SkyClan. Before he could leave, however, an owl appeared with the intent to maul the small she-cat. Flintfang, realizing the danger, bowled into Amberdawn, not knowing that Beartooth of ThunderClan, who was watching with only half the story, would see him and see it as an attack against the medicine cat.

The next thing Amberdawn knew, she was being helped to her paws by Mosspaw and gazing past a frightened, devastated Beartooth to see Flintfang bleeding, impaled on a root. Amberdawn slipped immediately into the mode of a medicine cat, working frantically and desperately to save him, yet even though she knew there was no hope before she had even set to work she still did so. Mosspaw, in shock, stood huddled over her father's head as he passed, and Beartooth recovered the tom's body before bearing it back into ThunderClan. Amberdawn, in a haze of grief and guilt, made one small attempt to try to reach for the unresponsive Mosspaw.

When at last Mosspaw turned and left, without another word, the SkyClan medicine cat slowly returned to camp, hollowly explained what had occurred, and slipped into her den to try to outrun the waking world.

Amberdawn spent a little more time in camp for the next several days, trying to be even more transparent with where she was going and what she was doing for fear that Tinystar would grow paranoid again. During one of her outings, however, she met a kittypet by the name of Jerry. Though at the time the meeting seemed insignificant, she learned a bit about kittypet life and what living in twolegplace could be like with the proper owners. She left the encounter with some silently brewing thoughts about a different life.

At the Medicine Cat meeting, the thoughts were amplified: Silverplume - the StarClan cat who had guided Amberdawn all her life - warned her of a plot of vengeance against Tinystar for taking Sparrowpaw's life. "Sparrowpaw's execution is not forgotten and not forgiven. The sun will spill blood for the blood that was spilled; when a life for life is given, then justice will be fulfilled." She was told it was out of her paws, and also that her path had diverged when Mintwhisker's did. Sadly, the StarClan cat told her, "I give you this knowledge in the hopes that you will know what to do. Perhaps your blood isn't involved - perhaps it never was, and perhaps it never needs to be."

Mossbloom reached out to her at the meeting, though Amberdawn still felt heavy with shame at failing her friend and Flintfang by allowing him to die. The SkyClan cat was resistant because of it, but the path was still opened and hope left to revive itself.

The next quarter moon passed like normal, but everything changed when Amberdawn's vision came to pass. Burningsun, a bold warrior of SkyClan, received a vision from Sparrowpaw in StarClan. The warrior demanded a trial. Much to everyone's surprise, Tinystar agreed. Feeling petrified with fear and dreading what was to come, Amberdawn watched from the medicine den as Burningsun began to pick apart Tinystar's motives for executing Sparrowpaw so many moons ago. That the she-cat had gone to StarClan was compelling evidence, but it was reduced by the return of Mintwhisker. The medicine cat cited that Sparrowpaw had attacked her at the Moonstone, proving she was violent.

Amberdawn was shocked; her mentor had been absent for moons and just happened to appear when their grandfather needed defense for his unjust actions. Burningsun, feeling concerned, frustrated, and confused by the conflicting evidence, turned to Amberdawn then and asked for her own testimony. She was horrified and resistant to giving the testimony, and that drew her to a further realization: she could no longer do her duties as a medicine cat. There was a conflict of interest that prevented her from standing up to her grandfather. With the warrior's prompting and StarClan's prophecy, however, Amberdawn agreed to say what she knew.

Though Amberdawn hadn't been present for the Moonstone, she had been somewhat aware of how close Mintwhisker and Sparrowpaw had been beforehand. She began to wonder if perhaps Sparrowpaw had seen something from StarClan during her Moonstone, and Amberdawn realized with horror that the apprentice had likely learned of her father's murder at Mintwhisker's claws. Though the fact that Mintwhisker had killed Sedgestrike was no longer a secret, many of the younger members of the Clan didn't know and felt Sparrowpaw was justified in reacting in shock and anger to the knowledge.

Burningsun considered the evidence enough, and in the eyes of StarClan it was as well. While the warrior declared the sentence, Amberdawn fled into the medicine den, ate enough traveling herbs to flee the territory, scattered her nest, and then slipped from camp. During the end of green-leaf, Amberdawn abandoned her rank and Clan for good.

- Amberdawn met Patrick, a flighty loner who helped her learn that changing identities can be easy and often useful. After a night together, he leaves, and Amberdawn stays to consider her options for a while.

- She seeks out Mossbloom and Mothpaw each individually to let them know she had fled, why, and where she hopes to go: twolegplace. She also learns what she can about SkyClan in the meantime.

- She wanders around twolegplace for a few days before finding "Sue and Sharon", a twoleg couple who take her in. They have a few small potted herbs which Amberdawn takes as a sign.

- Amberdawn met her neighbor, Cocoa, who taught her the twolegs' name for her: Marmalade. Marmalade adopted the name for herself officially, though she doesn't intend to hide from the identity she once had.

- After living peacefully in twolegplace for a while, Sandblaze - injured from having fled SkyClan - stumbled into her yard where they exchanged news and Marmalade practiced her healing skills again.

to be continued... [updated 10/28/19]


BREED: domestic shorthair
FUR: spotted golden tabby
EYES: dark amber
NOSE: peach
PAWS: light peach
BUILD: small and stout
SCARS: long nearly invisible scar under belly fur (from spay procedure)

Amber has sleek, golden-orange ticked tabby fur with a pale cream throat, chest, belly, and toes. She has dark amber eyes. She is a bit more stoutly built than some of her SkyClan ancestors, but she has the classic powerful hind legs of a SkyClan cat. She usually tries to keep herself small, but she seems to move a bit more naturally when healing. She has a ruffly pale blue lace collar that has two dangling charms: a golden leaf which has "Marmalade" engraved on one side and a small opalescent heart.


CREATION: August 7, 2018
FIRST: More Like ShyClan
APPRENTICE: Sept. 8, 2018
FULL NAME: Jan. 9, 2019
EXIT: Aug. 24, 2019


more like ShyClan
little paws wander
Apprentice Ceremony


a frozen playtime
a different kind of hunting
leader and kin
severed, separated, split
delivered in darkness
a heart full of love
hunting yay
October Gathering 2018
The Winds of Winter
insanity's end
November MC Meeting
dawn of hope
all is not well
soon it will be too cold
hopeful hunting
i have made a serious mistake
troubles unseen
December Gathering 2018
Medicine Cat Ceremony


January MC Meeting
January Gathering 2019
a sparrow's fall
a bad liar
leaf of faith
never again
making the way in the world
February MC Meeting
Skies Show No Light
a little washed up
East Shore Gathering
seek and find hope
soothe the sick and tired
the scars of our sacrifices
ferns from night to dawn
dawn shines in distant skies
guiding lights cast deep shadows
a thousand first steps
bridging the gap
the sky never changes
long time travelers
Leafpaw's Moonstone Journey
Swanpaw's Moonstone Journey
Leafpaw's Warrior Ceremony
Mothpaw's MCA Ceremony
June Medicine Cat Meeting
hearing the healing hearts
we'll stir the stars around
July Gathering
Sandpaw's Moonstone
call to peace
Lightpaw's Moonstone
Swallowpaw's Moonstone
Burningpaw's Moonstone
complaining can be draining
July Medicine Cat Meeting
mischief is my middle name
a trial for a traitor
August Gathering 2019
father, grandfather, blood, war
Sagepaw's Moonstone
dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow
you know me too well
a Jerry unexpected meeting
August Medicine Cat Meeting
hide and seek
Stormpaw's Moonstone
it wasn't my fault this time
Beanpaw's Moonstone
burning justice


blessings, curses
prayers beyond hope
seeking paths to cross
misery; destiny


new names and new opportunities
a little digging
a new kittypet
old face, new scars


Peace for All (multi-Clan peace plot)


POSITIVE: compassionate, quick-learner
NEUTRAL: soft-spoken, timid
NEGATIVE: anxious, low self-esteem, dislikes confrontation, dislikes being in charge

LIKES: leaf-fall, voles, the smell of rain in the forest
DISLIKES: leaf-bare, overly friendly toms
QUIRKS: bad fighter by nature, respects medicine code over warrior code, uncomfortable around kits
GOALS: regain Mintwhisker's trust, be at peace with Tinystar, forget her fears
FEARS: breaking the medicine code being punished by StarClan for leaving, failing to heal, fast-moving water

ANCESTORS: are mostly good, but neither flawless nor omnipotent
THE CODE: dislikes; holds beneath medicine code

CLANS: overall cautious
OUTSIDERS: wary of but polite towards
TWOLEGS: generally trusting of but still timid about

By nature, Amber is quite timid and self-conscious, worrying constantly about failure; however, she is determined to succeed, even if she is discouraged along the way. She takes her failures to heart to learn from them in the future. She has a natural instinct for healing and a cautiously trusting nature. Amber wants to believe the best in those she meets, but she quickly learned to expect the worst. She has become more soft-spoken over time as she has come to feel that others don't want her around. After being forced to testify against her mentor and leader, Amber now fears that she was never fit to be a medicine cat.

After entering twolegplace and becoming a kittypet, Marmalade is a bit more bold in some ways, but she's now quite willing to flee back into the security of her nest and her twolegs.


NAME: Marmalade
FORMERLY: Amberkit, Amberpaw, Amberdawn
GENDER: she-cat
PREVIOUS: SkyClan, Loner

RANK: Kittypet (former T1 MC)
STATS: [45/100]
"AGE": Young Adult

SEXUALITY: ace/aro


"Oh, well, I think I might take [Marmalade] as my name, too. . . . They named me Amberdawn in the forest, but I'm not in the forest anymore. I'm here." x

"I can't stay in the forest. My heart was always with SkyClan, but I... I feel like my SkyClan died the day Mintwhisker killed Sedgestrike. I can't picture myself serving another Clan. I can't... be where they can bring me back." x

"All we're supposed to be is the best version of ourselves. You're the only one who can find out who or what that is." x

"You won't become a warrior until you're truly ready, and when you are ready, you get to choose what sort of warrior you'll become. No one else - not your kin, or your Clanmates, or even or ancestors." x

"There's never a reason to dim the light of hope before its time. It's a shame we can't always be as soft as when we were kits." x

"I believe that the path has been revealed to us and that home is waiting. We can only hope that we'll find our way. The Clans have been strong all my life... If we continue to stay strong, I'm sure we'll make it." x

"You showed me mercy when I made a mistake. You deserved the same." x

"Mintwhisker is like a mother to me. I trust her to have done all she could for me. She has taught me what I need to know to protect and heal the cats in the forest. I've learned so much - I've saved lives. Whether she's taught me everything I need to know, I-I can't say that. Only StarClan could. But I don't doubt that she has trained me the best she can." x


EXES: - - -
SONS: - - -

FATHER: Hooktooth (SkyClan) [NPC]

MOTHER: Larkcall (SkyClan) [NPC]
GRANDMOTHER: Moonlight (SkyClan) {died May '19}
GRANDFATHER: Tinystar (SkyClan)

BROTHER(S): - - -
SISTER(S): - - -

MENTOR(S): Mintwhisker
MEDDIE(S): - - -

OWNER(S): Sally "Sue" Kimble (elder), Sharon Kimble (elder)
DENMATE(S): - - -

FRIENDS: Leaftwirl, Mossbloom, Mothpaw
NEUTRAL: Sunflower, Swanpaw, Clearshine, Beartooth, Houndheart
ENEMIES: Tinystar, Mintwhisker


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B a r l e y t u f t

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June 26, 2018 - present


Barleykit was an energetic young tom with affectionate parents. He learned the ways of Clan life and a love of the ancestors easily, having every kit's goal of becoming the best warrior that WindClan - no, the forest - had ever seen. His enthusiasm carried into his apprenticeship, where he gained the name Barleypaw and received his mentor, Swiftstep: WindClan's deputy! The young tom gladly made friends with as many Clanmates as he could, easily holding the elders with the high regard he was told to. He trained hard at both hunting and battle. The apprentice loved running along the moors. Chasing rabbits served both himself and his Clan, and he quickly became an eager and skilled hunter. Barleypaw was eager, as well, to defend WindClan from outsiders.

So eager was he to defend WindClan that, one day, he fought a RiverClan cat after unknowingly crossing to their territory. Barleypaw faced Flamepaw, a hot-tempered RiverClan she-cat, and the two fought while she insisted he had trespassed onto RiverClan territory and he insisted he didn't. He lost against the older apprentice and was forced to flee, and as he did so he realized the truth of her words. He felt ashamed of both his trespassing and his lost battle, so Barleypaw cleaned himself up and kept the experience to himself. He learned, however, that StarClan was quite watchful; a starry tom named Echofall warned him that a dead warrior who broke the code was no use to their Clan. The StarClan cat asked that Barleypaw consider his actions more carefully and, humbled, the apprentice agreed he would.

Barleytuft received his warrior name alongside his apprenticehood friend, Oakberry. Following their naming ceremony and subsequent vigil, the two left camp on a hunting patrol. He admitted to her his mistake on RiverClan territory and asked if she thought he deserved his warrior name. Her opinion of him meant a lot, and he was relieved when she decided that he had already done his best to remedy his mistake and that if StarClan had been angry with him, he likely wouldn't have been allowed to become a warrior. For reasons unknown to Barleytuft and all of WindClan, Oakberry disappeared after this interaction, not to be seen again for several moons.

Soon after, WindClan's faith in StarClan was shaken when a dark plot was revealed: A RiverClan exile by the name of Lichenmask had come forth with a demand in their ancestors' names that all Clan cats with impure blood must be eliminated. He had gained countless followers from every Clan who believed in the same cause. When the leaders refused to kill any of their Clanmates, Lichenmask commanded the sun and the moon to disappear from the sky and effortlessly slaughtered the ShadowClan leader, Littlestar, removing her nine lives in one swipe. He allowed the other leaders to leave and reconsider his words. Upon returning at a dark dawn, Brindlestar denounced their warrior ancestors and demanded that her Clanmates do the same. Barleytuft, remembering how the wisdom of StarClan had aided him before, struggled to let go of his beliefs, instead choosing to hold silently to them. He wholeheartedly disagreed with Lichenmask and the other Exiles, and he couldn't see how StarClan would make such a proclamation.

In the tense leaf-fall following Lichenmask's proclamation, Barleytuft stumbled upon Flamepaw - now Flamewish - of RiverClan after she trespassed on WindClan territory by accident, creating an amusing parallel to their first confrontation. The two apologized for their first fight and sparred before amicably parting ways, cementing Barleytuft's belief that good relationships between differing Clans were possible if not healthy. Furthermore, his faith in StarClan was comforted by kind words from Swiftstep and the return of Oakberry. In her absence, Barleytuft's worry had stoked feelings of affection for her, and when she returned injured after being captured by twolegs and then assailed by a fox after her escape he made it one of his unspoken duties to help nurse her back to health. He also received his first apprentice, Brookpaw, an intelligent and keen she-cat with a fearless leader's spirit.

In that same time, the Clans had decided at a Gathering that they would face Lichenmask and his Exiles at Fourtrees. Every Clan brought their strongest fighters when the time came, and the leaders faced Lichenmask on the Great Rock. When it became clear that the leaders still had no intention to bow to his will, the leader of the Exiles summoned lightning that struck a wall of flame in the forest and around the leaders, cutting them all off from their Clanmates. The battle hit hard and fast, and Barleytuft battled with Stonepaw; the apprentice was unnaturally strong from Lichenmask's strange powers. Exiles were falling to the Clan cats left and right, and with help Barleytuft, now with a newly torn and tattered ear, was able to battle Stonepaw into submission before the exile fled for good. By StarClan's will, Lichenmask was defeated when a falling branch struck and killed him.

Immediately the skies returned to normal, but the Clans had to recover quickly from their wounds to contend with the coming leaf-bare. Barleytuft continued Brookpaw's training, often patrolling with her friend Finchpaw as well. At other times Barleytuft did his best to help care for Oakberry, though he did not admit his feelings for fear that Oakberry didn't reciprocate them. At the Gathering following the battle against the Exiles, it was revealed that Goldeneye - RiverClan's medicine cat - had made a deal with give WindClan the Gorge without having consulted her leader Jaystar. The leader would not honor the word of his medicine cat, and tensions between RiverClan and WindClan ran high when the ownership of the Gorge became disputed. Barleytuft, himself, was involved in two border skirmishes following the Gathering.

Immediately following the Gathering, Barleytuft was fortunate to experience several personal joys. His first and dearest apprentice, Brookpaw, received her warrior name of Brookclover and she took to her new duties as a fully-fledged warrior well. Barleytuft also found the courage to admit his feelings to Oakberry, still recovering in the medicine cat den. The she-cat declared that she felt that same, and Barleytuft eagerly continued to spend much of his time caring for her. Barleytuft even made a new dear friend in Graybriar, who had always continued to place her faith in StarClan during the battle against the exiles. Even Brookclover's friend, and now Barleytuft's, Finchbreeze received his full name. Despite a few skirmishes here and there, life in WindClan seemed to be going positively. Even when Barleytuft discovered what seemed to be a former RiverClan cat on their territory, the situation turned to WindClan's favor when the tom - a loner named Starlord - was able to share some information against RiverClan, much to Brindlestar's pleasure.

In the late leaf-bare Brindlestar became ill, leaving WindClan in the capable paws of her Clanmates. When Swiftstep was asked by Jaystar to negotiate the Gorge, the deputy refused to do so in his leader's absence, allowing the ill-will between the two Clans to continue festering. Barleytuft focused on his Clanmates, finding new friends in his fellow warriors and their apprentices. He realized he was developing feelings for Graybriar when one day she returned from a hunt injured by a raccoon, helped by her apprentices Rabbitpaw and Frozenpaw. Seeing the faithful she-cat wounded sparked deep feelings of sympathy, and Graybriar offered him company that he felt Oakberry hadn't offered during her own recovery time. He began to struggle with those feelings. They were only cemented when the two of them, on Graybriar's first hunt after recovery, encountered a fox. The hungry creature honed in on Graybriar, re-opening her original wounds, and Barleytuft defended the she-cat as though his own life were on the line.

When Barleytuft helped return Graybriar to the Clan, he was forced to face his feelings. The day after the attack he spoke to the wounded she-cat, admitting his affection and also his previous commitment to Oakberry who had seemingly cut him off shortly after they opened up to each other. Barleytuft feared hurting Oakberry, but once the she-cat had left the medicine cat den it felt to the tom as though he didn't matter to her anymore. Graybriar acknowledged his feelings and said that she trusted him to make the right choice. In the end, Barleytuft chose Graybriar, choosing simply to avoid and not speak to Oakberry as it seemed that she had done to him. Though it was likely not the greatest choice, it was the one he made. Time would tell if it would come back to haunt him.

As leaf-bare began drawing to a close Barleytuft received his second apprentice, a small calico she-cat by the name of Gingerpaw. She was quite different from Brookclover, but Barleytuft was quick to adapt to her learning style and rather enjoyed the more soft-spoken and timid she-cat. They hit it off well. Brookclover, who had taken Finchbreeze as a mate, came to be expecting kits, and with all the young cats around Barleytuft began to consider it to himself. However, his former apprentice's kits arrived early - too early - and Barleytuft was heartbroken to learn that they had all died. Though the two younger cats accepted it with grace and serenity beyond understanding, Barleytuft was crushed to hear about their loss.

However, more losses were to come. Leaf-bare slowly became nearly, and rains came relentlessly, drenching the half-frozen ground.  The forest was slowly becoming a pool, and in the blink of an eye it became a raging river. Barleytuft awoke one late leaf-bare morning to a mouse-length or so of water covering the moor. A loud crack sounded in the distance - the sound of a twoleg dam becoming decimated by the pressure of the flooding - and a roaring sound followed. A wave of torrential floodwater wiped through the forest, and Barleytuft worked desperately to make his way to Graybriar, still injured from the fox attack. He worked to get her onto a piece of floating debris and stayed with her throughout the sweep downriver. When at last they swept up onto a strange shore of a seemingly endless body of water, Barleytuft stayed with her there, too, his love for her cemented forever. They would survive together.

Shortly after washing up, the pair saw a sign from StarClan that guided them to an abandoned twoleg pasture full of several rickety twoleg dens and nests. There, the WindClan cats found Scorchstar, leader of ShadowClan, and Amberdawn, medicine cat of SkyClan, as well as an assortment of other Clan cats who were washed onto the same strange shore. Brookclover was among the known survivors, much to Barleytuft's joy. The Clans all worked together there to recuperate, and Barleytuft volunteered much of his time and energy to patrolling in search of food and the way home, ready to defend against predators. After nearly a moon trapped on the shore with no idea how to get home, another sign appeared to the SkyClan medicine cat. Amberdawn informed them all that a bright star would guide them home.

On the day of their journey, the Clan cats were assaulted by two dogs and their twoleg. Though Barleytuft was able-bodied and likely could have fought the dogs, fear for his mate's safety and for the safety of all the cats in the shed who were sick, injured, and unable to fight kept him out of the battle. He and Graybriar worked to moved kits and elders to safety on a high ledge in the abandoned building while outside warriors and apprentices fell left and right to the attack. The twoleg held a strange stick which could shoot stones at impossible speeds. When all seemed lost, a warrior went for the Twoleg, and it fled with one of the dogs in tow. The second dog, however, insisted on fighting to the death; it slaughtered one RiverClan warrior before a ThunderClan apprentice by the name of Mosspaw ended the dog's life.

Bedraggled but alive, the Clans finally left the shed and headed up the lake in the direction of the ancestors' star. Barleytuft helped to support Graybriar along the journey once again, solidifying their relationship even further. After only a day or so the group after at a wooden twoleg bridge, and much to their surprise and delight they discovered another group of Clan cats who had washed to the same body of water as them but wound up on the other bank. The shore cats were all delighted to reunite, and with renewed strength and greater numbers they felt ready to face the journey home.

However, Amberdawn received a sign from StarClan foretelling about a bloody battle that must take place before they can reunite with the rest of their Clans. The news was bittersweet, for it meant that more of their Clanmates were alive, but it also meant that the journey was not over, and more lives could be lost before the end. Barleytuft volunteered for the patrol of ten cats, hoping in his heart that he would be able to find Finchbreeze, or Brindlestar, or Graybriar's son Briarpaw and bring them home to safety once again. He left his mate in the forest with WindClan in the capable paws of Brookclover, and before he was able to see his home again Barleytuft continued on to travel up the mountains, following in the pawsteps of their other Clanmates from who knew how many moons before.

The patrol of cats had traveled for several days when they stumbled upon a pack of dogs. Unbeknownst to them, the same pack had chased two of the Clans up the mountains, and the dogs bore the scars and the rage of the previous encounter. The ten cats fought hard, yet just when they seemed to be losing the fight new hope came. Countless Clan cats were suddenly streaming down the mountain. Barleytuft immediately saw Grousepaw and Aspenpaw, and he saw Finchbreeze as well. Cats of other Clans were running as well, and it only took a few moments for the small patrol that was fighting the dogs to see what they were running from: a massive, thin-furred feline called Sharptooth had been hunting them down the mountain. The Clan cats' chance of escaping became more likely as the pack of dogs was forced to fight for their lives against the Sharptooth, but the massive cat was quickly defeating the dogs left and right. In a last-ditch effort, two Clan cats by the names of Blizzardshine and Firestone released a cascade of heavy stones. They fell to their own deaths by freeing the boulder, but in return the Sharptooth and any of the remaining dogs were crushed to death. Barleytuft was wounded in the battle and forced to flee, dragging his friend Aspenpaw with him after the tom had received a concussive blow to the head.

Barleytuft made it home with his friends and Clanmates; along the way, he learned that Finchbreeze had become Finchstar, leader of WindClan, following the apparent drowning and subsequent death of Brindlestar. The ginger-and-white tom eagerly reunited with his mate, and Barleytuft returned joyfully to Graybriar. She revealed to him that she was pregnant with his kits and the two of them celebrated. Though this would be Barleytuft's first litter, it would be Graybriar's second, and she silently feared that she would fail them the way she had failed her first. Barleytuft was determined that they would be the greatest parents to their kits and do everything possible. The two settled swiftly back into life as WindClan warriors - or a queen, in Graybriar's case - and did their best to once again become familiar with the slightly changed territory upon which they had grown up.

He was quick to discover that life would never be the same as it was before the flood. Aspenpaw, for one, was forced to retire due to his head injury received in the battle against the dogs. Barleytuft volunteered for a hunting patrol along with Finchstar, Brookclover, and her two apprentices, Ravenpaw and Grousepaw. The skilled hunters split their party in order to have the best chance of trapping prey should it try to flee; Finchstar and Brookclover remained together, Barleytuft took the middle, and the apprentices went to the farthest side. The leader and his mate were bearing down on a rabbit, and Barleytuft had turned his back on them when suddenly the earth beneath the pair gave way. A collection of WindClan's famous moor tunnels had become unstable by the flood and collapsed under the two cats' paws, sucking them both into an earthy grave.

Barleytuft realized their danger too late. By the time he returned to them and threw himself into the dirt to begin digging them out, Brookclover had already been crushed to death, and Finchstar's first life had been ended; he awakened on his second life as Barleytuft and the apprentices unburied him.

Heartbroken by his former apprentice's death and his leader and friend's withdrawal, Barleytuft leaned more on his mate, Graybriar, for assurance that everything would be alright. Their kits would arrive soon, and he intended to be there for them as often as he could. They attended the Gathering together, keeping towards the edges to listen by themselves. Jaystar commended Finchstar, and in a shocking gesture of goodwill he released hold of the Gorge, a long disputed piece of land between the two Clans. Finchstar accepted the offer of peace gratefully, though his emotional detachment to the Gathering was easily noted by those who knew and loved the WindClan leader. Leopardstar had words for Finchstar as well, requesting that the new WindClan leader carry on the alliance between ThunderClan and WindClan. Finchstar agreed with no resistance.

The following moon the Clan slowly struggled to overcome its grief. Barleytuft's own healing was helped along by the birth of his and Graybriar's first litter together: they had four healthy kits, two girls named Mistykit and Goldenkit, and two boys named Cloverkit and Quailkit. His kits helped to distract him, and many of his hours spent in camp off-duty were spent with his little ones and mate as the kits grew towards apprentice age. He devoted much time to his family and friends to overcome his grief, and he felt mostly at peace. He was even assigned a second apprentice by the name of Loonpaw. One warm greenleaf day, Finchstar approached him in camp at last after a long time of silence. The leader apologized for pushing him away, and after a brief talk Finchstar came to a realization: Barleytuft cared about him. To the warrior, it had seemed obvious, but the revelation lended both of them strength to heal from Brookclover's death. Their friendship was tenderly mended and on its way to becoming stronger.

In addition to recovering his friendship with his leader, Barleytuft found that he still had a friend in RiverClan: Dappleshine, the young she-cat who had gone on a hunting patrol with him and Raventail - Ravenpaw at the time - on the lake shore. He discovered her in the neutral territory of the Gorge and greeted her warmly, pleased to see she was doing well. He learned that she was still friends with Raventail, and desired to see him. Barleytuft, a supporter of cross-Clan friendships, eagerly returned to camp to fetch the tom. He discovered then that even his relationship with soft-spoken Raventail had survived the trauma of Brook's death, and the three had a pleasant conversation together.

At last Barleytuft's kits reached six moons of age, and he watched their ceremonies proudly. He was thrilled when his son Quailpaw received Swiftstep as his mentor, for the deputy had been his own as well. Cloverpaw received Finchstar, while Goldenpaw received Raventail and Mistypaw received Grousefrost. Barleytuft was at ease knowing who would be teaching them, knowing that they would learn everything they needed to know to be true WindClan cats.

What the warrior had not expected, however, was that being a WindClan cat may someday mean tunneling again. In a casual but close and meaningful Clan meeting, Finchstar suggested the reopening of the tunnels. When many cats, Barleytuft himself, strongly opposed it, the leader instead offered to collapse them. Grousefrost, rational as always, refused the suggestion, stating that it would destroy the rabbit population and create more danger. Aspenpaw, as well, explained that the tunnels likely collapse because they had been left without maintenance for moons and the flood had likely ruined them. Listening to their reason, even Barleytuft - who had been the one to unbury his deceased Clanmates - saw the logic in learning the skills again.

The Clan compromised: Three warriors would go with Aspenpaw to Highstones to speak with the ancestors and learn their Clan's legendary tunneling skills, and they would slowly try reopening tunnels. Barleytuft volunteered for the patrol despite his initial opposition, remembering how useless he had been in the recovery of his friends. He wanted the skills to prevent it from happening again, and to be more then useless if it did. Grousefrost volunteered as well, of course, and Barleytuft's elder and good friend Elmskip also offered his services. Though all of Barleytuft's kits longed to go and learn the new skills as well, Finchstar did not allow it, much to his relief: he wanted the tunnelers to be more confident before they allowed young ones that risk. They did not wait; Aspenpaw quickly gathered their herbs, and then the small patrol departed for Highstones.

When Barleytuft arrived at the Moonstone and touched his nose to it, he awoke to be greeted by an ancient WindClan cat by the name of Featherfall who now resided in StarClan. He was quickly relieved to know that their ancestors believed they were doing the right thing, and the she-cat began to lead him through Silverpelt's winding tunnels, teaching him rules and tips. When they had exited the other side, Featherfall touched her nose to Barleytuft's to bless him with heavenly knowledge. He remembered, through her visions and wisdom, how to tunnel the way his ancestors used to. At her prompting, the newly-emboldened WindClan tunneler lead them back the way that theyhad come, feeling less fear than he had before. They continued training that way, practicing testing tunnels and making them sturdier for what felt like hours. When they had finished, the StarClan cat promised she would see him again, and then he awoke.

When the warriors and their medicine cat guide returned home, they began to slowly make their preparations to begin tunneling. Barleytuft and the others began to map out the tunnels in the territories, gauging over time which tunnels were safe, which ones weren't, and which ones could go either way without proper care.

- Cloverpaw was injured; Raventail was made deputy after Swiftstep became too ill to carry the role; Quailpaw was killed in a cave-in; Swiftstep was found unconscious and not breathing on the moor and brought back to Aspenheart

- Graybriar started becoming more depressed

- Plover returned home

- Finchstar revealed at the Gathering that Tinystar executed an apprentice, though he leaves the judgement up to SkyClan and demands nothing else but that a trial be held

- Sandpaw returned home; Goldenpaw and Mistypaw traveled to the Moonstone; soon, both earned their warrior names; Clover continued to heal and rest

- Barleytuft continued to learn tunneling and offer lessons, and he and Goldengale began work on the tunnel under the Thunderpath for Aspenheart to use safely instead of having to cross it

- The next Gathering was mostly uneventful except Barley's friend Dappleshine's daughter is shown to have somehow ended up in ThunderClan and Torrentstar called the kitten out for it and made her cry

- Over the last moon, predators had begun to appear and attack once in a while. Raventail and Goldengale were attacked by foxes late one night; Barleytuft, who had happened to wake up with a bad feeling and follow their scents, raced in to keep them from being badly beaten

- Puddlepaw disappeared, and Finchstar called a meeting to discuss it with worry. Barleytuft and others volunteered to go find her. While out, Sandpaw joined the patrol of Barley, Grouse, and Elm without permission and charges headfirst into a tunnel. Barley commanded the patrol to stay and goes after her, but the two of them are quickly cornered by two or more foxes. The other patrol members went in and there was a near disaster before they all escaped. Finchstar's patrol of Deerhawk and Raventail found Puddlepaw's remains

- While in recovery, Graybriar, overcome with grief and fear, became angry with Barleytuft for repeatedly volunteering for patrols and putting himself in harm's way. Their relationship entered a rocky area

- Raventail was declared missing, having run away, and Finchstar declared war on the foxes. Aspenheart suggests poisoning them with deathberry-filled fresh-kill. The Clan agreed

- Sandpaw was offered her warrior name but after Grousefrost interrupted to protest, she refused it; Barleytuft felt much of his respect for her return, though he struggled to withhold some judgement due to his personal injury from the mistake

- Goldengale gave birth to her first and only child, Crowkit; Graybriar was late and missed the birth, much to Barleytuft's disappointment

- Raventail returned with Dappleshine in tow; he explained he was afraid and ran away from the responsibility but that he now knew what he wanted. Dappleshine explained that she fell in love with Raventail moons ago, tried to hide it, and when she gave up and confessed to Torrenstar he chased her out. Grousefrost was resistant to their return; Barleytuft was conflicted but grateful his friends were safe

- Burningsun, Swallowflight, and Lightfang of SkyClan appeared stating that the first had taken a life from Tinystar by StarClan's will and now the Clan was against them and would do them harm; Barleytuft, used to newcomers, felt it was their duty to take them in, especially after Finchstar's announcement had helped lead to the trial in SkyClan

- Dappleshine explained more of her situation to Barleytuft on a solo hunt

- Sandpaw made a confession/apology to Barleytuft

- Cloverpaw, after months of being injured, finally received his full warrior name

to be continued... [updated 10/28/19]


BREED: domestic shorthair
FUR: cream mackerel tabby
EYES: dark hazel
NOSE: pale pink
PAWS: pale pink
BUILD: long-legged, long-bodied
SCARS: three long scars on neck/upper shoulders (eagle fight); left ear tipped and torn (Lichenmask fight); clawmarks across bridge of nose, right muzzle and lips, and chin; clawmarks under right foreleg; clawmarks on right shoulder; clawmarks across left hip/thigh (fox fight)

Barley is a gangly tom with light, sandy orange tabby fur, a pink nose, and dark hazel eyes. He has a typical WindClan build of being long and slender. He has a strong jawline, but otherwise soft features. His left ear has been tipped and torn, and he has three long scars on his neck and shoulders from a fight with an eagle. He has a plethora of other scars on his body from being trapped in the tunnels with some foxes, the most notable being four large gouges across the bridge of his nose and down his lip and jaw.


CREATION: June 26, 2018
FIRST: first time in the camp
APPRENTICE: July 3, 2018
FULL NAME: Sept. 2, 2018


first time in the camp
tumbling pebbles
Apprentice Ceremony


the hunting begins
oak trees sprouting beside the barley fields
mind your own business
July Gathering 2018
welcome to WindClan, little brother!
an unknown world for kits of fierce wind
Moonstone Journey
grand day for an adventure
August Gathering 2018
Warrior Ceremony


vigilant from dusk to dawn
swift hunting
pious no more
as the wind blows
October Gathering 2018
mind your own business [part two]
red as our hearts
Brookkit's Apprentice Ceremony
be the best you
country roads take me home
The Winds of Winter
blossoming mornings
the lodestars
hunting patrol
quick as the wind
November Gathering 2018
Brookpaw's Warrior Ceremony
Break the Silence
welcome to WindClan, Mr. Lord
collecting more strays
move to stay warm
you're not allowed here
Finchpaw's Warrior Ceremony
hunting on the disputed
December Gathering 2018
January Gathering 2019]
disturbing the frost
'tis only a flesh wound
dashing through the slush
feeling feelings
Gingerkit's Apprentice Ceremony
warming of the moors
so close, so far
late leaf-bare lounging
not even the wind speaks
salvaging what little remains
hunting in muck, hoping for luck
guiding lights cast deep shadows
a thousand first steps
bridging the gap
blood in common
violet hill
the drowned moors still soothe me
the winds change for better or worse
together at last
June Gathering 2019
Grousepaw's Warrior Ceremony
Ravenpaw's Warrior Ceremony
rainbows after rain
Cloud's Apprentice Ceremony
Briarpaw's Apprentice Ceremony
Loonkit's Apprentice's Ceremony
how to fill a vacancy
ever a mentor
always lessons to learn
rippling current guide us
Cloverkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Goldenkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Mistykit's Apprentice Ceremony
Quailkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Let Us Build the Future Together
Ancestors, Hear Our Prayers
July Gathering 2019
trampled clovers, torn leaves
Raventail's Deputy Ceremony
do not quail in the face of uncertainty
recover the light
August Gathering, 2019
is home even home anymore?
Goldenpaw's Moonstone
shed a little light
Mistypaw's Moonstone
return of a queen
thorns poking through the grass
Goldenpaw's Warrior Ceremony
a new way
September Gathering
Mistypaw's Warrior Ceremony
old friends in older tunnels
no matter how brave
Youth: WC Plot Topic
Youth: Barleytuft's Patrol
Youth: Finchstar's Patrol
a tunnel for your thoughts
from dark dreams to dark talks
Sandpaw's Warrior Ceremony
October Gathering 2019
new life arises
a way back home
life itself
Crowkit's Apprentice Ceremony
new skies on the grass
Pheasankit's Apprentice Ceremony
a needed chat
maintaining borders and bonds
haunting shadows
Cloverpaw's Warrior Ceremony


decide a WindClan apprentice's love life


POSITIVE: loyal, respectful, good sense of humor, trustworthy
NEUTRAL: energetic, adventurous, curious, impressionable
NEGATIVE: stubborn, mischievous

LIKES: early morning time, eating, sparring, running
DISLIKES: sitting still, late night time, leaf-bare, failing to perform a move well
QUIRKS: distractable, adores kits and apprentices
GOALS: have kits with Graybriar; raise their family; have another litter?
FEARS: losing another loved one to the tunnels, hurting Graybriar

ANCESTORS: ancestors exist and have mostly good intentions but are not infallible
THE CODE: supports the spirit if not the letter

CLANS: respects from a distance
OUTSIDERS: is willing to give them the benefit of a doubt
TWOLEGS: is wary of; avoids

Barley is energetic, curious, and perhaps a bit mischievous for a tom his age. He adores kits and apprentices and loves being a mentor. He would do anything to protect his Clanmates and those that he cares about. He can be stubborn and obtuse at times, but he respects authority (mostly) without question. He still has trouble with being headstrong, but he's deeply loyal to the Clan and knows that foolishness on his part can only hurt his Clan and those he loves. He works hard to make his Clan proud. Following the death of his first apprentice, Brookclover, he is a little more protective of his loved ones.


NAME: Barleytuft
FORMERLY: Barleykit, Barleypaw

RANK: [Tier 5] Warrior; Tunneler
STATS: [100/280]
"AGE": Experienced Warrior

SEXUALITY: straight


"We just have to keep going, like the tunnels. If I have to deal with the dirt and the terrors to help keep them safe and give them peace of mind... I'd strip off my pelt stripe by stripe and rip out each of my claws if it meant I could take their fear from them." x

"I was granted the wisdom of StarClan, and so StarClan is with me always. So long as I share the blessing, then StarClan will be with you as well. I will do everything to protect you from danger." x

". . . your caution is good; don't let caution become fear and you'll never be caught off guard." x

"All of these deaths were unnecessary - Lichenmask caused this and you and your friends blindly followed an evil cause! You don't need to die, too!" x

"StarClan cannot steal the sun from us forever; we're many, and we are living. We can adapt and adjust and grow like we always have while they sit up there in their clouds stuck in their ways." x


MATE: Graybriar (WindClan)
EXES: Oakberry (WindClan)
SON(S): Clovertwist (WindClan), Quailpaw (WindClan) {died July 2019}
DAUGHTER(S): Goldengale (WindClan), Mistystripe (WindClan)

FATHER: Pheasantwing (WindClan) [NPC] {drowned Mar. 2019}

MOTHER: Amberheart (WindClan) [NPC] {passed Nov. 2018}

BROTHER(S): Fallenpaw (WindClan) {???}
SISTER(S): - - -

MENTOR(S): Swiftstep (WindClan), Featherfall (StarClan tunneler)
APPRENTICE(S): Gingerpaw (WindClan), Loonpaw (WindClan), Pheasantpaw (WindClan)
WARRIOR(S): Brookclover (WindClan)

FRIENDS: Finchstar, Graybriar, Aspenheart
NEUTRAL: Grousefrost, Dappleshine, Raventail, Swiftstep, Sandpaw
ENEMIES: - - -
AWKWARD: Oakberry


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C l o v e r t w i s t

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June 20, 2019 - present


Cloverkit was born during a time of recovery in WindClan: they were not only rebuilding from the flood which washed the Clans from the forest but also recovering from the devastating loss of a respected warrior named Brookclover who died in a collapse of the moor. Cloverkit was named in her memory, and he and his siblings Mistykit (the eldest sister, who he referred to as his twin), Goldenkit, and Quailkit were kept safe and loved in the nursery after their birth. Their mother Graybriar was attentive despite being eager to go back to warrior duties, and their father Barleytuft visited at least twice every day, ensuring a bond with his kin at a young age. Cloverkit eagerly followed Goldenkit in her misadventures around camp, but at his kit age his biggest concerns were getting sleep, getting food, and getting the best gossip to share with his littermates.

When he reached six moons old, Cloverpaw was exhilarated to receive his new name first; furthermore, he was granted the honor of becoming WindClan's leader Finchstar's apprentice. His first night in the apprentices' den he started a moss fight with his kin, much to the delight of disdain of the older cats, foreshadowing his mischievous and energetic nature as an apprentice. On his first day of training, he discovered the Gorge and very quickly took its danger to heart, but he kept the rest of his learning quite light-hearted until he was offered the chance to hunt. He jumped at the opportunity, eager to know what rabbit was like.

Not long after becoming an apprentice, Cloverpaw witnessed a change in his Clan that he was granted the opportunity to be a part of. A moon following Brookclover's death, Finchstar brought up the discussion of the tunnels, wondering if something could be done to prevent another situation like the one that took his mate's life. Some suggested that they be re-opened and others swiftly rejected the idea, though still others hesitated. Goldenpaw, watching the meeting from beside their father, voiced her support of learning WindClan's ancient skill once more. Much to both her and Cloverpaw's surprise, their own dad Barleytuft was the first to voice his disagreement to her suggestion, voicing his fears about moving through them again. Their leader suggested that they perhaps destroy the tunnels and a warrior by the name of Grousefrost adamantly denied the suggestion, stating that it would only increase risks of cave-ins as well as de-home the rabbit population.

Cloverpaw was excited to be present for the conclusion. WindClan would tentatively reopen the tunnels; a few warriors would be chosen to go to the Moonstone to learn their ancestors' ways of tunneling, and once they were ready they would pass on the knowledge to their Clanmates. The apprentice was disappointed he couldn't go but awestruck when he learned his father, who had initially opposed the reopening of the tunnels, would be going on the trip. Cloverpaw refused to let his spirits be dampened by his inability to participate, knowing his turn would come soon if everything went well.

At his first Gathering, Cloverpaw eagerly left his father's side to meet others, though he stayed close to his twin, Mistypaw. The two of them were stumbled upon by a dashing tom by the name of Swallowpaw, from SkyClan, and Cloverpaw was immediately enthralled by the attention he received. He leaned into the limelight and engaged in what he considered to be harmless flirting while his sister paid better notice to the happenings. Cloverpaw half-listened when Burntstag, formerly of ShadowClan, called forth his message about abandoning StarClan and the Warrior Code. Cloverpaw, young and naive, thought only of his warrior name and how badly he wanted to earn it, and the thought of abandoning the code which would give him his name didn't appeal to his still young and narrow mind.

Cloverpaw's training was going well under Finchstar's guidance, and he delighted in learning from the tom. However, when he was selected for a patrol to go herb hunting with Aspenpaw, WindClan's medicine cat, he eagerly exchanged lessons in battle or hunting for one in territory exploration and herb identification. The day was hot, and for a long while it went successfully; however, disaster struck when they paused by a pond of stormwater to take a drink. A dog, loose from its twoleg on a nearby walking path, located the cats and began to run towards them. Though he was terrified, Cloverpaw clung to the idea that it was his duty to protect his medicine cat. Aspenpaw, himself, was frozen in place with fear, and Cloverpaw knew he would be an easy target for a dog.

The tom used himself as a shield between the dog and Aspenpaw, but the canine eagerly latched onto him, first slamming its paws into him to bowl him over and then grabbing him in his jaws by clamping on the ribcage. Cloverpaw was shaken and tossed into the air, and as he was falling it caught him by the tail to shake him again. His tail was horribly broken and the weakened apprentice hit the ground and lost consciousness. Cloverpaw wasn't awake to see Aspenpaw swat helplessly at the dog, sending it whimpering back to its shouting master. The medicine cat struggled to keep Cloverpaw awake and carry him back to camp.

Cloverpaw remembers little of when they arrived, though Mintwhisker quickly arrived to oversee Aspenpaw's careful, accurate work. The tom awakened again in the medicine den with poultices plastered to his sides, left cheek, and tail. His tail had received the worst injury of all; his broken ribs would take two moons to heal, but his tail could take six moons or longer if he wasn't careful. The tom was devastated by the sudden halt of his short-lived apprenticeship, but he held a quiet wisdom at his young age: he was simply happy to still be alive and somewhat functioning even if he couldn't do what regular apprentices did.

The apprentice spent much of the first half-moon sleeping as he recovered, but as his bones began to heal he began to become acquainted with the medicine cat who was helping him. Aspenpaw suffered from a strange falling sickness that cause him to blank out or seize. Cloverpaw quickly learned what he could do to help which was often simply staying out of the way and then letting the medicine cat know what the episode had been like. Furthermore, Cloverpaw became acquainted with Aspenpaw's clever system of bug collection. Aspenpaw kept spiders in or near the medicine den, encouraging them not only to create cobwebs that were easy for the medicine cat to access but also to help keep out the bugs that would impact that stores. Cloverpaw grew fond of Aspenpaw's quick, dry wit and humor. He held no bitterness that he'd been injured while assisting the older tom.

During his healing, Cloverpaw was devastated to learn about the disappearance and presumed death of his brother, Quailpaw. According to what Barleytuft, Grousefrost, and Goldenpaw had found on their patrol, the youngest kit of the litter had wandered from camp and, more likely than not, attempted to enter the tunnels on his own. Though the body was never found, the outcome was likely with all the evidence. Cloverpaw felt his heart hurting not only for his lost brother but also for his hurting kin. The silver tabby simply bore the sadness of the loss on his chest, and in time it began to heal like the rest of his wounds.

Cloverpaw was able to see both of his sisters of to their Moonstone journeys; he often occupied himself with the bugs while Aspenpaw was away. The tom maintained his good relationship with his kin as well as he could. When at last it came time for Goldenpaw to receive her warrior name, Cloverpaw held no bitterness. He was able to exit the medicine den for the first time in moons to watch her. He eagerly kept vigil with Goldengale - though he fell asleep before dawn. In that time Aspenpaw, the medicine cat, received his full name as well: Aspenheart, for his undying spirit, no doubt. Cloverpaw was pleased, and waited for Mistypaw's turn...

... as well as his turn to return to training. His sister's turn came much sooner, though, and Mistystripe joined the other warriors in no time.

- WindClan began to be assailed by predators, particularly foxes; Ploverpuddle and his apprentice were attacked, followed by Raventail, Goldengale, and Barleytuft, and then at last Puddlepaw went missing. Finchstar called for a search patrol on which Barleytuft volunteered to go. Cloverpaw tried to distract his family while his father was out. Barleytuft, Grousefrost, Elmskip, and Sandpaw - who wasn't assigned to the patrol - all returned badly injured

- Goldengale announced her pregnancy; a loner named Patrick temporarily joined the Clan after having saved Aspenheart at Highstones

- Cloverpaw was finally able to go back to training. Almost immediately, he followed Finchstar out of camp at sunset to accompany him. Raventail had gone missing. They found Dappleshine, who told them he had left the Clans

- Cloverpaw and Finchstar returned home after dawn to inform WindClan that Raventail had fled, but that the foxes were a bigger threat. Finchstar declared war, and Aspenheart suggested that they poison the foxes - fight dirty, since the foxes were too powerful to fight properly.

- Cloverpaw developed a new good friendship with Ploverpuddle

- Mistystripe, Cloverpaw's sister, was chosen as Aspenheart's medicine cat apprentice despite her warrior name; shortly after, Goldengale gave birth to her son, Crowkit

- Raventail returned home; he brought Dappleshine with him, much to Cloverpaw's surprise as he'd recently seen her. He was shocked to learn she'd been chased from RiverClan, and especially surprised that it was because she fell in love with Raventail. They were both welcomed, despite some protests from a few Clanmates

- Cloverpaw attended his Moonstone journey, where his grandmother Amberheart told him, "You are more than enough for WindClan. My hope is that you learn to be enough for you."

- The poisoned rabbits were returned and laid out in the camp: Finchstar was forced to declare war and battle on the foxes, and preparations began to get ready. The tunnels were to be narrowed, with trick chambers added to collapse on command

- Burningsun, Lightfang, and Swallowflight appeared from SkyClan, informing Finchstar that they'd put Tinystar and trial and took his life and that the Clan was against them now; Cloverpaw, recognizing Swallow from several previous encounters, approached him with understanding and friendliness. The three ex-SkyClan cats were welcomed to remain in WindClan

- Cloverpaw received his warrior name of Clovertwist

to be continued... [updated 10/28/2019]


BREED: American Shorthair
FUR: light silver
EYES: pale amber
NOSE: dark brown
PAWS: dark brown
BUILD: long- and lean-bodied
SCARS: shortened/kinked tail, punctures/tears around rib-cage/back, long scar with second smaller scar under left eye (dog attack)

Clover is a light silver-white tabby tom with distinct, dark tabby stripes and a very dark ringed tail. He has the classic long, lean WindClan body and legs, but his face is quite round. He has a small, dark brown nose and intense light amber eyes. As a new apprentice, he was picked up by a dog and shaken; he has a scratch with a smaller one next to it on his left cheek, a bite mark scar all around his back and ribcage, and his tail is kinked and scarred from the dog's bite.


CREATION: March 21, 2019
FIRST: Rainbows After Rain
APPRENTICE: June 29, 2019
MOONSTONE: Amberheart
WARRIOR: Oct. 27, 2019


rainbows after rain
Apprentice Ceremony


Goldenkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Mistykit's Apprentice Ceremony
Quailkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Let Us Build the Future Together
July Gathering 2019
no good omens
trampled clovers, torn leaves
recover the light
Goldenpaw's Moonstone
a restless breeze
Mistypaw's Moonstone
Goldenpaw's Warrior Ceremony
Mistypaw's Warrior Ceremony
youth: those left waiting
season of change
a visitor, a vagabond
quoth the raven, nevermore
make it right
Rabbitpaw's Warrior Ceremony
Sandpaw's Warrior Ceremony
October Gathering 2019
come bug your new mca
new life arises
excitement to have prey as a pet
a way back home
Moonstone Journey
life itself
new skies on the grass
Spotkit's Apprentice Ceremony
Warrior Ceremony


- - -


Graykit of SkyClan (plot child)


POSITIVE: loves his family, loyal to his Clan, good sense of humor, optimistic
NEUTRAL: casual, energetic
NEGATIVE: distractable, opinionated

LIKES: the sound of rushing water, rabbit
DISLIKES: sitting still
QUIRKS: tail's signals are crossed and struggle with direction
GOALS: become a warrior
FEARS: disappointing his mentor, disappointing his parents, losing his siblings sisters, dogs

ANCESTORS: a bit lazy

CLANS: fine; interesting to learn about
OUTSIDERS: mostly untrustworthy but fun to learn from

Clover really doesn't mind being in the spotlight, but truth be told he is a better follower than a leader since he often acts before fully thinking things through. He has trouble taking things seriously, but he finds that it's easier to be wrong if he can shrug it off as a joke. He can come off as a know-it-all for that purpose. Really he just wants to learn everything so he can be the best cat possible for his family.


NAME: Clovertwist
FORMERLY: Cloverkit, Cloverpaw

RANK: Tier 1 Warrior
STATS: [40/120]
"AGE": ~12 moons



"I'm just Clover the 'paw, don't mind me." x

"There's never harm in having hope; when we lose that, we lose everything." x

"No one has to call us beautiful back at home; we already know. It's nice to hear you say it, though." x


EXES: - - -
SONS: - - -

FATHER: Barleytuft (WindClan)
GRANDMOTHER: Amberheart (WindClan) [NPC]
GRANDFATHER: Pheasantwing (WindClan) [NPC]

MOTHER: Graybriar (WindClan)
GRANDMOTHER: Robinfeather (SkyClan) [NPC]
GRANDFATHER: Stormgaze (SkyClan) [NPC]

BROTHER(S): Quailpaw (WindClan) {died July 2019}
SISTER(S): Goldengale (WindClan), Mistystripe (WindClan)

MENTOR(S): Finchstar (WindClan)
WARRIOR(S): - - -

FRIENDS: Ploverpuddle
NEUTRAL: Foampaw, Swallowflight
ENEMIES: - - -


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D a c e p a w

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July 23, 2019 - present
FONT: #808000


dace is baby

Though she was the result of a one-night fling between good friends Dappleshine and Sparkfrost, two RiverClan warriors, Dacekit was born an only kit with a loving family and support group around her. She immediately showed her colors as a lover and a dreamer as well as a bundle of kitten energy. She was quick to try to befriend everyone in camp - including ShadowClan, who was present for her first few moons of life due to being chased from their own territory by StagClan but later was able to return home - and showed herself to be a very social and kindly kit. She did her best to obey rules and stay out of the way until her apprenticeship while still learning all that she could.

Dacepaw received her name in greenleaf, receiving a RiverClan warrior by the name of Addershade as her mentor. Dacepaw was eager to please, but it was clear she hadn't quite outgrown the nursery. She was very soft and naive, barely more than a kit, and her whimsical behavior showed it. She did her best to pay attention during all of her lessons. It was hard to keep her still, but becoming an apprentice had opened a new world of opportunities to her. Her mother, Dappleshine, taught her to swim in the Broken Pools during one outing; Addershade and some other apprentices showed Dacepaw RiverClan's signature fighting moves, though she preferred hunting to battle at the start.

Before she had been an apprentice for half a moon, tragedy struck RiverClan. A commotion was raised in the center of camp; Dacepaw was unable to see through the crowd before her mother called her away towards the edge of camp, sheltering her from the sight. Jaystar, RiverClan's leader, and Ivybrook, his newly-claimed daughter, had fallen into the Gorge, and the leader's final life was taken from him. Sparkfrost had been there for the fall, and he called Dappleshine and his daughter away from the crowd, further sparing Dacepaw from the true knowledge of what had occurred.

It was on this day that Dacepaw's life changed, though not solely because of Jaystar's death. Sparkfrost announced that he had to leae the Clan; though Dappleshine understood his reasoning as he explained it, Dacepaw was lost and confused. He proclaimed that he had to follow his heart as he left RiverClan. In a desperate attempt to not lose him, the apprentice stole her father's words in order to follow him. She claimed that her heart told her that she needed to follow him, though she couldn't understand the significance of saying it. With a breaking heart, but the patience and understanding of a mother, Dappleshine let Dacepaw go with her blessing. The little tortoiseshell she-cat left RiverClan behind without knowing what it meant.

Dacepaw followed close on her father's heels, but she struggled to keep up with his greater speed. Thankfully he slowed after a short time, allowing her to catch up and reveal herself and her intentions to travel with him. Sparkfrost took her along eagerly, a little less naive about the significance of her decision but still supportive. The pair ran into a ThunderClan patrol, and then Dacepaw realized where they had gone. They were escorted to camp, and Dacepaw remained quietly at her father's side as he explained that they had left RiverClan and were seeking a new home. Oakstar welcomed them graciously, but he noticed something about Sparkfrost that Dacepaw failed to see: that he was ill, and quickly growing worse. The ThunderClan leader sent Dacepaw on her way to meet the other apprentices, and she eagerly turned an oblivious eye to Sparkfrost as he was lead away to the medicine den.

Dacepaw's first friends in ThunderClan were Houndpaw and Duskkit, whose odd welcome did nothing to dishearten her. Houndpaw seemed displeased by her fishy RiverClan scent and odd oily pelt, but Dacepaw quickly attached to him for his confidence and skill in distracting her from her father's absence. Though the tortoiseshell apprentice didn't receive a ceremony right away, she was mostly welcomed by the Clan, being allowed to join patrols and wander freely. Dacepaw was eager to help, for it kept her thoughts away from Sparkfrost. In some ways she settled swiftly into her new life in ThunderClan.

Her integration was shaken suddenly the night that Sparkfrost left. Dacepaw was awakened from where she was sleeping in the apprentice's den by the sound of her father's voice. When she joined him in the clearing, he spoke warmly and with love, but Dacepaw sensed that things were wrong when he made no move to touch her. She sensed, even, that he didn't want to touch her. She could feel the heat coming off of his pelt and hear the sickness in his voice, and she knew he'd been staying in the medicine cat's den since their arrival in ThunderClan, but she refused to make the connections that he was ill.

For better or worse, Sparkfrost indulged the desire, telling her not that he was sick and dying but instead that StarClan had called him away on a journey to save the forest. He said that she couldn't come, and Dacepaw began to understand that he was leaving. Wanting nothing more than to make him happy, she let him go peacefully, but her heart was broken. When Houndpaw found her alone in the camp clearing, however, Dacepaw made no indication that anything was wrong, simply returning to bed to whisper a soft prayer - enforcing a habit that would last throughout her apprenticeship and beyond.

As Dacepaw struggled to find her place in ThunderClan, the creeping feeling that she belonged in RiverClan began to take over. She missed her kin, but more than that she struggled with Houndpaw unwillingness to be emotionally open and Duskkit's inability to understand the nuance of emotion. When she eagerly agreed to join a patrol with a warrior by the name of Dawngaze, Dacepaw was faced for the first time in her life by a raccoon. The creature battered at her cheeks and she immediately fled, only to be caught in the thorny brush of ThunderClan's territory. She was scarred and humiliated, but she clung to the calm fortitude of Dawngaze and returned to camp to receive healing.

The Gathering began to grow closer and Dacepaw thought more and more of where she belonged. She hoped that perhaps the full-moon meeting - the first of her apprenticeship - would provide her with some of the clarity that she needed.

- At the Gathering, Dacepaw found her mother Dappleshine and introduced her to Houndpaw and Duskpaw, her two best friends. Berrycloud tried to convince her to come back, but Dacepaw didn't understand. When the announcements came, Torrentstar called Dacepaw out as a traitor and deserter. Dacepaw cried and, at Torrentstar's prompting, chose to stay in ThunderClan at the end of the Gathering

- Emberheart, Mistwalker, and several other Clanmates helped Dacepaw to feel welcome despite the trouble. She received a new apprentice ceremony with Dawngaze as her mentor

- Dacepaw was the first to celebrate when Houndheart received his warrior name

- Dacepaw met her former RiverClan denmate, Honeytongue, near Sunningrocks; the two discussed the trials of Clan life and how Torrentstar had changed after becoming leader, and they left on good terms despite Dacepaw accidentally overstepping the border in excitement

- After a few days, Dacepaw missed Houndheart and begged him to take her out of camp since he has his warrior name

- Dacepaw and Mossbloom got to go on their journey to the Moonstone

to be continued... [updated 10/28/2019]


BREED: Domestic Medium Hair
FUR: dilute gray-and-tan tort
EYES: green-hazel
NOSE: apricot
PAWS: apricot-and-brown
BUILD: broad-shouldered, average size
SCARS: four scratches on both cheeks (raccoon fight)

Dace is a medium-furred dilute tortoiseshell she-cat who is a creamy gray-and-tan color. She has thick, wispy tufts inside her ears and at their tips, and her fur is known to occasionally stick out wildly rather like her father Sparkfrost's; however, for the most part it sits more sleek and tidy like her mother. She has vibrant green-hazel eyes and an apricot-colored nose.


CREATION: July 7, 2019
BIRTH: July 23, 2019
Aug. 7, 2019
Sep. 19, 2019
MOONSTONE: Grasswhisker


shining sparkles abound
you're all my friends!
welcome home, always
flying fish, grounded bird
Apprentice Ceremony


teaching fish to swim
for what goes up must come down
Flight or Flight
big dog, little fish
maple trees and forest greens
the wish
new rank, same job
hymn for the missing
Duskkit's Apprentice Ceremony
September Gathering 2019
Emberheart's Elder Ceremony
alone in the crowd, solitude in the loud
looking to the future
TC Apprentice Ceremony
sharing tongues - September
the nightmare begins
swimming lessons
October Gathering 2019
Houndpaw's Warrior Ceremony
on the rocks
new life arrives, followed by heartbreak
shifting colors, shifting streams
bright eyes
Moonstone Journey


- - -


when Torrentstar banished her from returning to RiverClan


POSITIVE: friendly, sociable, optimistic
NEUTRAL: curious, obedient
NEGATIVE: distractable, oblivious, gullible

LIKES: snuggling, voles, puddles
DISLIKES: being alone
QUIRKS: completely oblivious to witty insults and taunting; lists every cat she talked to each night
GOALS: "finding happiness", finding Sparkfrost again
FEARS: forgetting her loved ones, raccoons


CLANS: likes them all
OUTSIDERS: is quick to trust

Dace tries to always be calm and not let things get under her fur, but truth be told she has too much energy to keep her emotions to herself. She focuses hard on socializing and keeping up with her friends and family; however, taking care of herself or her living space can be a difficult concept to grasp. Dace often gets distracted in the middle of a task but always makes her way back to it of her own accord in her own time. She is loving to a fault, always willing to see what those she cares about want her to see.


NAME: Dacepaw
GENDER: She-cat
PREVIOUS: RiverClan (birth - mid August '19)

RANK: Apprentice
STATS: [20/80]
"AGE": young apprentice



"I love you daddy. I'm trying to find what I'm looking for, but I wish I could find you. I'm still doing my best." x

"I'm Dacekit, and I'm your friend!" x


MATE/CRUSH: Duskpaw (ThunderClan crush), Houndpaw (ThunderClan crush)
EXES: - - -
SONS: - - -

FATHER: Sparkfrost (RiverClan)
GRANDMOTHER: Goldeneye (RiverClan, unknown biological); Finchstream (RiverClan, adopted)
GRANDFATHER: Jaystar (RiverClan, unknown biological); Starlord (loner, adopted)
MOTHER: Dappleshine (RiverClan)
GRANDMOTHER: Dewshine (RiverClan); Torrentstar (RiverClan, adopted)
GRANDFATHER: Gingerstripe (RiverClan); Thornstar (ShadowClan, adopted)

BROTHER(S): - - -
SISTER(S): - - -

MENTOR(S): Addershade (RiverClan), Dawngaze (ThunderClan)
WARRIOR(S): - - -

FRIENDS: Houndheart, Duskpaw, Mossbloom, Dawngaze
NEUTRAL: Beartooth, Oakstar, Pricklebush
ENEMIES: - - -



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