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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Nothing More (Closed Solo)

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PostSubject: Nothing More (Closed Solo)   Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:45 pm

The darkness of the night still coated everything when Dryad finally got there. The scent of the savages, the ones Blossomheart called RiverClan, was obvious, tainting every breath she took. But since the first group that hadn't noticed her, she hadn't actually seen any more of these cats. Maybe Greek had been exaggerating so he seemed stronger in front of Tiger. That was probably it. The white and ginger she-cat climbed over the wooden fence, landing easily on her feet on the other side. This was just like what had been described to her. From the red barn that stretched high, to the the Twoleg nest sitting cozily, and even to the strange wooly animals. Sheep, they were called. For a moment, the ecstasy of actually finding this place overwhelmed her, causing her to forget the reason she had come here. To find her father. As she scented the air, however, a sudden doubt plagued her joy. Their was no trace of his scent everywhere. Shaking her head, she convinced herself that it was the clan cat's smell clogging up her nostrils. His scent would be clear as soon as she got closer. Maybe he was by the twoleg nest! Hopes restored, she trotted towards it, almost instantly smelling whatever the twolegs were eating. Still no sign of her father. That was mulling over in her mind when it happened. The door to the nest opened, and a four legged creature ran out. But it wasn't a cat. For a moment, her amber and blue eyes just widened as she stood frozen still, watching the huge brown dog hurtle towards her. Then she bolted. Instincts lead her to the barn, the beast hot on her heals. Adrenaline pumped through her, just as much as when escaping from the nest. Diving through an entrance to the barn, she resisted turning to see how far ahead she was. That would just slow her down. Instead, she launched herself onto a wooden pole that held up the second level. Dog breath was warm on her tail as she scrambled up, forcing her aching claws to propel her upwards, not letting her slip from the hard wood. Finally she reached the top, panting for breath. The snarling and barking of the dog echoed below her. She just hissed back.
"Shut up, you dumb dog!" Dryad shouted angrily. Now she would have to wait until the dog was gone to continue her search for Greek. Disappointed, she settled down and waited. The brown creature stopped its noise well before leaving, and she actually found herself drifting off. By the time she was fast asleep, the dog was still waiting for her.
As soon as she woke up, she felt confused. Where the heck was she? As the events from the night before came to mind, she growled. Dumb dog. Looking down, she saw that the dog had left, and by the smell of things, had been gone for a while. The sun was out, not too much over the horizon, but high enough that she could see clearly as she climbed back down. Shaking the straw out of her pelt, the amount of time she had lost grew obvious. Oh well. Hopefully she would make up for it now. As she scented the air, the only cat scent she found wasn't that of her father. It was actually more like RiverClan she-cats. Why had they been here? That was a question she would most likely never know the answer to. The day was spent searching the place as thoroughly as she could, trying to find the smallest trace that her father had been here sometime. It wasn't until around sunhigh that she found it. While walking around a grassy clearing close to the nest, the faintest, stale scent of him reached her nose. But instead of feeling overjoyed, horror rolled over in her stomach. The scent wasn't just that of her father. Rot and decay where there as well. Fearing the worse, she followed it to a small mound of dirt. His scent didn't get any stronger, but the others did. Her father was here alright. And he was dead. For the first time since Tiger had died, something inside of her broke. Her dream of living with him vanished, taken away when she had been so close. Without realizing it, she fell to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. This was her fate. To keep getting her hopes up about something and then having it snatched away from her in a heartbeat. Life had always been that way for her, and she had been a fool to expect anything different now. Somehow she managed to stand. To get back to the fence. She had no memory of how, just standing next to the fence, staring at the farm. Her vision was full of colored dots, as if the remnants of shatter dreams still remained. Putting on a determined expression, she jumped back over the fence. She could manage. Even if it meant building her own paradise.

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Nothing More (Closed Solo)
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