Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 >> Swifty's Characters <<

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Characters : Sagekit
Sagittarius Monkey
Number of posts : 525
Age : 14
Clan/Rank : Windclan Kit

PostSubject: >> Swifty's Characters <<   Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:44 pm

>> Swifty's Characters <<
A compilation

> Alive <
Sagekit a Windclan kit

> Deceased <

Rosepaw a Windclan apprentice
Daykit a Shadowclan kit
Hailkit a Skyclan kit
Sagekit a Riverclan kit
Owlkit a Thunderclan kit
Cinnamonstep a Shadowclan warrior turned rogue
Berrykit a Skyclan kit
Ivorykit a Riverclan kit
Streamkit a Thunderclan kit
Lotuskit a Windclan kit
Spider a Rogue kit
Swiftkit a Skyclan kit
Frogkit a Skyclan kit
Dipper a Kittypet kit
Nick a Loner kit
Mistkit a Shadowclan kit

Sagekit ; Windclan ; kit

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Characters : Sagekit
Sagittarius Monkey
Number of posts : 525
Age : 14
Clan/Rank : Windclan Kit

PostSubject: Re: >> Swifty's Characters <<   Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:41 pm

Rosepaw of Windclan
Rosekit ⇢ Rosepaw 
Jan. 15 2018 - Present 

With her eyes in slits and her claws still unsheathed, she smiled. "Your life... was not in vain. Rest in starclan-- or wherever you creatures go." She set her claw on its neck and pushed down until she heard a slight crack. Then, the rabbit was dead, and she had successfully hunted for her clan. 
- Rosepaw in Darting for Food

> The Basics <
Sex: She-cat (♀)
Clan/Current Affiliation: Windclan
Past Affiliation: Windclan
Rank: Apprentice
Stats: 20/80

> Physical <
Build: Rosepaw has medium length fur but her tail and face have longer fur than her torso and limbs. She has bright red fur with ray-like markings going from the tips of her eyes to the back of her head that are a dark red. This same dark red color goes down the top of her head to the tip of her tail. Her nose and paw pads are brown-pink and her eyes are bright yellow.
Breed: Red Somali Mix
Scars: None

> Mental <
Positive Traits: Passionate, Ambitious, Loyal, Determined
Neutral Traits: Adventurous, Dense, Careful, Serious
Negative Traits: Negative, Judgemental, Cynical, Blunt, Impatient

Goals/Ambitions: Getting over her parent's disappearance, Proving herself to her clan
Fears: Failure, disabilities, being abandoned
Likes: Rabbits, Windclan, Rain
Dislikes: her parents, cold paws, her fears, boredom

> Relations <
Origins: Windclan x Windclan

Father: NPC Rippedsky's dead brother
Mother: NPC
 Grandfather: NPC Sparrowfur
Grandmother: NPC Swiftbreeze
Foster Father: N/A
Foster Mother: N/A
Brother(s): Unknown
Sister(s): Unknown
Foster Brother(s): N/A
Foster Sister(s): N/A

Mate(s): None yet ;)
Best Friend(s): TBD
Rival(s): TBD

> Education <
Mentor(s): Nectarleap
Current Apprentice(s): TBD
Unofficial Apprentice(s): TBD
Fully-Trained Apprentice(s): TBD
Unofficial Fully-Trained Apprentice(s): TBD
Deceased Apprentice(s): TBD

> Her life <
Creation Topic ► Rosekit | The Cinnamonstep of Windclan
Apprentice Ceremony ► Rosekit's Apprentice Ceremony
Warrior Ceremony ► TBD
Name-Changing Ceremony ► N/A
War(s) ► TBH

> Other <
Color: #ff3333
Voice Headcanon: Lorde

Theme Song:
Teams - Lorde:


Sagekit ; Windclan ; kit

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>> Swifty's Characters <<
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