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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Trusty's Kits

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Characters : Smudgekit (TC)
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PostSubject: Trusty's Kits   Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:57 pm

Basic Stats

SmudgekitThunderclanShe-CatNPC OriginsCreated on 1/13/2018


Smudgekit is a very dark grey Egyptian Mau, taking much of her mother's stature. With a spotted tabby pattern in black (one of my cats had a pattern like this, so cute), the fur markings are indistinct at times and seem more like smudges (this was/will be especially true until three moons of age when they become a bit more defined), hence the name. Bright green eyes complete the picture of a regal, quiet cat... at least when she's sitting still and upright like this and is closer to being an apprentice. As is, Smudgekit is probably clumsy and could care less about grace or regality, the way kittens are apt to be, until she's older. Additionally, she tends to have tufts of hair while a kit that stick up and refuse to lay still. When moving (at least while older) she'd be reminiscent of a sleek shadow, sinewy grace and flexible.

See avatar for my drawing.


A few words that can summarize Smudgekit's current personality, and how strong each tendency is, follows:

GenerosityToo High (Detrimental)
AmbitionVery Low
Sensitivity: RejectionMedium
Sensitivity: DiscouragementMedium-High
Smudgekit is a charismatic cat; her nature is friendly and warm, affectionate. Though she is not meek enough to submit to just anyone, she tends to be agreeable out of a want to please. This would sometimes get her in trouble, should others be particularly convincing.

More than just a friendly face, Smudgekit is intelligent and perceptive; her senses of balance, hearing, and those relating to her body's movement are probably her strongest, and she has a keen sense of detail. With her above average intelligence, she's got the ability to put two and two together, sometimes deducing things about herself and others that are less easily noticed by some. Granted, this wouldn't mean she could pick up on things immediately that aren't said out loud! Just that she'd sometimes have suspicions about things, like any cat might. I specify this because I also enjoy making less intelligent characters from time to time, that would not notice.

Smudgekit has some flaws. One is her over-the-top generosity spurred by her compulsion to please (she would just as quickly gather herbs for everyone as she would the single cat who'd requested it of her, even with the extra time it would take, as an apprentice). Her second is undoubtedly her reluctance to fight or hunt. She's very empathetic and while she has no issue eating her meals and doesn't say much about it, she feels sad about the loss of life. If these early symptoms aren't addressed, this tendency could easily become full-blown pacifism down the line, which is highly unproductive in Clan life; though she'd probably be convinced to hunt simply because it's absolutely necessary, it would be better to rectify this earlier in life than to have her fight her own morals later in life.

Smudgekit is not naturally inclined towards ambition (for instance, she has no goal to make anything of herself and would only, in example, become a deputy if pushed to it because someone else thought she should be one). Additionally, it is easy for her to get discouraged, and will often stop if someone says anything discouraging. Additionally, she is sensitive to rejection in that she feels slightly stronger than normal negative emotions when rejected. This doesn't mean that she gets angsty, but it does mean that she will remember such things longer than others might.


These are rated in terms of how aware Smudgekit is of them, as they all work just fine.

(Traditional Five)

(Non-Traditional Senses)

PainVery High**
*Proprioception is the awareness of movement and the relative positions of body parts
**Smudgekit has a low pain tolerance and is more likely to be affected by pain than the average cat
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Trusty's Kits
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