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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 My Lifeblood (Closed Death Topic)

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PostSubject: My Lifeblood (Closed Death Topic)   My Lifeblood (Closed Death Topic) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 01, 2018 7:29 pm

Lizardtail hurried out of ShadowClan camp with Lilacfall at sunrise. The Clan was sure to be asleep or going to sleep at this time. He had made the excuse of making dirt, so no cat would be looking for him just yet. He had agreed with his mate, Raven, to meet at the Thunderpath for him to take their kits. This was, however, not long after he had even found out he had kits. That was why he had asked Lilacfall to come. He trusted her to keep his secret and help him protect his family by bringing them into Clan life. Most of them, anyways. When he got there, to the Thunderpath, he did not see Raven, nor did he smell her. It seemed like she had already left, or something to that effect. It was quiet without the monsters charging past, so he could hear mewling on the other side. That was where the makeshift nest was sure to be.

  He crossed carefully after feeling for any trembling in the ground, signaling Lilacfall to stay where she was until he was across. There was nothing. It was safe to pass. Arriving on the other side, he saw dark shapes neatly tucked into a tussock of stubborn grass on the edge of WindClan territory. He took one bundle in his mouth and made to go back over, quickly, when he began to feel something shaking the earth. It started quiet as he padded across, then it became louder and louder until it felt like deafening thunder in his ears. He could see the eyes of a monster locking onto him, capturing him in their terrible gaze. One last leap... but the kit slid from his jaws. There was no time, but he went to scoop it back up and get it to safety.

  The monster slammed into his body, sundering his bones like he was a piece of prey. After it passed, he laid there, shuddering. He struggled to stay awake, but it was no use. Blackness overtook his vision, and he drifted off. Forever.
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PostSubject: Re: My Lifeblood (Closed Death Topic)   My Lifeblood (Closed Death Topic) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 02, 2018 7:55 am

Lilacfall chased after him as she saw the monster oncoming, shouting, "Lizardtail! Wait!"

...But she was too late. Even acting as quickly as she could, she wasn't fast enough to save her Clanmate. Still... Given the chance, she would save the kits if she could. However, she couldn't even reach the kit that Lizardtail had been trying to save, and while she saw the monster rushing towards her she was far too late to save herself.

She thought of the kits here that she was meant to care for, and the rest of her kits, and her last conscious thought was an apology to them all.

'It wasn't enough... I'm sorry.'

Raven, however, was long gone by that point, completely believing her mate and the kits she had left were safe, that they were living a life she couldn't have for herself but wanted for them, even if they were living a lie. Better safe and lied to than the alternative.

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My Lifeblood (Closed Death Topic)
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