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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)

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PostSubject: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:39 pm

Swooppaw trudged along though the territory with his patrol, paws freezing as he continued walking through the slush. The SkyClan border was usually pretty clear, so they would be back at camp in no time. Unlike the RiverClan border, where fights could break out even if no cat came close to the border. He hated even thinking about those fox-hearts. Not only had they killed an apprentice, they had caused more pain to Birchpaw than any cat should ever have to experience in their life. Plus, he was still creeped out about how much he had enjoyed fighting. It was against (almost) everything that he stood for, so why had he enjoyed it? Thoughts that he didn't like were the hardest to push out of his mind. But a distraction quickly provided itself to him. Right as he was about to talk yet another step into the freezing cold snow that was causing his paws to ache, his crooked nose caught a scent. Looking up, his green eyes looked in its direction, confirming his suspicion. A SkyClan patrol was coming. He internally groaned and picked up his pace. He might get drawn in by the thrill of the fight again, and he already knew ho much he hated that.
"Come on, I don't want to get in a fight with the SkyClan patrol," the gray apprentice whispered to the other patrol members. He knew Wisteriapaw would agree, and he just hoped Dustcloud had enough sense to avoid a fight. His paws still numb with cold, and did his best to go faster without seeming to obvious.


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PostSubject: Re: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:10 am

Dustcloud led on the patrol of apprentices, hoping they could catch some prey in the once charred territory they called home. Her mind was so fogged up that she wasn't even focusing on where she was going, let alone thinking about the apprentices behind her, so when Swooppaw mentioned something about a SkyClan patrol, she jumped a little bit. "S-So long as you be-behave I s-see no re-reason for a fi-fight to br-break out." Dustcloud had experience here, and from what she knew, apprentices usually caused a lot of the skirmish problems ThunderClan had.


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PostSubject: Re: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:53 pm

Wisteriapaw quietly padded along with the ThunderClan patrol. She knew that patrolling was a necessary duty when it came to being an apprentice, and it would benefit the Clan in the end, but she didn't appreciate the social interaction part of it. So, the entire time she had stayed extremely quiet and had refused to say a word unless she was spoken to. At the mention of a SkyClan patrol, the she-cat felt her neck fur spike up out of fear and wariness. She didn't want to run into any SkyClan cats, but it seemed like it was unavoidable as there was already one coming. So, the best she could do was hope that a fight wouldn't break out, and the two Clan patrols could simply move along. It was already bad enough that she had to be amongst cats that weren't in her family, as those were the only cats that Wisteriapaw was comfortable with. She kept her head lowered but nodded with an agreement in response to Swooppaw's words.

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PostSubject: Re: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:27 pm

Fernpaw trotted a few steps ahead of the rest of her patrol, sniffing the air curiously.  The brown and white tabby she-cat had been searching for prey, when another - much more interesting - scent caught her attention; ThunderClan.  They were near the border, so it wasn't entirely surprising that the mouse-munchers would be there...but still.  Fernpaw wanted to investigate, and her paws were itching for a little bit of action.  "Hey Echoflame, there's a ThunderClan patrol near here!"  She stopped and waited for the two other she-cats to catch up with her, before purring; "C'mon sis, let's go see!"  Flicking her tail in Mintpaw's direction, she dashed off without waiting for permission, leaving the bushes swaying in her wake.


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PostSubject: Re: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:48 pm

"H-hey! Be careful!" Mintpaw squeaked, leaping after her sister."T-Thunderclan cats are r-really dangerous. I-I heard that they g-got in a fight with Riverclan..." She trailed off, her eyes wide. "D-d'you smell that?"

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PostSubject: Re: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   Yesterday at 11:25 pm

Echoflame growled at Fernpaw. She never was this dumb as an apprentice. Chasing after Fernpaw, she hissed loudly. "Come back Fernpaw, now!" she wasn't a babysitter.

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PostSubject: Re: Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)   

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Fight of the Tree Dwellers (Closed)
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