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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Fight-Prone Rogue/ Loner Tom Desired For Plot

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PostSubject: Fight-Prone Rogue/ Loner Tom Desired For Plot   Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:05 pm

I'm currently recruiting for a romance/ fighting plot centered around Ashpaw of RiverClan. After much discussion, I am now more and more convinced that a rogue or loner prone to picking fights and having few to no moral qualms would fit the role of Competitor #1 well.

The gist of the early plot is that 3 cats (2 toms, 1 she-cat; 1 tom and the she-cat roles are both taken by RiverClan apprentices) individually notice Ashpaw as a romantic interest and individually get to know her. Near the end of a Gathering, the 3 suitors approach Ashpaw to woo her but then realize that they're all competing for the same she-cat. They then get into a large fight. An outsider (a ThunderClan apprentice) comes to try to stop them since it's the night of the Gathering and should be a time of peace, but she gets killed by mistake in the fight- the killer meant to attack one of the other suitors but ended up attacking her instead.

While Competitors #2 and #3 are taken, Competitor #1 is open and has arguably the biggest role in instigating the fight, potentially injuring Competitor #3 badly (since Competitor #2 doesn't want to because of the moral dilemma of in-clan fighting), killing the peace-keeper by mistake with a misdirected killing bite, and later cheating on Ash after she becomes a warrior with another cat.

The reason that I'm thinking of rogues or loners in particular is obviously that I wouldn't have to deal with the Warrior Code-related and clan-related fall-outs that would be inevitable with a clan cat for the role. It would be a forbidden relationship, and we would have to sign up for killing a character, but signing up for those should be fine.

I'm wondering if anyone has a pre-made rogue tom that could work for this wild plot role. Big Grin If not, I have other ideas, or I could even make a cat temporarily for the sake of the plot since I have a 5th character slot, but it would be awesome if someone already had a character who would work for the plot.

Edit: I'd be open to a kittypet, too, except for the problem of kittypets having low HP. It could work if we forwent the Battle System, I suppose.

My characters!

CLICK HERE- Romance/fighting plot looking for toms of any clans!

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Fight-Prone Rogue/ Loner Tom Desired For Plot
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