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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Kindling the Flame (closed)

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PostSubject: Kindling the Flame (closed)   Kindling the Flame (closed) Icon_minitimeSun Nov 26, 2017 11:02 pm

Sitting atop a wooden fence, Kindle let out a sigh, though it wasn’t one of disappointment, but of contentment. Today, she would join her mate, Flame, in being a Kittypet. Seeing that she had previously been a Clan cat, most would be shocked at just the mere thought of living that sort of lifestyle, but for her, it wasn't as difficult to accept as she'd thought.

A few moons ago, the grey she-cat had been taking a stroll atop the long fence that barricaded the houses from the forest, but instead of simply passing by a certain someone's home, she'd been stopped. At first, she was cautious, just like she was with any other cat, but as time went on, her and the tom-cat named Flame grew to enjoy each other's company. Of course found it odd and even a bit suspicious that a spoiled house cat like him admired her in such ways, but he'd eventually reassured her that he only meant good, and soon enough, the two became mates.

Not long after they'd said their vows, she'd discovered that she was carrying his kits, which was the best and most exciting news she'd received in a while.

Flame, being the loving tom that he was, offered his home to her. A warm place to stay, a safe place to raise the kits, it was perfect, though Kindle hadn't exactly thought of it as being a good idea at first. To be cooped up in that big block of a building, to have to let the Twolegs near her... it was all a bit overwhelming for the she-cat. But like any caring mate would do, Flame had reminded her about the good things in the Kittypet life, which Kindle had found oddly reassuring. Plus, his Twolegs apparently loved cats and would most definitely accept her, which was good news.

Of course, adapting to her lover's way of life had been a bit... strange, to say the least. Upon first falling in love with him, she'd gradually grown to put up with the Twolegs and their ways, though it hadn't been easy, nor had she really ever excepted them, until he'd asked her to join him. Everyday after he'd asked her to live with him, Flame seemed to bring her closer and closer to the fur-less beings, in which she couldn't say that she'd really appreciated him doing so. The way that they acted; so happy and accepting, it was down right weird, but with the Kittypet's persuasion, she'd promised to accept them, or at least act like she did.

So here she was, sitting on his yard's fence, waiting for him to emerge from the little flap that the Twolegs called a "cat door."

In the couple of moons that they'd been spending time together, Kindle's belly had already began to swell and to say that she wasn't nervous was a lie. This was her first litter, and even though she had to adjust to the Kittypet life, she found herself glad that her kits would grow up in a safe place, and even a bit excited at the thought. And it wasn't even just for the kits, but the fact that this would be a fresh start for the she-cat. After today, she would be a new cat in a new world and she couldn't have been more in love with Flame, even if he was a pampered pet of sorts.

Lost in thought and turned towards the forest, Kindle hadn't heard the tom enter the garden and jump up onto the fence, even with his jingly collar on.

"Ready to go?" Flame mewed softly, standing behind her.

Jumping under her thin grey pelt, Kindle turned around to see her handsome mate and began to purr as she leaned forward to nuzzle his chin with her muzzle. "I don't really have a choice, do I?" she asked jokingly, knowing very well that she had a say in whether she actually go through with this or not.

"Nope," the husky voiced tom chuckled in reply as the two of their gazed met. "Trust me, you won't regret this, I promise," the orange tabby mewed reassuringly with a soft smile. Flicking his tail towards the house, he jumped off the fence and into his yard, where he stood bellow his mate, waiting for her to join him.

This was it, this was where her life began again.

Looking away from the tom, Kindle let out a sigh as she looked out onto the vast forest. She would always love and miss her friends and family in WindClan, but she couldn't sit around wondering if someday they'd take her back. She needed to move on before her life got away from her, and this life with Flame was her chance to do so.

Standing up and giving her pelt a shake, the grey she-cat jumped off the fence, onto an old tree stump, and gracefully onto the ground that made up Flame's garden. "I'm ready. Let's do this," she mewed as confidently as possible, lifting her head every so slightly higher.

With that, the two cats made their way to the Twoleg house, padding next to each other so that their sides brushed.

Today, Kindle would embrace the chance that StarClan had given her and vowed to herself that she would make the best of it, for Flame and their kits.

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Kindling the Flame (closed)
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