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The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! The latest announcements are below.
This month's activity is over, please check that your cats are on allegiances and everything is correct ;)
Leafbare is here, the icy winds cut across the five territories. Who will live? Who will die? Who will remain to tell your story?
If it's the full moon and the Gathering hasn't been made yet, please tell a Staff member. Thank you!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!

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 StarClan Cat Masterlist {Sign-Up Form + Information!}

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PostStarClan Cat Masterlist {Sign-Up Form + Information!}

Hey guys! :D

Over the short time WCC has included the feature/requirement of a Moonstone Journey for all apprentices, I have noticed a slight issue, that effects new members especially; the trial of finding a StarClan cat to speak to.  It has been managed so far by the roleplayer of the apprentice creating a topic, asking around to see if anyone has a cat they would be willing to use in the topic, but obviously that can be kind of a hassle, and a lot of the time you can't see the full scope of your options.  So, here is the solution!

This will work a lot like the deceased list (located here), as it will be a chart detailing the various StarClan cats, and will be updated as characters are killed/signed up.  The difference though, is that only deceased cats of currently active roleplayers will be listed. If/when a roleplayer goes inactive or leaves the site, their cats would be removed, no longer viable options.  That being said, you are not required to sign up your deceased cats if you don't want to.  It is fully the choice of the roleplayer whether they want their cat as an active option.  If, for any reason, you would want your cats removed all you would have to do would be to PM me, and I will take them off.  Please note, only cats who have died and are now residing in StarClan will be included on the list.  Dark Forest residents and deceased outsiders don't have a place at StarClan's holy grounds.

To sign up your cat, please fill out the form below:

[b]Cat's Name:[/b]
[b]Creation Link:[/b]
[b]Rank at Death:[/b]
[b]Death Topic(if possible):[/b]
[b]Personality in three words:[/b]


*The three word personality description is included so that people have a good idea of the type of character your cat is; some would rather get a visit from a sweet, supportive cat, while others could prefer a no-nonsense, more intense character; that knowledge will be in an easy to assess place


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StarClan Cat Masterlist {Sign-Up Form + Information!} :: Comments

Cat's Name: Morningpaw
Creation Link:boop
Gender: She-cat
Clan: Skyclan
Rank at Death: Apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): N/A
Personality in three words: Kind, innocent, energetic
Cat's Name: Cherrymist
Creation Link: omg that was a long time ago
Gender: She-cat
Clan: SkyClan
Rank at Death: Warrior (i think i dunno)
Death Topic(if possible): don't have it bab
Personality in three words: Kind, Motherly, Brave

Cat's Name: Beetlewing
Creation Link: tiiiiiiis
Gender: Tom
Clan: WindClan
Rank at Death: Medicine Cat
Death Topic(if possible): nope bab
Personality in three words: Doormat, Wise, Youthful, Self-deprecating

Cat's Name: Smokeface
Creation Link: this is like, my third cat
Gender: Tom
Clan: RiverClan
Rank at Death: Experienced Warrior
Death Topic(if possible): nope soz i killed those three off when i was gone
Personality in three words: Brave, PUNNY, Cheerful

may my children help other children find closure
Cat's Name:Brownpaw
Creation Link:Here
Rank at Death:Apprentice
Death Topic(if possible):Nope I can't
Personality in three words:Kind, Loving, Friendly
Cat's Name: Willowheart
Creation Link: Bby Willow~
Gender: Female
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank at Death: Exp. Warrior
Death Topic(if possible): Stay Alive
Personality in three words: Sweet, Energetic, Straightforward
Cat's Name: Foxhunter
Creation Link: Foxhunter's Creation
Gender: Tom
Clan: Skyclan
Rank at Death: Warrior
Death Topic (if possible): Farewell, My Long Gone Past
Personality in three words: Serious, Loyal, Protective
Cat's Name: Raven
Creation Link: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t30831-shade-the-rogue
Gender: She-cat
Clan: she was married to a ShadowClan cat just about long enough to pick up his belief system
Rank at Death: Loner
Death Topic(if possible): N/A
Personality in three words: Calm, compassionate, realistic
Cat's Name: Sweetpaw
Creation Link: Creation Link
Gender: Female
Clan: Windclan
Rank at Death: Apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): N/A
Personality in three words: Kind-Hearted, Clumsy, Optimistic
Cat's Name: Sootpaw
Creation Link: Sootkit and Thornkit
Gender: Tom
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank at Death: Apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): My World Ends With You
Personality in three words: Mischievous, protective, hot-headed
Cat's Name: Echofall
Creation Link: x
Gender: Tom
Clan: Windclan
Rank at Death: Newly Appointed Warrior
Death Topic(if possible): x
Personality in three words: Understanding, quiet, loyal
whoopsie, forgot to put him in!
Cat's Name: Finpaw
Creation Link: poof
Gender: Tom
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank at Death: Apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): Finpaw's Dying
Personality in three words: Skittish, Peaceful, Introverted
Re: StarClan Cat Masterlist {Sign-Up Form + Information!}
Post on Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:50 am by Maple (Online)
Cat's Name: Brackenberry
Creation Link: X
Gender: Tom
Clan: WindClan
Rank at Death: Experienced Warrior
Death Topic(if possible): n/a
Personality in three words: Clumsy, organzied, naive
Cat's Name: Rowanpaw
Creation Link: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t31903-rowankit-of-riverclan
Gender: Tom
Clan: RiverClan
Rank at Death: Apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t32303-the-rowan-s-final-fallclosed-for-drippy-and-kent-mansley
Personality in three words: Hot-headed, Aggressive, Cold
Cat's Name: Hazelpaw
Creation Link: x
Gender: She
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank at Death: Apprentice
Death Topic: Hopes Crushed
Personality in three words: Shy, compassionate, curious
Cat's Name: Flashkit
Creation Link: X
Gender: Female
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank at Death: Kit
Death Topic(if possible): X
Personality in three words: Bratty, Proud, Playful
Cat's Name: FrostFeather
Creation Link: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t30275-frostkit-of-wind-clan
Gender: she cat
Clan: windclan
Rank at Death: young warrior
Death Topic(if possible): http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t33892-a-frost-death
Personality in three words: sweet, loyal, protective

Cat's Name: Swirlpaw
Creation Link: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t32470-swirlkit-paw-fern
Gender: she cat
Clan: Skyclan
Rank at Death: apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t33117-a-dark-swirlcloseddeath
Personality in three words: shy, caring, sweet

Cat's Name: Rosepaw
Creation Link: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t30293-rosekit-of-shadowclan
Gender: she cat
Clan: shadowclan
Rank at Death: apprentice
Death Topic(if possible): http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t33267-a-sad-thornclosed-for-kari
Personality in three words: emotional, sweet, playful

StarClan Cat Masterlist {Sign-Up Form + Information!}

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