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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 A Meeting of Sisters [Closed]

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PostSubject: Re: A Meeting of Sisters [Closed]   A Meeting of Sisters [Closed] - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 12, 2017 10:38 pm

Nightheart was literally shaking by the time Thistleblaze laid her head on the grass and joined those between the stars. Usually her paranoia would’ve stopped her from doing any kind of loud noises, but in her grieving state even that seemed to retreat to give the dark warrior the chance to let out a pain filled yowl as her beloved sister left her side. Tears soon made their way down her face, once more she had lost someone she loved, someone that she would gladly trade her very own life for.

She collapsed, her legs no longer able to hold her weight, and pressed her head against the fur of her sister as it slowly grew colder. If she decided against staying there much longer wasn’t because of fear of being discovered, but because she started to grow worried of the newborn kits. They needed the body heat of their mother, as well as her milk, as much as she wanted to grieve for her sister she knew that if she wanted to comply with her last wish she needed to take Badgerkit with her to WindClan so he could get some queen that could…no…no, she was going to take care of Badgerkit, raise him as her own son. She wasn’t going to let another queen take him away from her. Maybe someday she would tell him the truth, but until then, until she was sure he would be able to handle that knowledge, she would let him grow happy in WindClan with the love of a mother that would always be there for him.

She needed to talk with Ashstar though…she would need to reveal the secret she had sworn to keep, even if just partially. While she wasn’t going to go into detail she hoped her sister could understand.

She slowly got up before looking at the grieving tom in front of her, looking at him with a serious expression even if tears still were coming from her blue eyes “I…I’ll take Badgerkit with me now…kits can’t stay on the outside for so long, especially not now that the air is getting colder. But let me tell you one thing, if I get word you let anything happen to Viperkit I’ll have your pelt, understood?” While her words were shaky they still were dead serious.

After that she grabbed Badgerkit, as Thistleblaze had asked her to and after sending one last heartbroken gaze at her sister’s body as Sootwhisper picked her up, probably to carry her to camp to get a proper burial, she jumped over the Gorge and started to walk towards WindClan’s camp.


Sootwhisper entered in a state of shock thanks to his grief as soon as life abandoned Thistleblaze’s body, tears forming on his bicolored eyes before rolling down his face. He stared at her with his claws deeply buried on the dirt under them, still as if he had been turned into solid rock “No…please no…” The barely audible words left his muzzle without the tom’s consent as he found himself wishing for the first time since he was born that StarClan was real, that the spirit of the she-cat he had loved so much no roamed the forever green forests and swam in the clear waters of their territory as it greeted those that they both had lost in the past.

Only Nightheart’s voice broke the trance that he had been in, causing him to rise his gaze to meet hers. When she mentioned the kits his gaze fell on them, the last piece of Thistleblaze that he had now “The same warning goes to you, take good care of Badgerkit” His words no longer held the neutral tone they used to, but instead were full of grief and sadness. Perfect reflection of his broken heart.

He had to restrain himself from taking back Badgerkit from Nightheart when she grabbed the newborn by the scruff, remembering himself it was Thistleblaze’s last wish for her to take him even if the thought of another cat taking away his kits didn’t sit well with him. With a deep breath he gently yet firmly grabbed Thistleblaze’s body and after a couple attempts finally managed to throw her over his back so he could take her back to camp as he carried Viperkit by the scruff.

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A Meeting of Sisters [Closed] - Page 2 Curren19

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A Meeting of Sisters [Closed]
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