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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Topic of the Month #2

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Characters : Nutfur, Nectarleap, Curlyfeather, Swoopnose, Dryad
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PostSubject: Topic of the Month #2   Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:44 am

In May Ripped posted this thing, and I wanted to bring it back for July. It was called Topic of the MonthAs he said, there are many great topics that we don't all get a chance to read, so here we can recognize those topics. This topic must have been started in July or at least have had most of it roleplayed in July, because this is topic of the month not topic of the year. Also, this does not have to be a topic you roleplayed in, it may just be one you really like. Here is the exact same template as used for the original one:

[b]Topic Link:[/b]
[b]Characters Involved:[/b]
[b]RPers Involved:[/b]
[b]Plot Summary:[/b]
[b]Why Did You Choose This Topic as Your Favorite:[/b]


Topic Link: The saddest visit ever
Characters Involved: Annabelle, Specklefang, Leafstorm, Cherrypaw, and Blizzardstar.
RPers Involved: Squirrelnose, Grey, Drippy, Brownpaw/foot(old member), and Ink
Plot Summary: Annabelle arrives at ThunderClan camp, trying to find Cherryblossom and Leafstorm. She is confronted by Specklefang, who is confronted by Leafstorm. After the three argue for a little while about Cherrypaw, Cherrypaw walks out and Annabelle meets her granddaughter, ignoring Specklefang. Then Blizzardstar comes out and asks who Annabelle is, and Annabelle answers, then asks where Cherryblossom is. Leafstorm tells her that Cherrblossom died, and Annabelle gets really depressed because her daughter died.
Why Did You Choose This Topic as Your Favorite: This topic was my favorite because of how many emotions were written into it by every character. I love rping with sharp-tongued Annabelle, and it was also fun to roleplay her motherly side, and her utter despair at her daughter's death made me nearly cry writing it. I also liked Specklefang´s defensive remarks, and her need to protect her apprentice, even if I as a person disagree with those methods. I also think Leafstorm´s reaction was realistic, his mix of grief, righteousness, guarding his feelings, and clan loyalty. Blizzardstar´s confliction between making her clan seem strong and reassuring a grieving mother also nearly made me cry, so that was a plus.


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PostSubject: Re: Topic of the Month #2   Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:58 am

Topic Link:I got him! No, me! Umm, I've got both of you.
Characters Involved: Talonpaw, Oakpaw,and Badgerstorm
RPers Involved: Steam, Minecraftnerd, and Caitwolfy
Plot Summary: Talonpaw and Oakpaw sneak out the ShadowClan border in the early morning, for reasons neither of them really know to this day. As they approach the border, they spot Badgerstorm, a ShadowClan warrior. Of course, since Talonpaw is Talonpaw, his immediate reaction is to call out Badgerstorm and try and instigate him, as he's itching for conflict. Him and the warrior trade a few verbal blows before all three begin to fight. It's a very well drawn out fight, and it takes the two apprentices all they have just to keep Badgerstorm at bay. In the final moments of the battle, Talonpaw sacrifices himself so Oakpaw can put the nail in the coffin and drive the ShadowClan warrior away. The two begin to head home, Talonpaw being in critical condition.
Why Did You Choose This Topic as Your Favorite: It has everything! Friendly banter, not so friendly banter, suspense, action, and sass! What more could you want out of a WCC topic? Talon and Oak also grow their relationship as they have shown to become true friends, and not just rivals competing for the spotlight. *Cough* Also they're my #1 gay OTP *Cough*

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PostSubject: Re: Topic of the Month #2   Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:18 pm

Topic Link: Deathmatch (Without the Death)
Character's Involved: Rainstorm, Splashwillow, Mallowpaw
vs Slatethroat, Dovepaw  Talonpaw
RPers Involved: Icee, Seer, Ebony, Ripped, Apricity & Steam
Plot Summary: WC cats decide to mouth off and get their butts kicked by an RC patrol
Why Did You Choose This Topic as Your Favorite: love a good skirmish

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PostSubject: Re: Topic of the Month #2   

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Topic of the Month #2
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