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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Come With Me, Let Me Show You [Closed]

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PostSubject: Re: Come With Me, Let Me Show You [Closed]   Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:11 pm

The breeze shook the fur of the confused apprentice who was trying to understand everything his father said. Like he thought, Bear was his kin but knowing that he was also Flamestrike's brother... it only deepened the fear rising inside the chest of the orange colored tom. His paws started shaking, thinking about a future that could end up like Flamestrike's. What if... he had to kill his only brother, Gingerstripe? What if he had to kill him instead for some reason? How could two brothers end up trying to kill each other? Firepaw was far too young and naive to understand but he tried to now that he knew all the truth.

Shaken by the knowledge of his kin, the tom suddenly started thinking about what his father felt about all this. Now he knew why he was so sad when he talked about he saved the clans. He had to kill his own brother... his family to do it. It was one of the hardest things to do, at least for Firepaw, and it meant a lot of courage and sacrifice that he doubted he had. Even if his mentor murdered a cat, he had reasons to do it that followed the warrior code over all, even his blood. He was capable of understood his duty as a warrior of Shadowclan and did what it was right, knowing the pain that it would bring the death of a littermate. For Firepaw... Flamestrike was really an amazing and the strongest warrior in all the clans. He had to live with great suffering and pain because of his acts but all he did... was for the clans and the family he got there. The apprentice shook his head and looked at the saddened warrior. "Dad... what you did... was the bravest thing that you could ever do. I can't imagine the pain of the loss of Gingerstripe... I-I wouldn't know what to do if someday... he just... You... were capable to kill your own brother for the safety of clan, for the safety of your clanmates, like Honeydrop. I... just admire you so much because of that and I feel bad for you because you have to carry with the pain over your back alone; because you sacrificed yourself."

He gazed his paws as he sunk his claws on the dirt, narrowing his eyes. "I must say that... even if I want to be like you because you're my hero... I don't think that I could be as brave as you were and are. Would I be capable to be a warrior that put the clan over his family? I love you, mom, and Gingerstripe so much and is hard for me to even imagine that if someday... I would have to face a similar situation in which I have to make the decision to kill my kin because of the good of Shadowclan. How can I be a warrior when I can't do that, dad? Am I really ready for that?" Firepaw's paws were shaking as he tried to keep his mind as calm as possible or he would blow up with over whelming feelings he wouldn't be able to control. This was the first time in his entire life that he had been so unsure about his worth and value, being afraid that maybe he couldn't be the warrior he wanted to be.


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PostSubject: Re: Come With Me, Let Me Show You [Closed]   Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:53 pm

Flamestrike continued to sit in silence as his son spoke. There was so much confusion to the words, underlined with hints of pain. Everything he had said had clearly stuck the younger tom. Even if it was too much to handle, Firepaw seemed to understand him. The encouraging words that dripped slowly from the ginger apprentice's lips struck him. His kit saw so much goodness inside of him, despite what he had done to their kin, but Firepaw also seemed to have catch the depth of everything that was being said to him. Even if he was stunned, even if he was now swimming in concepts further than the apparent black and white of life as a kit, his apprentice grasped onto it. Without saying anything at first, he simply touched his tail tip gently to the other cat's shoulder. It was a simple gesture, but filled with so much connection and deeper meaning.

His shoulders seemed to straighten up the tiniest bit from how far they had shrunk under the weight of his sin. His kin had understood him. Flamestrike was no entirely healed in the moment, by no means, but the perspective of it all was shifted greatly from the words of his kit. All he wanted to do was sit like that forever- just the two of them in this understanding. But, there was more to Firepaw's words. What Flamestrike had said had opened a whole new door of possibilities in his son's head. Most of them were not good. Firepaw say the capability of this world, and he was immediately plagued by the darker questions of loyalty, kin, and meaning that were at hand. A twinge of guilt seemed to stir repeatedly in the warrior's gut. He had put all of this on the cat he was mentoring. However, his faith in Firepaw's sensibility outweighed the pangs of regret for sharing all of this for him. He knew his kit could handle it in the end.

"There are some questions that don't have a straightforward answer, Firepaw." Flamestrike muttered slowly, as he continued to think of the exact right thing to say to his son. There were so many things happening in just a few sentences. So much to grapple with. His claws dug into the earth as if grounding him, "I pray to Starclan these are questions you never have to ask yourself, but if there is ever a chance the time comes, it is up for you to do what you feel is right. No cat can judge you for what you need to do in those situations. Warriors follow the code, yes, but they also follow their heart.  The warrior code does not outline every action for us, there will be times in which you have to think for yourself. It is those times in which you must attempt to follow what you know is right. That is something no one else can decide for you. Although, what I can say for sure, is that I have never seen a young cat more deserving of the title of warrior than yourself."

It felt like he had been speaking for an eternity. Normally, Flamestrike was not one for speeches. Yet, all he could do now was pour everything he could into one of the cats he loved most. If he had nothing else to offer now, this would be it. His eyes looked over Firepaw as he spoke. It was as if he was talking to himself as much as his apprentice. The words that poured from his maw struck a chord in his own heart. Firepaw was very much like him when he was younger. Nothing as a kit, even the struggle of being an outsider, had prepared him for what life had to offer. Everything had been thrown on him. However, now, he had the chance to speak into Firepaw and make sure that he was not alone in this like his father had been. All the orange tom longed for was a better life for his son than he had. It seemed as if he was already down that path. Despite it all, Flamestrike managed a soft smile. Perhaps there was such thing as redemption after all.

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Come With Me, Let Me Show You [Closed]
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