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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 July's Gathering 2017

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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:07 pm

Swiftpaw had gone with Emberpaw and sat beside her. "Emberpaw! Aren't you excited that this is your first gathering?" He asked his friend.
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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:16 pm

"Yeah! Its so crowded, I've never seen so many cats in one place! Is it your first gathering?"She added, embarrassed that she hadn't thought about her friend first.


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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:58 am

Darkpaw, could felt her fur bristling every second, sh was sure they will have kits together sooner or later, Darkpaw knew Ryeheart was being unstable and falling in love with the enemy.

Blackpaw looked at Lightdrop and Ryeheart, then at her sister, she knew what it felt to see someone you love with other cat or worst, a cat from an enemy's Clan.


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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:17 pm


The young Thunderclan warrior, who had been at the gathering the whole time obviously looked up at the high rock listening to the leaders talk about the mist that was creeping in around the clans. She flicked her tail trying to look like a warrior ready to respond to whatever was thrown at her.


The Riverclan apprentice flicked her ears forward listening about the mist. She wasn't sure where her mentor was but all this talk about the mist was worrying her. She could feel her brother pressed against her side, his tail tapping rhythmically beside her.


The young Riverclan tom tapped his tail against the ground in time with his heartbeat. He didn't like thinking about this mist. It sounded like it could steal anyone away that it wanted. He lifted his head trying to search out Tinypaw and make sure she was still here.


The Shadowclan apprentice could see the nerves etched on the leaders faces. Their worry was starting to penetrate into the gathered cats. He loked around trying to remember if Thrushstripe had come to tonights gathering.


Her scratches were healing and her belly, though still devoid of fur had caked over and she had been allowed to go to the gatehering. The windclan apprentice had been filled with shame when she woke up in the medicine cats den. She'd lost her fist battle. She blamed it on her mentor who had taught her nothing. And now there was this mist everyone was talking about. She didn't know how to fight a cat, let alone a mist.

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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Tue Jul 18, 2017 7:21 pm

The news was certainly disturbing to Thrushstripe. As he listened to the leaders, he tried his hardest to keep his mouth shut and let them handle things, but part of him wanted to stop this gathering immediately and begin searching for the missing cats. This 'mist' had caused enough trouble already, but it now had two of Shadowclan's warriors which was hard enough for the elder to deal with. Adding the news that it had taken several cats from other clans made his heart sink.


Barkpaw listened intently as the leaders spoke, particularly Blizzardstar. He always admired her courage and how she handled things, and now she was the head of Thunderclan, speaking on top of the Great rock. Even as his younger brother Coyotepaw joined him, Barkpaw couldn't bother to look away from the rock. However, he did find a bit of peace to have his brother by his side. It was only when a new and almost familiar voice spoke to him did he rip his eyes from the leaders. Instanty, he turned to face Flamestrike. "I, uh..." The apprentice was taken aback by the question as he stared at the older warrior. The older tom certainly looked familiar, but his name escaped Barkpaw. His fur bristled a bit, but he kept his cool as much as he could as something finally clicked in his head. "You're... You're the cat who took me from the barn, right?" he asked rather timidly.


This mist had taken more cats? As Stoneteller sat at the bottom of the rock listening to the leaders, his mind started to wonder about this mist. Storm had told him about his encounter with the mist. Thank the Tribe that nothing had happened to the Healer's right-hand tom, and instead, it had muttered something. It was a disturbing thought -- one he hoped never to experience again -- but here the other clans were talking about how it had taken more than just a few cats. It had taken so many from everyone. Suddenly, the Healer was a bit more on edge. How many more would it take before it was satisfied?


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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:33 pm

Lionpaw shifted uncomfortably from the back of the crowd. There were so many cats, and they were mostly bristling or meowing under their breath in alarmed tones. The young tom didn't like this news one bit and slipped through the crowd in search of Dandelondapple.

Leopardstar's pelt bristled visibly as he listened to the reports of missing cats from all over the forest. It was alarming and upsetting, and suddenly he had an idea of how his clanmates disappeared. It seemed like no one in the whole StarClan-forsaken forest knew what to do; even StarClan themselves had admitted ignorance! The ShadowClan leader hardly acknowledged Blizzardstar's ascension to leadership and stepped forward last of all. His voice was cold like ice and clearly not as calm as usual.

"ShadowClan flourishes. We welcome Copperpaw, Lizardpaw, Breezepaw, Olivepaw, Falconpaw, Cobrapaw, Flintpaw, Brownpaw, Nightpaw, Sootpaw, Ashpaw, Curlypaw, and Cedarpaw as they begin their training. We also congratulate Ryeheart, Redstorm, Rowantalon, and Badgerstorm on earning their names and becoming warriors." Even the joy of his children's apprenticeship couldn't lift the tension from his chest. He was scraping the Great Rock with his claws without realizing it. "A pack of dogs attacked our camp, but we ran them off without any deaths or difficulties." Leopardstar lied through his teeth with the practice of moons of reporting news at gatherings without so much as blinking. He turned to address Fishstar's question, gaze steely. "I have lost two warriors; an apprentice has been slain. My own deputy has been taken right from my own presence! I have seen the mist with my own eyes. There was nothing I could do but watch as Magpiewing was taken. If StarClan is ignorant and we are ineffective, what are we to do?" He meowed, more to the leaders than anyone else.


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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:17 pm

With every leader's speech proceeding Fishstar, the sharp knot in her belly only grew all the more tense. He skin began to prickle. All of them had the same thing to say. This mist phenomenon had been claiming cats from all over the forest - including the SkyClan leader and ShadowClan deputy. It was stealing cats. It was killing cats. It was stirring up a mass confusion and panic. How many more cats would it murder and whisk away before it was satisfied? Would it ever be satisfied? It was a swift, cold, silent assassin that no one could identify, capture, or fight off, and had been terrorizing the Clans for sunrises, now..

.. And no one present seemed to have even the slightest inkling of why it was happening.

Fishstar swallowed the lump in her throat, eyes sweeping across each and every face below her. All of the voices around the clearing, and the rustling of the trees above, and the swishing of pelts-on-pelts slowly began to fade into one long, continuous string of white noise. Mouths moved, but no sound came out. Everything seemed to slow down, as if she were in a dream. The only thing the RiverClan leader could hear over the screeching ambiance was her own ragged breaths.

StarClan had been dead-silent about this chaos. Though is angered Fishstar, it didn't exactly surprise her. They had done nothing good for her in the past, so she hadn't expected them to give her any assistance in trying to find out what the deal with the missing cats was. As far as she knew, the cats taken shared nothing in common. There hadn't been any sort of pattern to the disappearances and deaths, really.. Although now that she thought about it, perhaps it had some sort of relation to the fires that had spread around the forest a moon ago. Both the mist and the fires had appeared inexplicable out of seemingly nowhere, causing widespread destruction and fear. The disappearances had started right around the time the fires had occurred, too hadn't they? All this chaos in the span of two moons, and...


Suddenly, Fishstar's gaze settled on one particular face, and all the sounds of the Gathering came flooding back into her ears all at once. At that moment, all the puzzle pieces of her many suspicions slowly began to fall into place within her mind. The fires. The mist. The death. The confusion. The timing of all these disasters was just.. Too.. Perfect for Fishstar's liking. It had all started to happen at the same time. It all coincided with something she had foolishly placed in the back of her mind for a long time.

Her voice cut abruptly through the clamor like an icy claw. "Might I ask what you make of this mist, Stoneteller?"


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PostSubject: Re: July's Gathering 2017   

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July's Gathering 2017
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