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 June's Gathering 2017

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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:24 pm

Darkpaw's tail was lashing crossly, her kind face frowned, she scanned around the crowd, looking if Ryepaw tried to apologize, but she shook that off, he wouldn't talk to her after the drama, she snorted and looked up at the Leaders.


Blackpaw sighed, and kept pressing to Darkpaw if Rockthorn appeared, even though Darkpaw had lost her mentor, Blackpaw kept Larksong, she shivered at the though of what if she'd lost Larksong, Blackpaw licked her sister's cheek, and saw her green gaze wasn't sparkling as always

This time it showed coldness, sorrow and no emotion.


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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:50 pm

Maplecloud padded in with the rest of Thunderclan, tired and worn out from having to work harder than normal in because of the recent fire. Although she was beaten down to the core, she kept going. She wasn't particularly excited to be at this gathering, she'd rather be out hunting for the clan, but she knew this would be a rather exciting experience, what with the tribe being around, and she had been picked by Darkstar to go, so she did.


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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:07 pm

Ashstar gave a nod to Darkstar and one to Fishstar as they arrived, shooting another ice-filled glare at Rippedsky before stepping forwards and raising her voice. The night was getting colder, and she had news to share. Not to mention she didn't want to be close to the traitorous tom on the Rock for longer than she had to. "The Gathering will now begin," she yowled with a clear voice to get everyone's attention. Once the masses of cats had quieted down, the WindClan leader cleared her voice and began, green gaze calm and serene through her news. "WindClan has been faring as well as can be expected this moon. As I believe the other Clans have, we have suffered from the effects of a large wildfire that raged across our territories." Should she mention the mist? Had the other Clans been saved by it as well? If it had come from StarClan, there was no harm in talking about it. However, something still felt off.... Oh well. What problems could it cause, anyways? And it was a good time to let the other Clans know that WindClan remained strong. "However, a strange mist stopped the fire before it could get to camp and deal any lasting damage. We believe it was sent by StarClan. Whether it was or not, it has saved WindClan moons of trouble, and we are grateful for it." There. It was done- no going back. However, she couldn't help but wonder what the other Clans would think. Had any of them been saved by this mist as well? And was it entirely a good thing?

Shaking it off, Ashstar continued with her other news. "In other news, we have four new warriors- Slatethroat, Icetuft, Brackenberry and Heathershade. Our nursery is full of kits, and despite the fire, we have plenty of prey." What else was there? Oh yes. How could she ever forget the recent goings-on? Her injured warrior, the former WindClan tom who found them, and.... That horrible cat, Rockthorn. "After Rockthorn, the rogue we addressed last Gathering, attacked one of my warriors, Mottleheart, I was able to discover where he was hiding. I decided to take matters into my own paws. That traitorous piece of scum is now dead, and the Clans are all a little safer without him anywhere near us. I believe his spirit is now in the Dark Forest along with the other villains and traitors of the Clans. I give my condolences to ThunderClan, as he was once one of them. That is all the news I have. Especially after the forest-wide fire, I hope the Clans can still find peace." Pointedly not looking at the coward next to her, Ashstar stepped back, ready for another leader to give their report.


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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:42 pm

Leopardstar nodded politely to each leader (and deputy) as they arrived, but otherwise stayed neutral. He made sure he wasn't anywhere in between Ashstar and the SkyClan deputy when the she-cat bristled, but instead turned his attention to the other leaders. They at least seemed more relaxed. He then listened intently as Ashstar began the gathering with news of WindClan. The bit about the strange veil of mist sparked his interest, but his expression remained blank. The ShadowClan tom nodded quickly to Ashstar when she was done and stepped up for his own report. There were troubling matters to share.

"Overall, ShadowClan fares well. We welcome several new litters to the clan, as well as many new apprentices: Morningpaw, Redpaw, Duskpaw, Echopaw, Firepaw, Gingerpaw, Sparkpaw, and Badgerpaw all have begun to learn the ways of the warrior. Tawnypool has completed her training and achieved the rank of warrior." Leopardstar meowed, his deep voice echoing effortlessly throughout the clearing. "I am pleased to hear that the fire did not cause much trouble in dryer areas, though I'm not sure how this could have come to pass without the will of StarClan. ShadowClan was spared almost entirely by nature of our lands; the flames could not pass through such marshy earth. I have received reports of a dark figure behind the fire; I believe it was started intentionally but I do not know who by." He didn't know who this Rockthorn character was, nor what damage he had done to upset Ashstar and ThunderClan so much, but he didn't bother prying.

Leopardstar paused a moment to consider his next words very carefully. It was one thing to admit weakness, and another to alert the other clans of danger. "I regret to report the death of one of my warriors, Ambernose, by fox. I urge especially WindClan and ThunderClan to be on the lookout in case the predator has crossed the border; Ambernose was a fierce and loyal warrior and I doubt she fell easily. But I also bring other alarming news: two more of my warriors have gone missing. There is no trace of them anywhere other than a dead-end trail that ends in the middle of the territory and few layers of frost, peculiar during this warm season. I ask that if anyone has news of my warriors, Foxheart and Mousefang, they step forward and tell me what they know after the gathering. Another of my clan, an apprentice, has died mysteriously; frozen droplets were found in his pelt." Leopardstar paused to let the gathered cats murmur among themselves. He turned to the other cats on the rock, his expression grave and tone quiet. "I don't know what this means or how it has come to be. There are no witnesses to these events. I must protect my clan at all costs, and so I must ask if any of you have seen or heard something." The spotted tom stepped back into his place with his tail flicking side to side. The ShadowClan leader was deep in thought over these events and very disturbed.


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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:28 pm

Darkstar listened to both the WindClan and ShadowClan leaders, a bit unnerved that something had saved the moorlands from the fire, but not ThunderClan's or RiverClan's lands. "ThunderClan is doing well, despite the fire. However, I ask you, Fishstar," Her head turned from the gathered cats below to the she-cat beside her, "that you allow ThunderClan to remain at Sunningrocks while we wait for the ash to be washed away and the prey to return in full. I know that the area is technically RiverClan's and I do not wish for any hostilities to occur while we wait for the territory to heal itself."

The leader's head turned back to the crowd below. "Two cats have been lost this moon. A young warrior Sandblaze to the fire, and a queen, Cloudstorm, by Rockthorn's claws. I thank you, Ashstar, for ridding the forest of this menace. StarClan will remember your deed for many moons." Darkstar paused for a moment, mulling over what the ShadowClan leader had said. The thought of two warriors disappearing into thin air was disturbing, to say the least.

"Despite these losses, many news apprentices and a few warriors have been made. Specklefang and Smokecloud have both earned their warrior names. Barkpaw, Reedpaw, Shrikepaw, Daypaw, Pinepaw, Shrewpaw, Peatpaw, Hailpaw, Tigerpaw, Splashpaw, Redpaw, Dawnpaw, and Adderpaw have all begun their training. A Tribe cat has also joined our ranks and now goes by the name Shadowleaf. That is all." She stepped back, perhaps a bit out of breath from all the apprentices.


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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:05 pm

Slatethroat puffed his chest out as the grey leader called his name. He looked down at the group of apprentices with another grin. It felt good to finally be a part of the older group. The white and grey tom was no long just another apprentice at the gathering, he was a named and known warrior. Slatethroat did little to acknowledge the the obvious tribe cat. Their presence was strange. He didn't know why Skyclan had been so open to taking them in, nor did he agree with Ashstar's decision to take in a few. But he had said nothing and held his tongue. After Gingerpaw had mentioned his mentor, Slatethroat pulled a mildly confused look, "Swiftclaw, huh? Never heard of him."


Everything seemed to go so fast up on the great rock. One moment, all of the clans were just arriving, the next, three of the leaders had already spoke. Per usual, they talked of apprentices and warriors named. But, there were a few other things mentioned that peaked his interest too. Ashstar had mentioned the mist. The strange entity that had saved Skyclan in the past moon had also spared Windclan. For so long he had thought himself, and a few other clanmates, to simply be crazy. Yet this seemed to prove true. The other clans also mentioned having cats go missing. Crowstar! The clan's missing leader was his first thought. All of the lost cats seemed to have gone missing in a similar way. Were they all together? Did they randomly decide to leave? None of it quite made sense to him. However, the deputy decided to change what he was going to say slightly. There would be a mention of a missing cat from Skyclan today.

"Thankfully, Starclan has blessed Skyclan with another good moon. The clan is thriving and we have named some new warriors and apprentices since the last gathering. We welcome Pineheart, Cloudroar, Bubblepaw, Dandelionpaw, Blossompaw, Lionpaw, and Willowpaw." Rippedsky had hesitated slightly at the beginning. He wasn't sure about when it was his turn to speak. However, as the deputy continued, the confidence rose up in his voice. Despite any issues they had, Rippedsky was infinitely proud of clan and was grateful for the opportunity to serve by representing them. His deep blue gaze cast a look over the assembled cats. There were so many. It appalled him to see how vast the clans were. While she did not say anything, Ashstar did not even try to control her obvious disdain. It was funny to see a leader so hostile at a gathering over something that had happened countless seasons ago. Rippedsky simply brushed it off. There was no need for any confrontation. He held nothing against the prickly leader.

"However, Crowstar has been feeling unwell since the fire. But he is quickly recovering and will be at the next gathering. Speaking of the fire..." The black and white deputy trailed off, glancing quickly at Ashstar, "Our clan was also saved by a mist that spared us from much damage at all. I'm not sure what this phenomenon was, but we are grateful the clan has been kept safe. Recently, one of our warriors went missing too. We are not sure of their whereabouts, but pray for their swift and safe return. Lastly, Darkstar, I hope for the quick recovery of your lands." Rippedsky nodded at the Thunderclan leader. There was no need to announce that they were helping the other clan. It was no one else's business but their own. As soon as he was finished speaking, he stepped back so the final leader could share.

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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:19 am

Honeypaw had been there the whole time. The Thunderclan Medicine Cat apprentice sat quietly with her mentor Sparkflower as the gathering started.

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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:55 am

Finally, it was Fishstar's turn to say her piece.

"It seems fire has touched every Clan this moon," she began, stepping forward from her spot. "though the one that affected us did not touch our camp. The damage to our territory was not severe, and for that I thank the streams and puddles dotting it. Only one cat sustained injuries, and she is well on her way to recovery. In light of her injuries, however, she has also been selected to fill Bouncepaw's place as RiverClan's new medicine cat apprentice. Bouncepaw disappeared some time ago, much to our confusion." The silvery leader paused and swallowed hard, voice growing taut. "My daughter, Swiftclaw, also went missing. If any Clan cat picks up any signs of her, we would be grateful."

She cleared her throat and swept her tail, moving on to her more standard report. "Despite the fire, we have remained strong. The River still provides us with ample prey, as it always has. We have an abundance of new kits, and many apprentices on the cusp of warriorhood. As for the matter of Sunningrocks.." Fishstar's eyes swept over the ThunderClan cats gathered below, not bothering to disguise her disdain. If she were to be perfectly honest, she wanted to send them off of her territory immediately, but the last thing anyone needed right now was another dispute over Sunningrocks. ".. Because of the strain on the fire on all of us, I will allow ThunderClan to stay at Sunningrocks for eight more sunrises, but not a heartbeat longer. That is ample time to allow your prey to return to your territory. On the matter of Rockthrorn, Darkstar.." She turned to shoot a brief glance first at Ashstar, and then at him. "I must ask why you did not deal with him immediately, before he caused all this damage. I fail to understand how one cat - one of your own warriors, at that, with your Clan's scent on his pelt - evaded your entire Clan for so long."


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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   Yesterday at 7:49 pm

(ooc: ooh my boi's salty)

Hearing Ashstar call the meeting to a start, Leopardclaw turned from where he sat and rested his eyes on the Great Rock, listening intently as the leaders began to speak.  The usual news met his ears; newly named warriors, promoted apprentices.....but then a name he recognized.  Hazel eyes widening, the golden spotted tom listened with a mix of horror and relief as the WindClan leader spoke of Rockthorn's downfall, how the insane, murderous tom had met his fitting end.  

A fog seemed to enter Leopardclaw's mind as the leader's words swirled like a hurricane, looking down at his paws with a black stare.  They...they killed Rockthorn!  I...I won't be able to avenge my mistakes!  I should have just killed him when I had the chance!  So many lives could have been spared.....Oh StarClan what have I done?!  This is all my fault!  Confusion quickly festered into anger, and Leopardclaw didn't stop himself from jumping up and hissing out an infuriated statement.  "And didn't you think, Ashstar, that ThunderClan might want to deliver Rockthorn's punishment?!  He hurt more of us than he ever did you, why should WindClan get to claim glory over the cat who brought ThunderClan so much more pain!?

What?!  Had Pansyface heard that correctly?  Murky eyes suddenly very alert, she tried to re-read Fishstar's words in her mind; No...no that can't be right!  Bouncepaw's.....missing?!  With a sudden intake of breath, the bi-color she-cat silently backed away from the crowd, into the shadows of the trees and bushes.  Once she was safely out of view, the gray and white molly tried to comprehend everything with wide, shock-stricken eyes.  How...how could he be missing?!  Was he taken by whatever took Crowstar?  Oh StarClan no, why!  As the meeting continued as normal, no one knew that there was a silently sobbing she-cat hidden in the undergrowth nearby, mourning the loss of her first, and true, love.

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PostSubject: Re: June's Gathering 2017   

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June's Gathering 2017
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