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 A piece of advice (Philosophy of life)

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PostSubject: A piece of advice (Philosophy of life)   Mon May 29, 2017 9:40 pm

I saw this on a video earlier today, and I wanted to share it, so I decided to translate it from spanish the best I could for you. If I made any mistakes somewhere, plz tell me and I'll try to fix them.

How many of you wake up by obligation every day? At the same hour. Go to study or work at something you don’t like? And you repeat to yourselves again and again “It’s what there is. As long as they pay, better times will come”, but years go by and…they never come.

Come on, let’s put ourselves in the best situation, the dream life that they are selling to us since we are young. We finish our studies with good grades and we find a stable job of 8 hours with a pay that allows you to pay your rent or your rent or mortgage, have you dog, your cat, your giant TV, your car, your cravings, you stuff with your couple…ok, and now? You have…50, 60 years in which….what? You may aspire to have a couple weeks of vacations each year? Save up for when you retire and you can’t enjoy that money because you’re too old for all those things that had to arrive and…now you don’t have the energy for them?

I just can’t. I’m not made for this life they are selling me in which most of the people I know are living dead. Where the only thing that motivate them to get up in the morning are the taxes they have to pay. Then the parents with the “What are you going to be when you’re older? Stop wasting your time, you’ll be able to do whatever you want when you can buy your own stuff. You need to be a profitable person”.

Ok, now you’re an adult. You did everything you were supposed to do to have a good life. And you meet with an old friend that you hadn’t seen in a long time and they ask you “Hey, what’s up? How long! How’s life?” I’m sure you answer without thinking “Studying, working…the same as always”.

So much people feels empty, missing, you have no idea of which path to take. You’re distressed because time goes on and you have to decide if keep studying, which career has most outcomes, and you start to work on whatever to have the future you want, but…what is the future you want? No, not the one they had put inside your head since you were young, but the one YOU want for YOURSELF?

One of the questions I get the most is “What do you don’t know how to do?!” And my answer is always the same “Whatever I still hadn’t decided to learn”.

For one time try to be completely honest with yourself. Which career would you like to have without caring about anything else but what you wish for? Warehouse waiter, cashier of a supermarket or store clerk your whole life? Of course not. Probably you would like to be a singer, writer, athlete, have your own tattoo studio, be the chef of your own restaurant, I don’t know, work traveling across the world…but instead of that you have thousands of ideas and dreams that you never dare to accomplish because of the What will they say?, because your parents want you to do something else…you start making up excuses and more excuses telling yourself “I don’t have the money, I don’t have the means to bring my ideas to life…”, but in reality the same thing that happens to a lot of people happens to you. You’re scared.

Scared of failing.

They say that patience is the mother of all sciences, but I can assure you that time goes on without a care of how patient you are. A lot of people are waiting for their train, but when it arrives they can’t tell if it’s theirs and…they stay at the station, watching as the doors close. Leaving an open wound, the train never came back.

There is a phrase from Rubén Dario that my grandmother with Alzheimer used to tell during her times of clarity that goes “Youth, divine treasure, there you go to never come back. When I want to cry I don’t, and sometimes, I cry without noticing”.

If you have a dream fight for it NOW. Don’t wait for a future you don’t even know if exists, don’t follow the advice of those that try to teach you how to triumph over life when they had failed. Pay attention to the things they did wrong to not make their same mistakes.

Somebody once said “You’ll only achieve your dreams if when the time comes, you know how to stay awake” It makes sense, right? I know by experience that swimming against the tide, there will be a lot of times where you’ll want to throw everything away…but tell me how you really feel when you talk to yourself in front of the mirror and try to lie to your own reflection, putting on that costume of another clone more with too much fear to take those important decisions for your life?

You had never feel weird, awkward, like if you had gotten off the train at the wrong station?

Well, if you feel that this is your train, don’t wait until the doors are closed. If you keep fighting for what you want the alarm within you will sound sooner or later. If you’re afraid to walk, make yourself two wings and learn how to fly and to say goodbye…because you know. You know that the only thing you want is to be free until the day you close your eyes for the last time.

Look inside of you, because only YOU know what you really want. You need to stop waiting for a miracle to happen, because nobody, NOBODY, is going to come knocking at your door.

-Leycang “El Grandioso”

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PostSubject: Re: A piece of advice (Philosophy of life)   Mon May 29, 2017 10:32 pm

Beautiful. I was sitting in my exams today and I honestly just gave up with the last exam, thinking about what I want to do and what this means to me. This is exactly what I was thinking about. Glad you shared this with us <3
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PostSubject: Re: A piece of advice (Philosophy of life)   Tue May 30, 2017 8:53 am

That was deep, this hits so close to home. Thanks for the wake-up call, I needed that:)


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PostSubject: Re: A piece of advice (Philosophy of life)   

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A piece of advice (Philosophy of life)
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