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 Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write

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Wizard Nazi is bae
Wizard Nazi is bae

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PostSubject: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Wed May 10, 2017 8:27 pm

Did you ever want to write a book? Did you ever write good bits and pieces but never the whole thing? This is a topic where you can put every random scenario you've thought of but never had a place to put it. You can even include a timeline if some are connected. Here you can also ask for ideas, such as name suggestions and ways to connect the story further.

My stories take place in a world that can be thought of as a combination of Middle Age fantasy, the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, and various mythological lore. All I've written so far are the incredibly important moments later in the story (like an idiot). And when I mean "later in the story" I mean 20 - 25 years after the story began. Two characters need names as well as the name for the kingdom and the resistance force.

Important Characters:

T+0 means no time has passed since the beginning of the story, while T+1Y/3M/5D/7H means one year, three months, five days, and seven hours have passed since the story began.

Markus and _____ Meet:
Destruction of the Spirit (NEWEST):

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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Wed May 10, 2017 8:29 pm

I started a book called Shortish Story at like 1 am.
Okay we got a nice font
We got a nice size
We got a totally radical outline
It’s 12:37 A.M. I dn’t know if it’s sunday or saturday but IDC


Shoot I forgot her name.

Most recognizable keyboard freakout ever
Asdfghjk;’ and then you’ll just know. Like, ur talking to a friend and they just go asdfghjkl;’ and you’re like ‘Yo they jus thad a freakout let’s flip out too!!!!!1”
And then it’s like everyone’s just going asdjkl;’ and it’s like a party, with those red plastic cups and loud music and party hats and strobe lights.
I don’t care what type of party ur at u need strobe lights it can be a funeral a bday party or a deathday partay but u need strobe lights or ur just sad and lame. WE OUT



So far I've only made it to the intro before giving up:
Accalia sprinted through the forest, the pack at her heels. Dodging the last few trees, she slowed to a jog. Dauphin trotted to her side, with the others following behind at a slower pace. Reaching the cabin, Accalia checked her list again, shifting the basket from her shoulder to her hand. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door and then turned the handle.
“Mrs. O'Callaghan?” She asked cautiously, walking slowly into the small house. It smelled musty, like sickness. Letora began to growl. Accalia put her finger to her lips, lighting the oil lantern hanging on a hook by the door. An elderly lady was in the bed at the back of the cabin. She was dead. Accalia glanced into the basket; she was supposed to deliver food to all the sickly folk in the village. Mrs. O’Callaghan was the third to be found dead.  Sirius nudged his muzzle under her open hand, leading her out of the house. She sighed. The village priest had predicted a blight on the crops, as well as a great sickness, when the villagers had failed to present him with enough offerings for the Gods. He said that he must consume the offerings, so that the Gods could absorb his energy and continue to speak through him.
Her thoughts and her feet carried her back home. She sat on the steps of the small cottage, pondering the world. Dauphin came up beside her and she absently ran her hand through his fur. He, and the other wolves in the pack, had been born into captivity.  They were delivered to Accalia, who ‘Wilded’ them. She had succeeded, for the most part, until she had met those four.


Awesome art of my cats by Jay Bird!

Amazing drawings of Sunpaw by Daddy Derrek!

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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 12:23 am

here's a bit of a book i wrote a few days ago and i am planning on continuing it:

here we go:

“Okay, honey, make sure you stay with your sister. Don’t talk to strangers, and DON’T go into the woods.” Her mother’s voice trilled those words that were firmly seared into her brain: don’t go into the woods. Don’t go into the woods. Don’t go into the woods.

Her brother hopped happily about in his expansive front yard, crushing the golden brown autumn leaves as he frolicked. A teen girl, about 15 or 16 years old, watched with bored droopy eyes, her attention half focused on the boy with the other half on her smartphone. Tap, tap, swipe, sweep through phone and-

“Sis, I wanna go in there!” her brother demanded and her head shot up like an alarmed dog. He was pointing towards the woods - a dark, eerie canopy with winding trees masking the darkness that lay inside.

“Alexander, what did mum say?” She repeated the statement fed to her religiously. “Don’t go into the woods.”

“Sable? Why do they always say that?”

“Do you have a death wish?”

“Death wish?” Time to reword.

“I-It’s dangerous. You can get killed if you go into the woods!” Why did her brother find the shadows and the bloodthirsty creatures so enticing?

“Well, if there are scary things in there, I’ll just have to be like Power-boy and save everyone!” God, she knew she shouldn’t have shown him that show…

“No.” Sable firmly glared at her brother, before returning to her absent-minded scrolling, reassuring herself with the crunches and feet scuffles. Nothing interesting in her feed other than click bait or a person grouching about politics. Lovely.

But before she could lift her head, he was holding the top of the low wooden fence in his sausage-like fingers, lifting himself up over the oak that restricted him from exploring the depths of the woods. Soon, he was over the fence and almost tripping over his own feet as he tottered into the one place he wasn’t allowed to go into.

Oh, god no.

“Alexander! Come back now!” Sable was barking at her brother, panicking. She dropped her phone on a nearby table and quickly stepped over the fence, hurtling after her troublesome brother.

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me likey choro the churro
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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 2:36 am

Oooh yes, I'm glad we have these threads. I often write short little tidbits of stories that I haven't really been bothered to completely do. Here's one:


"Well, no. What do you mean, exactly? She's stuck where?" Worry crossed her face as she spoke. This girl has been a mystery for years, where she was, where she'd show up next…
Marley sighed, exasperated. "You're not getting it, are you? If you want me to put it into the language of human stupidity, well, she only shows up on February 29. You know that, right? Her birthday?" Ana nodded, attempting to look as though she somewhat understood.
"So, she only turns up every four years and acts as though nothing's happened. What if…" The boy began pacing around, a manic grin spreading across his face and his speech speeding up as a realisation came to him.
"-she's only actually living on those days! As in, she skips every day in between! Every day is February 29th to her. She goes to bed, wakes up and bam, it's four years later and she thinks it's just the next day!" He stood with a proud smile on his face.
Ana raised an suspicious eyebrow. "You really think that's possible?"
"My sister and I are proven time-travellers. You're really questioning what's possible?" She had to concede he had a point. At this stage, it wasn't really stretching the boundaries of reality, for her, anyway.
"Well, what's causing it?" she asked. "And how are you so sure?"
"Don't know. We'll just have to find out, I guess." He shrugged as if it was nothing, much to Ana's horror.

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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 2:17 pm

I just made a warriors fanfic/AU cause I was bored, and decided "hey, this is actually pretty good.". There are four clans, and instead of all their ancestors sharing the same sky, each clan has their own StarClan, or LightClan as they call it. So leaders have the name "light" instead of "star"


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 4:08 pm

A few of you might be aware that I've already written a book before but I might as well tease you with my other plans.

A Town Called Nightingale series
I've already written the first book [A Town Called Nightingale] of this six booked series (and gotten it published) and I have a good bit of the second book [The Aescula Flower] written (the book is entirely planned out however). But I might as well tease you will a small piece of the third book [Downed Feathers] I random wrote. This scene was entirely fluff, something I had written on my phone randomly but does have slight (very minor) character spoilers from the first book.

...I really need to go back on working on this series.


The Crimson Sail
A series I have plans for but is very much a work in progress (six ideas for books planned but more will happen as the main plot has barely been touched in those books with none fully planned out) but I do have a random piece of the...Fourth book written that I am willing to share. Its not completely finished, a piece in the middle missing.


Voltron Warrior AU
Something I was working on - still a work in progress but I did write up a small scene that takes place during the first episode. Not much to say about this, its Voltron but they are in the warrior universe. Each a member of a different Clan and whatnot.

Shiro and Keith are from ShadowClan (Named Whitecloud and Shadeclaw)
Lance is from RiverClan (Larchstream)
Hunk is from ThunderClan (Boulderheart)
Pidge is from WindClan (Patchleaf)

This scene isn't finished, the middle part of it missing and kinda cuts off at the end. Going to finish it at some point hopefully - got the rest of the scene more or less planned out. Also minor character spoilers.


I have a lot more of randomly written stories laying around but I am not keen on digging through my Google Drive to look for them so this is what you got for now. Besides, the rest of it is mostly fanfics and whatnot.


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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 4:24 pm

okay I have a whole lot of these but all of them are too horrible to share ;;



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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 4:38 pm

Here it is:
Main characters:

I  fingered through the pages of the final spellbook, but I had already basically given up hope. My eyes scanned every page, looking for the cure. As I continued to speed read, the tiny spark of hope in me died. I was out of luck, I was going to die. For a moment that thought filled me with uncontrollable rage. My life’s work was for nothing! I saved humanity, and nobody would ever thank me! I wasn’t Dustin the savior, I was just plain Dustin. And now I would die as plain old Dustin. I sighed and closed the book. I would have to spread my magic to my children. That would be easy enough.
I whispered the spell that I knew so well I could say it without looking at the book, and it began to work. Now everyone would have false memories of a tradition that had never existed. The first time I had done this was to save humanity, and this was to save magic. Thanks to me, no one knew of the apocalypse. Nobody knew we were the last humans on Earth. Everybody had memories that I had given them of things that never happened, and it had saved them. Now hopefully, this would save them again.
“There is a tradition. When a parent dies, their children will each eat one of their fingers to honor them. This must be done, or it is believed the family will be cursed.” There, now my children would get my magic when I died. It is a sad fact that cannibalism is the only way to give your magic to someone, but it was true. All people would live in peace, preserved by my children in a lulling calm, and would never know of the terrors that they once faced. It was for their own good. My only regret was that I wouldn’t be around to mentor them, but i would watch them from wherever we go when we die.


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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   Thu May 11, 2017 7:02 pm

*swoops in* Did someone say writing that you're probably not gonna finish? Well, here ya go then! Two of three years ago, I was an active Wattpad author. I had started writing a Phantom of the Opera Fan-fiction, but left it alone...till now:3 I've been thinking about continuing to write it if I can get out of writer's block. Please note it does have LGBTPQ elements to it, as I do personally like to explore that catagory as a writer. Enjoy!

The Phantom: Cover

The Phantom: Backcover

The Phantom of the Opera thought it was all over when he lost Christine. The once-beautiful opera house was slowly rotting away, the remains of the devestating fire only serving to make him relieve painful memories that became phantoms of their own. But, two years later, the Phatom finds his beloved opera house being rebuilt by a new owner. Restored to its former glory, with it came the arrival of something he never dared to imagine.

Prologue [Part 1]: The Phantom's Grief


Prologue [Part 2]: The Phantom's Resolution

Prologue 2:

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Opera House Populiare

Chapter 1:


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PostSubject: Re: Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write   

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Excerpts From Book You'll Never Write
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