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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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PostSubject: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:48 pm

So, on WCC, we get a lot of mate pairings. Some are born of circumstance, some born of coincidence, and some pairings are straight from the Parent and Mate Finder. However, whichever way they're created, many couples have epic love stories, heart-breaking forbidden romances, broken families, or adorable tales of happily ever after. Some are tragedies, some are comedies, most are regular romances. All are unique. Let's talk about our WCC OTP.

[b]Ship name:[/b] combine the cats' names in a rememberable way (i.e. Otterwater for Otterleap/Shellwater)
[b]She-cat name:[/b]
[b]Tom name:[/b]
[b]Reason they're your OTP:[/b]
[b]Defining/Best Topics:[/b]

Ship name: Honeyflame
She-cat name: Honeydrop
Personality: A kind, sweet, loving she-cat who's been through a lot. Physically, emotionally and mentally scarred.
Tom name: Flamestrike
Personality: Flame is hard-working, loyal and dedicated. Typically he is quiet and just takes crap from other people. However, he has a lot of internal turmoil about his past and origins and under enough pressure will snap.
Reason they're your OTP: These two babs share a lot of PTSD and both deserve some happiness. I usually hate forbidden relationships, but this one wasn't planned. It's so adorable I just couldn't help it ^^
Kits?: Not yet, but soon!
Defining/Best Topics: The Final Showdown


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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:01 pm

Ship name: Smokeshade
She-cat name: Goatshade
Personality: sweet, caring, loving
Tom name: Smokepelt
Personality: quiet, stoic, blunt, prideful, angry/lost/confused
Reason they're your OTP: sweet gal and angry/lost guy is the cutest thing <3
Kits?: N/A (yet)
Defining/Best Topics:
Practice makes perfect
A wild Goat appeared!
I'm right here, I still love you
Love confession topic will be made soon, I will add it then.

~ Ice Ice Baby

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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:08 pm

Ship name: Eaglegaze (aka AdderEagle)
She-cat name: Addergaze
Personality: Loud, argumentative, incredibly sassy, and rarely actually warm
Tom name: Eagleheart
Personality: Die-hard Skyclan loyalist, immensely proud, prickly at times, secret cuddle king
Reason they're your OTP: cause the chemistry between them is better than anything I've had with a real person haaa
Kits?: Breezekit, Aspenkit, & Thrushkit
Defining/Best Topics:
A Lot Can Change

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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:26 pm

Ship name: Bouncey (BouncePansy)
She-cat name: Pansyface
Personality: Sassy and sarcastic, adventurous, kind-hearted, loyal, confident
Tom name: Bouncepaw (step)
Personality: Shy, quiet, extremely sweet, self-conscious, precious cinnamon roll <3
Reason they're your OTP: Their chemistry together is amazing, and they are just the sweetest things :D
Kits?: None (YET)
Defining/Best Topics:
Can The Flower Float
If We're Sinners Than It Feels Like Heaven to Me
You Will Always Be my Hero


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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:34 pm

Ship name: Leppie (leopard&magpie)
She-cat name: Magpiewing
Personality: Serious and stoic at times, but perfectly capable of being cheerful when it's needed or appropriate. Loyal, reliable, and very resourceful.
Tom name: Leopardstar
Personality: Emotionally repressed and rational at all times, except for his worst days. Tries to be cordial with strangers and a guardian of his clanmates. A commanding leader with no time for disrespect.
Reason they're your OTP: They've both gone through a lot for their clan and lost a bunch of family members plus their mates. They've got each other's backs 4 lyf. The bromance is so strong it might as well be real.
Kits?: B]
Defining/Best Topics: Scrumptious Prey for All
I'm Home
ShadowClan's Deputy
plus some bonus Lush (leopard&thrush) ;D

(on a serious note, this topic pretty much says all it needs to about my real otp)


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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:39 pm

Ship name: Blackcloud
She-cat name: Maplecloud
Personality: Determined, keen, friendly, independent
Tom name: Blacktwig
Personality: Reserved, straightforward, troubled, fair-minded
Reason they're your OTP: Because in a time of need, Maplecloud assisted Blacktwig when it seemed no one else would. Their relationship took time to develop, and you can see that they both care about each other. (And Maplecloud brings out Blacktwig's well-hidden shy side <3)
Kits?: Not yet
Defining/Best Topics: April Gathering 2017
Blue Skies and Green Grass
The Greatest Feeling of All~


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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:02 pm

Ship name: TwistedWillow
She-cat name: Twistedtail
Personality Friendly, easy to impress, observant, clumsy, bossy, and along with being easily impressed, she is also easily worried
Tom name: Shadewillow
Personality:  loud, arrogant, curious, playful, confidentwitty, empathetic, ambitious, hot-headed, proud,  drivendevoted, slightly closed-minded, fiercely defensive of his half Clan origins, resourceful and dedicated to his clan.
Reason they're your OTP: They both grew up never knowing one of their parents, which drove them close even though their romance was forbidden. They are also ridiculously adorable together. They also had that Opposites Attract fling
Kits?: Heatherpaw and Echopaw
Defining/Best Topics:
We Meet Again

Call It Fate

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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:58 pm

move it, children. old lady coming through

Old Canon

Ship name: Ebwhiska /gangsign.
She-cat name: Ebonyroot
Personality: Sweet, sassy, overly-giving, motherly, medicine cat. Digs younger men.
Tom name: Icewhisker
Personality: Caring, loving, best dad in the world, has worst dad in the world. Too precious for this world.
Reason they're your OTP: Cutest couple. Much drama. Very sweet. Got a badger out of the deal. Needs redoing. Best Romance 2k11.
Kits?: Badgerfang, Sparrowflight, Pantherclaw, Mothpaw
Defining/Best Topics:http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t7296p15-icepaw-s-medicine-cat-ceremony

New Canon

Ship name: Reed's Triggering
She-cat name: Froststar
Personality: Elegant, Sassy, Smart, driving all the Trees wild.
Tom name: Sagestar
Personality: Stubborn, Brave, Loyal, probably doesn't deserve Frost-chan.
Reason they're your OTP: New Canon's first forbidden romance. uwu They always have eachother's backs, even if they from different clans. Would def die for eachother. (Although I guess that's easier to do when you both got nine lives)
Kits?: Cloudbillow, Mistflower
Defining/Best Topics:http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t13821-we-re-secretly-meeting-in-this-barn-because-we-re-preparing-battle-plans-yeah-that


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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   Tue Apr 25, 2017 2:38 am

Ship name: Blackmoss
She-cat name: Mossfoot
Personality: Cheery, absent minded and a bit of a dreamer who often doesn't think things through.
Tom name: Blacktwig
Personality: Reserved, straightforward, troubled, fair-minded
Reason they're your OTP: because SCANDAL Because they were awesome friends and had much cute fluff together - and then Twistedtail happened and the drama and feels went up to 100. They're not technically mates but they have a daughter because plot and THIS IS END GAME PEOPLE. Also, they've got the whole opposites attract thing down pat.
Kits?: Twistedtail - yes, drama ensued.
Defining/Best Topics:
http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t24694-contemplation-on-the-rock-closed-for-dimmeh (all the shipping)
http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t26809-meet-the-family-closed (legit a soap opera)


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PostSubject: Re: Your WCC OTP   

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