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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Blood Purity Survey

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PostBlood Purity Survey

Collecting data on all living characters as of APRIL 11, 2017. Please do not include any characters dead before this date or born after this date. Participation is not required, but encouraged. Include all your characters if you can. Results will be published when a large enough sample is collected.

How heritage is determined
Even if you are born and bred in your Clan, with parents born and bred in your Clan, that doesn't necessarily make you pure-blooded. Below, we explain some stipulations.
Clan jumpers
[example] Squirreltail, a pure-blood ThunderClan warrior, leaves ThunderClan to join her mate in RiverClan. Her mate is Minnowstripe, a pure-blood RiverClan warrior. They settle down and have kits. Their kits are considered half ThunderClan and half RiverClan. It does not matter that both parents now live in the same Clan—this is still considered crossbreeding.
[example] Toadstep, a pure-blood ShadowClan warrior, is exiled from ShadowClan and begins life as a rogue. He has kits with a kittypet named Miss Flufflekins III. Their kits are considered half ShadowClan and half kittypet. It does not matter that Toadstep is now a rogue—he is still considered a pure-blood ShadowClan cat.
[example] Harefang was part of a rogue litter abandoned in the moor as a kit. He was found by a WindClan patrol, adopted by a WindClan queen, and raised as a WindClan warrior. He has spent his entire life, as long as he can remember, as a WindClan cat. Harefang is still considered a full rogue for all intents and purposes.
SkyClan was driven to near-extinction many generations ago, whereupon they disappeared from the forest. Silentstar, the last of SkyClan, left her kit (Lavenderheart) to be raised in WindClan. Lavenderheart had kits of her own, continuing SkyClan's bloodline. Silentstar later returned to the forest, having rebuilt SkyClan from a group of rogues, loners, and kittypets, and had another kit, Silverstorm, who also had kits of his own.

This means there is no such thing as a true pure-blood SkyClan cat... at least, in these territories. While true SkyClan blood still lingers, it has been heavily mixed with outsiders, otherwise it would've died out. If you are, for all intents and purposes, a "pure-blood" SkyClan cat, list yourself as tainted blood.

Blood classification
Pure blood
Your bloodline is untainted by outsiders. You can track your family tree back to its roots without finding any trace of rogue, kittypet, loner, or rival Clan ancestry. You and all your forebears have all belonged to the same Clan as long as anybody can remember. If you're unsure of your complete family tree, if all four grandparents are listed as pure blooded, then this is likely the case for you.
Tainted blood
Somewhere down the line, more than four generations back, a direct ancestor crossbred with an outsider. The impurity lingers in your bloodline, but is far removed from the current you. If you are only 1/16 "impure" or less, then you belong to this class.
Mixed blood
There has been crossbreeding in your recent family history. If any of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents bred with an outsider, then you are considered mixed blood.
Outsider blood
You are a rogue, kittypet, or loner, with not a drop of Clan blood in your veins. In a sense, you're pure-blooded in your own way.

Here's the template
[b]Clan:[/b] (include birth Clan as well if different from current Clan)
[b]Mother:[/b] (include purity and Clan)
[b]Father:[/b] (include purity and Clan)

Name: Yewkit
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t27288-yewkit-of-shadowclan
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Ravenclaw of ShadowClan (tainted blood)
Father: Sleetfang of RiverClan (pure blood)
Class: Mixed blood

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Blood Purity Survey :: Comments

Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:07 pm by Ice
Kinda don't know if some of these are right... have fun!

Name: Cedarfur
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t19400-cedarkit-s-creation
Clan: WindClan
Mother: Pebblelight (mixed WC)
Father: Unknown NPC
Class: Tainted

Name: Smokepelt
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t19548-smokekit-pelt
Clan: WindClan
Mother: Ashstar (pure SC)
Father: Icestorm (tainted WC)
Class: Mixed

Name: Kindleblaze
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t26326-kindlekit-of-windclan
Clan: Rouge, was WindClan
Mother: Hazefur (outsider)
Father: Smokepelt (mixed WC)
Class: Mixed

Name: Ryecloud
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t26596-ryekit-of-windclan
Clan: WindClan
Mother: Hazefur (outsider)
Father: Smokepelt (mixed WC)
Class: Mixed

Name: Mudfoot
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t20322-mudkit-of-shadowclan
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Flowerpetal (pure SC)
Father: Leafstone (pure SC)
Class: Pure

Name: Tinylegs
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23121-tinykit-s-creation
Clan: SkyClan
Mother: Snowstorm (tainted SkC)
Father: Crowstar (tainted SkC)
Class: Tainted
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:21 pm by Leaffeather
Mother:Mossfoot(Adoptive Mother, Half Thunderclan and Half Skyclan...was saved by her when abandoned) NPC [Birth, Pure Thunderclan]
Father:NPC [Birth, Half Windclan and Half Thunderclan]
Class:Mixed Blood

Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:43 am by Sun
Name: Leopardstar
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t18876-leopardkit-of-shadowclan
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: NPC [pure, ShadowClan]
Father: NPC [pure, ShadowClan]
Class: Pure Blood

Name: Mousefang
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23135-mousekit-s-creation#309309
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Tigerflower [pure, ShadowClan]
Father: Kestrelstorm [mixed, WindClan]
Class: Mixed Blood
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:30 pm by Silent Night
Name: Darkstar
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t19394-darkkit-is-here-again
Clan: Thunderclan
Mother: Specklefur [Pure Thunderclan]
Father: Foxfang [Mixed Thunderclan]
Class: Mixed

Name: Cloudstone
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t22528-cloudkit-s-creation
Clan: Riverclan
Mother: Acornheather [Pure (aka Tainted) Skyclan]
Father: Gorsefeather [Mixed Windclan]
Class: Mixed

Name: Spiderfur
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t20764-spider-s-creation
Clan: Windclan
Mother: Leafsnap [Pure Windclan]
Father: Cedarfur [Mixed Windclan]
Class: Tainted

Name: Pineeye
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t20981-pinekit-skyclan
Clan: Skyclan
Mother: Dustface [Pure Skyclan NPC]
Father: Stagpelt [Pure Skyclan NPC]
Class: Tainted

Name: Scorch
Creation:http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t16221-the-rise-of-skyclan Sort of, he was one of the first Skyclan cats to resettle, so he has no official creation.
Clan: Rouge, Skyclan, Rogue again
Mother: Harriet [Pure Rogue NPC]
Father: Georgie [Pure Rogue NPC]
Class: Outsider

By the way, everyone who posted here was added to the WCC Tree! Take a look if you're interested. PM me if there are any mistakes.
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:56 pm by Sunlit
Name: Littlebrook
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23546-littlekit-of-shadowclan?highlight=Littlekit
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Robinflight [SkyClan, Mixed]
Father: Briarheart [ShadowClan, Pure]
Class: Mixed Blood

Name: Silentstorm
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t25866-silentkit-of-shadowclan
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Littlebrook [ShadowClan, Mixed]
Father: Lightningstrike [SkyClan (born ShadowClan), Tainted]
Class: Mixed Blood

Name: Sandybreeze
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t24704-sandykit-of-windclan?highlight=Sandykit
Clan: WindClan
Mother: NPC [WindClan, Pure]
Father: NPC [WindClan, Pure]
Class: Pure Blood

Name: Fawnsplash
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23851-fawnkit-of-skyclan?highlight=Fawnkit
Clan: SkyClan (Born in RiverClan)
Mother: Honeyblossom [RiverClan, Mixed]
Father: Nightsong [RiverClan, Pure]
Class: Tainted Blood

Name: Willowkit
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t27338-willowbreeze-reincarated
Clan: RiverClan
Mother: Tawnystorm [RiverClan, Mixed]
Father: Frogjaw [RiverClan, Pure]
Class: Tainted Blood
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:24 pm by RainyHeart
Name: Pansyface
Creation: Pansy's Creation
Clan: SkyClan
Mother: Moonlight (SkyClan, Mixed)
Father: Tinylegs (SkyClan, Pure(Tainted)
Class: Mixed

Name: Leopardclaw
Creation: Leopard's Creation
Clan: ThunderClan (Born Rogue)
Mother: Unknown Rogue (NPC, Pure Rogue)
Father: Unknown Rogue (NPC, Pure Rogue)
Class: Pure Outsider

Name: Finchpaw
Creation: Finch's Creation
Clan: RiverClan
Mother: Fallowstripe (RiverClan, Pure)
Father: Fracturedhawk (RiverClan, Mixed)
Class: Mixed

Name: Ryepaw
Creation: Rye's Creation
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Dovesong (ShadowClan, Pure NPC)
Father: Shadewillow (ShadowClan, Mixed)
Class: Mixed

Name: Laurelpaw
Creation: Laurel's Creation
Clan: WindClan
Mother: Quailfeather (WindClan, Mixed)
Father: Silentstrike (WindClan, Pure)
Class: Mixed

Look at all these mixed kiddos
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:49 pm by Ink Demon
Name: Blizzardshine
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23171-blizzardkit
Clan: ThunderClan
Mother: Gentlenose (Mixed ThunderClan)
Father: Jaysong (Mixed SkyClan)
Class: Mixed Blood

Name: Moonlight
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23188-moonkit-of-skyclan
Clan: SkyClan (Born in ThunderClan)
Mother: Tulipheart (Mixed ThunderClan)
Father: Thistlelight (PureThunderClan)
Class: Mixed Blood

Name: Nightheart
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23385-nightkit-of-windclan
Clan: WindClan
Mother: Breezeheart (Pure WindClan)
Father: Cedarfur (Mixed WindClan)
Class: Mixed Blood

Name: Sootwhisper
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23229-sootkit-of-riverclan
Clan: RiverClan
Mother: Ivyfall (Mixed RiverClan)
Father: Badgereye[NPC] (Pure RiverClan)
Class: Mixed Blood

Name: Hawkstrike
Creation: http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t23225-owlkit-for-shadowclan
Clan: SkyClan (Born in ShadowClan)
Mother: Mossheart (Tainted ShadowClan)
Father: Mudfoot (Pure ShadowClan)
Class: Tainted Blood
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:53 pm by Xx_iTz-SkYe_xX
Mother:NPC (Pure ThunderClan blood)
Father:NPC (Pure ThunderClan blood)
Class:Pure Blood
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:31 am by Bunny
Name: Lynxpaw
Creation: (will edit in a sec)
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Dovesong (ShadowClan, Pure NPC)
Father: Shadewillow (ShadowClan, Mixed)
Class: Mixed

Name: Venompaw
Creation: Will edit in a sec
Clan: ShadowClan
Mother: Pure Shadowclan NPC
Father: Pure Shadowclan NPC
Class: Pure blood

Name: Echopaw
Creation: Will edit in a sec
Clan: Windclan
Mother: Twistedtail, previously Thunderclan now Windclan. Mixed/tainted blood
Father: Shadewillow. ShadowClan, Mixed
Class: Mixed

My other cats will take more time so I'll come back and edit when I've tracked them down
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:13 pm by Sleepy
The survey is CLOSED. Thank you for your participation.

Results will be published soon.
Re: Blood Purity Survey
Post  by Sponsored content

Blood Purity Survey

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