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 March Gathering 2017

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Flower King

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PostSubject: March Gathering 2017   Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:51 pm

The full moon sat high in the sky, the trees and other plants sat still as no wind blew through the clan territories. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, allowing Silverpelt to show of all the stars that filled the sky. With this full moon, new leaf grew closer, which meant more prey and warmer weather, but for now it was still a bit cold. Soon the area would be filling with many cats as the gathering was about to take place.

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:27 pm

Ashstar padded into the Gathering, inhaling the familiar scent with a slight smile. WindClan flooded in behind her, a larger number than she could remember since before the Dark Forest invasion. The stars glittered welcomingly above, and the full moon shone benevolently as she leapt onto the Great Rock. WindClan was the first Clan there again.


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:30 pm

Padding into the clearing with his mother, Smokepelt made his way to the tree and sat down bellow it, watching as cats slowly fitered into the gathering area. After the recent tragedy from the dog fight, the deputy was surprised that his mother was still able to lead the clan to Fourtrees, but none the less, he was glad that she was alright and kept strong.


Following close behind their father, Kindleblaze and Ryecloud padded into the clearing and sat down near the center, glad that they were able to get a good seat, unlike the clans that usually arrived a little later. The tall, lean she-cat made sure to stick close to her younger brother, knowing that he wasn't a big fan of large crowds, and Ryecloud didn't budge, even though he was a warrior. Might as well hang around Kindleblaze since he didn't have anything better to do.

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:50 pm

Mossfoot quietly padded into Fourtress, staying near the back of the group. First ones here, eh?

(Shortness. I'm lazy.)

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:22 am

Beetlepaw followed in with WindClan, and the emptiness of the clearing almost made him feel uncomfortable. He was used with their Clan usually showing up first, he didn't know why he was so weary at that moment. He took in the sight of the starry sky and calmed his nerves with the feeling of ancient StarClan flowing all around him, making his paws light and giving him courage. He was used with being mostly lonely. Cindercloud wasn't much around for him to learn, but he was okay with it that thought, now that he had grown out of being a small kit mewling for all that he had lost. The medicine cat made his way to the empty roots, waiting for the other medicine cats.


Jayfall followed Mossfoot, looking around through the empty Fourtrees. WindClan was acustomed to being the first one to arrive, and nothing held them back to accomplishing that most of the time. The gray she-cat sat down with the former ThunderClan she-cat.

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:04 pm

Willowwhisker padded into the gathering, her head hanging low as always. She sat on a small patch of grass that was peeking through the small bit of slush that was still there.

Silentstrike padded into fourtrees, filled with pride and joy at the fact that Quailfeather was gonna have kits. Every cat could tell by looking st him that something amazing had happened, but he didn't care.

Gustpuddle filed in slowly behind Windclan, happy to be able to attend another gathering.


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:11 pm

OOC: okay so to prevent paradoxes since I didn't think the gathering through and Leo is not done with his ceremony, this is happening before Thrush retires. So he will be leading Shadowclan for the last time ;w;

Next in the gathering was Thrushstar, padding in looking weary and just... done. He didn't look the least bit interested but he tried to cover it up with his head held high as he hunched up to leap into the rock. it was a struggle but he made it, looking down at the gathered cats and then dipping his head to Ashstar.


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:22 pm

Ryepaw trotted in behind Thrushstar, having run up ahead of the group. This was his first Gathering, and the young tom was overflowing with excitement. Looking around, he took in the sights for a moment before launching himself down into the clearing. Purring loudly, he looked around for someone to talk to. He saw another apprentice-aged cat sitting near the base of the leader's rock, and trotted over to greet him.

"Hello! I'm Ryepaw of ShadowClan, what's your name?" Sitting down in front of the tom, Ryepaw tipped his head curiously as he waited for a response. From the tom's scent it was obvious he hailed from WindClan, but the strong scent of herbs sparked the pale ginger tom's interest. Is he a medicine cat?


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:08 pm

Twistedtail padded into Fourtrees from the back of the Windclan group. Her head hang low, and her tail trailed through the thinning snow. The death of her new mate Sprucethorn still weighed down on her, and all she could think of was telling the news to Rippedsky. Now that Sprucethorn was dead, he was the only close friend she had left. Sitting down under one of the great oaks, the leaves already budding like large green seeds she waited grimly for Skyclan. What would he think, she wondered, would he yell at me for not saving him in time? Would he cry like I did? What if he was actually the one behind his murder? As soon as she thought it, she tucked it away at the back of her mind. No, he won't ever just kill one of us. We played together in the nursery and never had a single disagreement.


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:33 pm

Blizzardshine padded towards the clearing, leading her clan. Darkstar hadn’t been able to come thanks to her returning sickness, which was starting to sincerely worry the clan. However, that wasn’t the only thing in the deputy’s mind at the time…

For the first time in her whole life, the white deputy’s expression was serious instead of calm or cheerful, and her eyes shone with a mix of frustration, anger and worry instead of holding their usual gentle gaze. The news of the rogue group had to be discussed this night with or without Darkstar present, something like this couldn’t simply wait…letting it sit there and collect dust could only lead to more cats being kidnaped, or worse, killed.

Without stopping to talk with any cat present, something just as unusual in her as her hardened expression, she climbed onto the Great Rock before looking at the two leaders, greeting them with unusual tension in her voice “Greetings…”.


Nightheart padded into the clearing behind her leader, glad to be the first clan that arrived into the clearing. Even if she still was far from being back to her usual self, the grief and feelings of betrayal were finally started to retreat slowly but surely, allowing her to carry on with her life and even sleep a bit more thanks to the occasional nights without nightmares.
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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:36 pm

Darkpaw walked alongside her clan-mates, especially, Blackpaw, his former sister, when they got in the Fourtrees, Windclan was already there, a grunt rose her throat, she imagined that they have called them fox-hearted or something else, she sat down and gave a nod of greeting to Ryepaw then sat down with Blackpaw, not wanting to talk with him.


Blackpaw walked next to Darkpaw and his clan-amtes until, they reached into the Foutrees, she knew that Darkpaw, felt something for Ryepaw, but she didn't tell anything to him or anybody else, she sat, right next to Darkpaw, awaiting for Thunderclan, Riverclan and Skyclan.


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:03 pm

OOC: sorry for the confusion folks

IC: Leopardfang trotted along with Shadowclan, watching over his clanmates carefully as they spread apart. It was just them and Windclan. Taking his regular deputy's spot beneath the Great Rock, the spotted tom let out a sigh. This was the first gathering without Shimmerheart. He wrapped his tail around his paws. Hopefully this gathering would hurry up and end already.

Mousefang strolled into the clearing, taking a seat near the back and surveying all the Windclan cats in the clearing. He hated the whole lot of them, and his nose scrunched up in disgust at their scent.

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:20 pm

Littlebrook and Silentstorm padded into Fourtrees behind Thrushstar and sat down to wait for the gathering to begin.

Sandybreeze padded into fourtrees behind Ashstar

(shortness; I'm a lazy bum)

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:08 pm

//Since I don't think Brier is allowed to be here after what he pulled, and I'm not sure if Fallen is allowed or not- maybe she sneaks in and this is when she comes back to the SC camp? -I'm just going to rp Sootpaw and see what happens x'D
Also, if there's a list somewhere of cats allowed to go to the gathering, I didn't see it, so PM me if my cats aren't on it and I'll delete this ^^'//

Sootpaw padded in after her clanmates, the grey dappled WindClan apprentice staring around her in awe. She'd never seen this many cats in her life! Shivering from her nose to tail-tip in excitement, the little she-cat flicked an ear at her mentor, Gustpuddle, and padded off to find some apprentices from the other clans.


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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:59 pm

Flamestrike's fur prickled with uncertainty as he came in with the rest of Shadowclan. Since Wolffang's exile and Honeydrop's disappearance he had been on edge. The flame orange tom wondered if the other clans had been dealing with rogue problems. Either way, he assumed this would be an interesting gathering. With a soft sigh he settled down near the edge of the clearing.

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PostSubject: Re: March Gathering 2017   

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March Gathering 2017
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