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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 The WCC News ~ Vol. II

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PostSubject: The WCC News ~ Vol. II   Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:11 am

by Bun, with the help of Bunny and Ash

21st Febraury, Tuesday - Waning Gibous, 35%
The weather is getting warmer as snow slowly melts of the muddy ground!

Quote: "What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen? Snowballs." ~ by Maple

Presented by Bunny

Clan Events
What interesting events have occurred across the 5 clans in this past week? Some of them you've probably heard of, however I'm willing to bet that some of this comes as fresh news to you. Be sure to stay updated on what's happening in other clans, keep your friends close but (potential) enemies closer

ln the past week, Thunderclan has had it's fair share of drama, but one key event stuck out. Grasswhisker, one of Thunderclan's queens, died during the birth of Cinderkit. A tragic occurrence, she'll be greatly missed, but Cinderkit will grow up and hopefully, knowing that he mother loved her even if she could not be there physically for her, rest in peace Grasswhisker

Riverclan has had a relatively peaceful week, with nothing too significant occuring. There will however be drama as Nutkit was just born, and something tells me this kit will bring trouble to the clan in future times

One of the most significant events of the past week, for Shadowclan, has been Finchkit's discovery of crowfood on the fresh kill pile. Of course, the troublemaking kit decided it necessary to bring the leader into it and needless to say, he wasn't all that happy about it

And let's not forget the first meeting of Ambernose and Night, the two cats are already planning to meet again soon, so there'll surely be some trouble involving these two in future

For Windclan, this past week has been a time for celebration and joy. Deerpaw, the apprentice who went missing moons ago, has returned to find her clan mates eager to see her again. We hope she will continue to train hard and someday make an exellent warrior of her clan. Welcome home Deerpaw

Finally, Skyclan's not been dull either. In camp, Breezewhisker finally snapped and a full showdown is going on between him and Rippedsky. It's got to be said, it was a long time coming. But this fight caused them to lose a good warrior, and it may have split Skyclan in two, even if cats refuse to verbally address it there will always be that tear in the clan.

Gathering Events
Of course, one of the biggest events of the last week is this moons Gathering. This one in particular was shocking, due to the sudden outburst from Wolfpaw. The apprentice, angered by some flirting shown by Skyclan warrior Owltalon, lashed out and scratched him across the face. Starclan, angered by the occurence, darkened the moon and this caused the gathering to be ended early for fear of further angering the stars. This could take a great toll on Shadowclan's already weakened leader, how does Thrushstar plan on solving this issue? And just who needs to become involved to keep Wolfpaw under control? The apprentice will surely be punished for the occurrence, not just by her leader but her fellow clan mates as well. She brought shame to her clan, and it's almost certain this won't be the only incident involving the strong, cross-clan cat


Weekly Census

Forbidden Romances
Although we all know that the warrior code should be first priority in all our lives, the number of cats disregarding it for their own joy is increasing. At present, there are at least 5 forbidden romances occurring or planned, these would be:
Bounce x Pansy
Owl x Venom
Dune x Midnight
Ember x Shade
Night x Amber

For the sake of convenience only prefixes have been used
Disclaimer: This is only approved Forbidden Romances

New Kits
Since our last edition, a total of 16 new kits have been born across the various clans. Welcome to:
Sparkkit of Riverclan
Orchidkit of Riverclan
Elmkit of Riverclan
Breezekit of Windclan (In need of parents)
Crowkit of Thunderclan
Willowkit of Riverclan
Hawkkit (Diesel) of Thunderclan
Frozenkit of Thunderclan (Looking for future mate)
Berrykit of Riverclan
Goldenkit of Shadowclan
Snowkit of Riverclan
Flutteringkit of Thunderclan (In need of parents)
Pinekit of Shadowclan
Jaykit of Riverclan
Briarkit of Skyclan
Mosskit of Thunderclan (In need of parents)
Softkit of Thunderclan
Rapidkit of Thunderclan
Fog of Windclan

Congratulations to Riverclan, who have the most kits born this week!

Disclaimer: This does not take into account birth topics or unapproved applications, these are only cats who have applied and been approved by an admin

New Apprentices
Well, congratulations to:


on your apprenticeships!

Disclaimer: This is only kits who's apprentice names were given since the last edition of WCC News, not those who's ceremonies were begun but have not yet been completed

New Warriors
Congratulations to:


on becoming true warriors of your clans

Disclaimer: Once again, done by the same rules as the apprentices

**All figures as of the 16th of February 2017**

Check out this interview with Sleepy, taken by Ash:
How is being an admin different than being a moderator?
On the face of it, not that different. You're still doing all the same things you were doing as a mod, like approving creations, stalking topics, and screwing up Site Cats. But once you become admin you fall into a position where you're calling the shots. Suddenly everyone's asking you for permission and you get to mold the site how you see fit. You have power over basically everything, which means you're ultimately responsible for... basically everything. So there's that pressure too.

As far as the little things go, a lot of people stop treating you as just another member. You stop making as many friends because a lot of people treat you as an authority figure, like a teacher or something. Some people are chill and normal, other people worship the ground you walk on or put on the "I AM NOT WORTHY" act, which gets weird. There's some nuthugging punks who'll suck up to you because they think they're scoring brownie points, and that's worse. Not to say that everyone treats you different, or even that most people necessarily treat you different. But things do get different.

How long have you been an admin? And how long have you been on WCC, for that matter?
Jay and Rain promoted me to admin during the reboot process back in August 2012. Which still feels like yesterday to me, because I'm an old geezer like that. I still think of myself as the 'new' admin and I still, despite myself, treat New Canon like it's a couple months old. New Canon's been going on longer than Old Canon at this point, but I digress. I was made a moderator alongside the always wonderful and much more qualified Shadow back in March 2012 (and I could've sworn that I'd been mod longer than that but apparently not).

I joined WCC in October 2009 when I was ten. Out of the almost four thousand people that have made accounts here over the past eight or so years, I'm number one-oh-three. Being eighteen, that means I've basically spent all my adolescent years here. :''') It's kinda scary to think about. A couple more years and I'll have spent half my life on WCC. Oh god...

This place is a prison. Escape while you can.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
Nowadays? Not much. I've taken a step back to let Roo and the mods do their thing without me meddling in all their decision making. Here, and in staff chat, I basically just chip in advice and opinions for whatever decisions or issues are cropping up. There's a few things I'd do differently if I was still head honcho, but I don't think it'd be fair if I asserted myself where my view's not wanted (or relevant). I passed the torch. It's like hot potato except with crushing responsibility. One day Roo will wither and die and it'll be Sun and Shad or something handling it all while we cheer from the sidelines.

I do stuff still, just not nearly on the same scale as I used to.

If you wanna harken back to ye olden days when I wasn't as old and grumpy, it was a lot of stuff that I had to get done myself. For a long time I was the most active person in the universe. Updating Site Cats, yelling at people, all that fun stuff, that was me. I overhauled the rules like twice. Made way too many announcements about probably unimportant things. It was a fiasco.

Do you enjoy your job and your godlike powers?
That's a bit of a tricky question. It's nice and it has its perks, and at this point in time I'd rather be admin than not be admin, but I don't really revel in my power or authority or anything like that. You're volunteering your own time, ostensibly, to help everyone else have fun. So it's kinda self-sacrificial in a way, even with all the little benefits. Or at least, it should be self-sacrificial. I think wanting to be admin for the sake of being admin is kinda egomaniacal, which is why I don't trust anyone that openly promotes themselves for the title. Those are the kind of people who just want power over others. Sounds kinda heavy for a cat forum for pre-teens, but I think it's applicable.

So it feels good but you gotta stay humble about it or else you turn into Kitty Hitler.

The thing about me is that I'm very nostalgic. If I could rewind to being thirteen and just an ordinary member then I would. I think it's a great privilege to be a member of the community and to be just along for the ride.

Can we trust you?


What is your favorite color?
Blue. No, wait—... aggggggggGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

 And interview with the Chu:
How is being an admin different than being a moderator?
I get to mess around with announcements and hand out ranks?

I like to run things pretty democratically so tbh there isn't much of a difference between rank. I guess I get veto power, and at the end of the day, I get final say in things.

How long have you been an admin? And how long have you been on WCC, for that matter?
I've been admin for a year now, and been on this site for two years. I think for a long while, I was the newest staff member.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?
I check on creations to make sure no weird names have been approved. I answer PMs, stalk plotting pages, and read a couple of topics in latest posts. I like to check on the cbox, read archives, make sure there isn't anything inappropriate going on, and then clear cbox every now and then.

Do you enjoy your job and your godlike powers?
Yes. I like that if there's something up or problems on the site, I can fix it without jumping through hoops or asking someone else to do it.

Can we trust you?
If it's about something personal, yes. If you do something embarrassing in the box, no, I'm adding your words to favourite quotes.

What is your favorite color?

And now, sponsored by WCC news, it's time for...
WCC Plots Of The Week!

~This intriguing segment, written by our correspondent Moonshimmer, skims the cream off the top of the Plotting Pages section so you don't have to!~

First of all, started by our lovely admin Sleepy and his dashing RiverClan ladies' man Sleetfang, comes HIGH IMPACT SEXUAL VIOLENCE, in which the aforementioned infamous tom goes on a murdering rampage, injuring flocks of cats from all Clans. If you need a cat killed, maimed or injured, or if you just want to throw them into the battle of a lifetime, feel free to sign up through the provided link! The topic is already going down right now but signups are still open!

Second up, we have a plot dastardly devised by our other beloved admin, Pikachu: Clash of Clans {The Idiot Edition}. In this plot, hotheaded RiverClan and WindClan apprentices go at it across the border, creating a lifelong salty feud, which gets broken up by some ThunderClan warriors. There are plenty of spots left if your WC or RC apprentice wants to get in on that action! Hint: Battles and border skirmishes are a good way to check off another warrior requirement. Take it from a pro.

Thirdly, we have another plot, this one sitewide (read: important). Unfortunately, this one is closed for the moment, but I advise you to still learn about it as it may affect you and your cats! The summarized premise is that there is a kit who was blessed by StarClan to become a medicine cat, but due to circumstances and decisions out of StarClan’s control, some other cat gets the job. The kit grows up like a normal kit, but struggles with their path that doesn’t quite seem to fit them. They have a gift from StarClan that allows them prophetic dreams, visions telling them what will happen before it happens. Three cats from the Dark Forest whisper to them from the shadows, turning them to the dark side in a hope to somehow rise again from their banishment. In order to prevent this upcoming calamity, StarClan sends five warriors, one from each Clan, to kill the visionary cat for the greater good of the forest. Of course, the cat isn’t alone- they have a lover, a mentor, and a good friend who will fight for them with their lives. Though all the plot slots are taken, this will be very interesting and it may affect you and your cats, so I’d keep a tab on it if I were you! Thanks for adding so much to this site, Pika! We love you~

Fourth, our weekly played-out plot, is the Breeze vs. Ripped showdown. In this plot, Breezewhisker, Crowstar’s son and an experienced warrior of SkyClan, confronted Rippedsky, former WindClan cat and current SkyClan new warrior, blaming him for the distance of his father and the death of his brother Antdrop. After a long, heated debate, Breezewhisker left the camp and has now gone missing. But don’t worry, folks, he’ll be back.

The fifth and last plot we'll be featuring today, this one by our good friendo Leafy Greens, is The Rise of a Fallen King. In this lifelong, drama-filled plot, a rogue cat named Diesel joins the Clans (which Clan is heretofore unknown) and becomes a strong, ambitious warrior who sets his sights on becoming deputy. After much drama about his origins and a few fights, Diesel kills an offending cat and runs away. Then, with his knowledge of Clan life, he forms his own rogue Clan, focused on revenge against the forest. And that's only a summary! Read more in depth about this amazing plotline at the link above.

This is definitely not all the plots WCC has to offer, nor are they better than any others, but they are simply the spotlighted plots of this week's news edition. Feel free to look through Plotting Pages yourself to find even more mindbogglingly creative plots that you can be a part of or simply watch from afar. If you want your plot featured to up its participation, feel free to flick a pm at the writers and we'll try to fit it in!

This has been this week's edition of WCC Plots of the Week, and we hope you'll join us next time!

~Moonshimmer (Ash)~

Hello, sweet heart, it's Dreamwhisperer here, bringing you his daily segment, Dear StarClan?!. Without further ado, let's dive in into all of the OOC things that are happening around the site!

Do you like a good Mafia game? Are you a Warrior Cats nerd? (Of course you are, why would you otherwise be here? :P) Well, Ink brings you The Mystic Forest! To sum it up, it is a Warrior Cats themed Mafia game, where you can sign up one of your beloved kittie, dead or alive, to be used as your character. You could be a medicine cat, to heal your Clanmates, a prophet, to recieve messages from StarClan, or maybe even a serial killer, just trying to murder everyone! The choice is, well not entirely yours, but it would definitely be interesting to see where the story takes you as more and more cats start dying, and the clock starts ticking... So be sure to check it out, pretty please! Currently, the only cat that was signed up is Beetlepaw of WindClan, roleplayed by myself, but we need at least ten cats to get this moving!

Hou about you try and decribe to me the most amaizing movie you've ever seen? Or what was the inspiration for your favourite cat? Probably you'd give me some long speech, aye? But no, not here. In Four Words... is a new post game created by Daddy Derreck (what happened to you leafy bae), in which you are required to describe a certain subject in just four words. Let's see if this catches on!

Also you can see WInterpaw ranting up here aout the universe and stuff http://warriorclancats.forumotion.com/t27418-when-u-find-the-remote-in-a-drawer.

In Comments & Suggestions, Warrior Cats is becoming a high-tech land as member Spottedpelt has suggested an Accepted Application page, such as many forums we have seen around have. The question is why did the staff not do this earlier? But that is not all, as another member, Ripped, suggests the creation of a "Daily Rogue Life" page, to help different roleplayers connect and plot for their loved Clanless cats. But Ripped's muse does not end here, as he suggests the apprentice rank to be split into two sides, alike the warrior rank. You can read more about his idea here, as well as another neat suggestion by member Winterpaw, about adding more battle moves that involve biting! And last but not least, we have a suggestion by Daddy Derreck, about expanding the territories and making more places available for rogues to roleplay in without intruding Clan territory.

Moving on, we have the artwork of the week, with two great drawings done by some great people! [/center]

●First of all, we have a drawing by Ambernose, who was always the top poster of this month, congrats to her! You can find this drawing in her art dump, so be sure to stay tuned in case she comes forth with another masterpiece!

●And second of all, we have some artwork by Grey (so sorry for the confusion T.T)! Womderingnwhy you can't find the source of this masterpiece, yet? It is because this was only posted as a link in chat, so get your limited edition Grey drawing here!

Interview Of The Week:
Starring Blacktwig~

"How do you feel on the arguement between Emberheart, Pinewhisker and Sheepnose?"

"Extremely stressed."

"I greatly dislike the fact that I know my friend has to choose between mates—and that isn't even the worst part! Well, you see..."

"both of the two cats are my sisters. Sheepnose is older, and matches Pinewhisker more in age. She used to be uppish and snappy, with her fiery temper unquenchable. Sheepnose was then known as Sheeppaw... and man, was she sunshine and rainbows. She hated Pinewhisker, but then... they discovered that they loved each other. It was beautiful! I was so proud of them both... nothing could ever get in the way of their joyous relationship!"


"Merry and deplorable times passed, and my scatterbrained sister, Emberheart, was born. She was loathsome, but I could tell she still cared for me as an older brother. She progressed into an apprentice, and I was glad to see that she was mentored by Pinewhisker. He'd do so well training her, passing on his wisdom—stubborn wisdom, but unfathomed by StarClan."

"Emberpaw was very headstrong, her pelt like fiery gold. I knew that Pinewhisker was attracted to she-cats like that, but I didn't think too much of it. She trained, firm words from Pinewhisker miraculously making it through her thick skull! Pinewhisker brought his sister, Fadedlight, over to see, too, before she... died."

"When Emberheart became a warrior, her and Pinewhisker's affection only expanded. Soon, she was a queen in the nursery—something I wouldn't have expected!—and she was carrying Pinewhisker's kits. But, unfortunately, Sheepnose found out."

"When the kits were weaned, the fluffy white she-cat began to avoid Emberheart. My sisters, at each other's throats! Oh, I was already in a time of deep depression, why did they have to make it worse? They interrogated each other at the Stony Hollow—a disloyal move—and fed their kits information they were too young to comprehend."

"Markedpaw, Amberpaw, and Cypresspaw. It was their quarrelling that caused Markedpaw to die! There, at the claws of her blood father. How dare he. I knew Emberheart was foolish, being seduced by that RiverClan scum! Now they're torn apart, and I am afraid they can never be mended."

"Overall, the bickering was unneeded, and so was their mouse-brained judgement."


♝quietrain♝ ♘palepaw♘ ♛ferretpaw♛ ♙blackpaw♙ ♖haykit♖
♝skyclan naw♝ ♘thunderclan apprentice♘ ♛shadowclan apprentice♛♙riverclan apprentice♙ ♖windclan kit♖
♝fe3682♝ ♘53c7cb♘ ♛c64730♛♙051229♙ ♖ffbf00♖

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PostSubject: Re: The WCC News ~ Vol. II   Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:51 am

Bun bun, that drawing at the bottom is mine, not Badgers, see the original forum with her confirmation.


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PostSubject: Re: The WCC News ~ Vol. II   Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:24 pm

This is awesome! really great work! I'd love to keep seeing these around. If I could make a suggestion though, the sideways scrolling interviews were pretty annoying to try and read (at least for me). Also I couldn't read the cat names on the front picture because of the font color.

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PostSubject: Re: The WCC News ~ Vol. II   

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The WCC News ~ Vol. II
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