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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]

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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:24 pm

With a low hiss, Webtail watched as Swiftheart was quickly disposed of. 'You're the dark forest leader, this shouldn't be hard for you now!' he scolded himself. The tall tom saw the flaws in the other's fighting, too much emotion. They were spewing weak insults whilst flailing about in attempt to harm this RiverClan warrior. He knew he had to intervene before their emotions got them all killed and raced into the tangle of cats, claws maiming Sleetfang on his sleek pelt. A firm clamp of jaws on Sleetfang's shoulder was good and well, it allowed him to try and trip the warrior while he was that close. However, if the warrior got loose, it would only take a seasoned cat's skill to quickly claim Webtail's life.



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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:30 pm

OOC: Late

IC: Squirrelpaw had been viciously clawing at the murderous tom for some time until the large tom shook her off. Landing on the ground with a thump, she watched for a long second the dust settling around her body. It was so surreal, the calmly falling disturbed dirt contrasting with the blood splattered not too far away. She simply stared at it for moments that seemed to stretch into moons, feeling something salty on her tongue.

Suddenly remembering the dangerous tom, she reared up and arched her back defensively.The Riverclan cat seemed to be losing the battle with all the attacks, cats biting his wounded tail, or clawing his back. But instead of falling down under the power of all those paws and teeth, he started to get back up.

With a bloodthirsty gleam in his eyes.

The tom leapt up, eyes directed straight at Squirrelpaw, blood-covered fangs baring. She instinctively dodged, but it wasn't enough. Luckily, instead of hitting her throat, he attacked a little above.

At her ear.

The silver cat reared up, grabbing viciously at her ear flap while shaking her head from side to side, making it impossible to attack back. Gritting her teeth with pain, she played dead, relaxing and letting her hit the ground once again as he leaped up, spitting blood. The top right of her head felt numb. As she got off the ground, she saw why: her fluffy ginger ear, soft and small at the tip, was lying mangled on the ground.

She didn't see any more as her eyes rolled into her head and she slumped back down.

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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:40 pm

OOC: Just gonna wiggle my way back in here ;)

Gustpuddle watched in horror as the deadly battle unfolded in front of her. Cats were being flung every which way before her and her eyes screamed with fear. All she wanted was peace, but no, it could never happen. A feeling of remorse hit her when Swiftheart- her clanmate- was thrown to the ground, right in front of her paws. I could have saved him! What is wrong with me!? She said a quick prayer over his stiff body and closed his eyes with her paw, nuzzling his cheek softly with her nose. She then looked to Sleetfang- kit, even- and her body filled with anger, blazing with what felt like an eternal flame. She raced towards Sleetfang, using what her clan was known best for- speed."No Riverclan kit messes with us!" She bowled into his side, causing the whole group of jumbled and tangled cats to twist to the side. She clamped down on his shoulder, hind legs tearing at his flank ruthlessly. Her muscles burned with fury and she mustered up all her strength for the upcoming struggle.

Maplecloud stood back, awed by the situation at paw. One cat had already died, and she could only see it getting worse."STOP! Dont you see nothing good will come of this! Yes, this Riverclan kit is acting terribly inhumane, (cat?) but is that any reason for us all to get into a giant squabble as such!? Our leaders will be ashamed!" She looked to see if any cat had actually listened to her, for once, wise words. She hoped and prayed that some cat would have some common sense and help her stop this petty wrangle."Blacktwig, I know it hurts, and this mousefodder probably deserves whatever he gets, but do you really want to cause the same troubles to his family that he has caused to you? No one- and I mean no one- deserves to endure that, I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy. I'm asking you to stop because I care, Cant you see Im doing this for you, not myself?!" Her claws flexed and she tried to push down a growing snarl, a pleading look in her blue orbs. Why does everyone want to fight?!


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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:30 pm

Quailfeather's eyes were filled with an uncharacteristic blazing rage as the piece of RiverClan scum tore his way out of the mass of cats, attacking mercilessly as he went. She didn't lay still for a second, red-hot fury fueling a vengeful fire within her, giving her the power to keep on going despite numerous bleeding scratches that she barely felt. Swiftheart was dead because of him. Swiftheart. One of her Clanmates. Gone to StarClan forever thanks to this fox-hearted rogue. Letting another pained yowl that drowned out the words of every other cat, whether panicked or sorrowing or enraged, the WindClan warrior leapt once more onto Sleetfang, her gray speckled fur contrasting sharply with his tortoiseshell pelt. Her claws dug deeply into his flesh and hooked on, ensuring that if she was forced off of the murderer again, she'd take a significant chunk of bloody fur with her. This StarClan-forsaken fox-heart deserved no mercy, and she would show him none.


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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:48 am

"He killed my father, Maplecloud... he dared to do it right in front of me!" yowled Blacktwig, as he was pummelled aside by another tough round. He tried to fight as fiercely as a lion, but what was hindering him...? Oh, right. Blacktwig checked on his legs; from the torso to his toes, there was nothing but blood and ripped flesh. Looking at it made it sting more, as he listened to the younger warrior's words. He took deep breath, and exhaled with a sigh. "I..." he began, but was quickly bowled down. With a growl of rage, he got up. "Mousefodder!" he spat instinctively.


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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:15 pm

Markedpaw heard Blacktwig of course, but it took her a few moments to process. Run for her own safety? It was probably a good idea, she knew it was, and had seen the Shadowclan apprentice slink off into the woods moments before. But no, she wasn't going to run from this fight, she wasn't going to run away from the chance to get her revenge on the cat that should have been her father. The cat she should have been able to rely on. As far as she was concerned, his time was up, and she wasn't letting mere words from her adoptive uncle stop her from completing her task. She would be the one to kill this rampaging monster, she was determined to be.
"No Blacktwig!" She glanced at him, gritting her teeth as pain filled her eyes. That was the final straw, he'd been hurt and she was not backing out now. "He's done this to me! He's done this to you! He's done this to all of us, don't let him get away with it. His family deserve what they get if this is the son they raised"

She didn't refer to herself as his family, and the implication solidified itself in her mind. Pinewhisker. Where was he? He was her father, she knew that now, and she wanted to fight by his side. Could he not see what Sleetfang had done? Her eyes picked out the tom from amongst the crowd easily, used to looking for his familiar pelt or kind eyes in a mess of cats. "Pinewhisker! come fight with me!" She took the opportunity of Webtail's attack to leap away, breathing hard and looking at the cat she considered her real father with pleading eyes. "Don't let us fight alone"

Feeling Sleetfang's blood between her claws had calmed some of the anger, now all she wanted to do was kill it off forever. They could take down this cat once and for all, and then return to camp. She would have to face Emberheart, but it would be okay. She'd be able to pull through, as long as she had Pinewhisker there with her. Their lives could go back to being as normal as they had been, she could eat with her sisters and pretend that her blood differed from theirs, they never needed to know after all. It could be like it used to be, as long as she buried Sleetfang under the dirt at her paws


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PostSubject: Re: Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]   

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Lion's Fangs [DEATH OF SLEET]
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