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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Seer's Character Development Chart

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PostSubject: Seer's Character Development Chart   Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:42 pm

Tracking the Development of Seer's WCC Characters!

Credit to Shad for giving me inspiration to make this! ^^ This page is centered around tracking topics and posts that all my characters are involved with, and it serves to give you an idea of how a certain character started and how they got to that point. Each character's tracking will start out from when they were created to when they die, and everything in between! It is all in chronological order (which was awful to track) and this project is currently a WIP~

Shadewillow's Character Development:

Shadekit of Shadowclan | (Shadekit is Created)
Alone Together | (Shadekit and Stormkit's first time of the nursery)
Wolfkit, Shadekit, and Stormkit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Shadekit and Stormkit become Shadepaw and Stormpaw)

Battle Training for the Shade | (Wildfang takes Shadepaw out for his first day out of camp and gives him his first battle training session)
The Decision | (Shadepaw watches uneasily as Thrushstar banishes Owlstrike, Lightningstrike, Webtail, and Amberclaw for their support in the Dark Forest)
Playtime in the Shadows | (Shadepaw, Hazepaw, and Mudfoot play with Smokekit)
Call It Fate | (Shadepaw meets his first future mate, Twistedpaw of Windclan)
Loyalty Comes At A Cost | (Shadepaw visits with Hazepaw and Darkpaw after their border skirmish.)
A Stroll Through the Mud | (Shadepaw, Smokepaw, Darkpaw, and Mudfoot all go out on patrol together)
A Shady, Muddy Forest | (Shadepaw goes out on a walk with his father figure, Mudfoot)
The Bandit of the Thunder | (Shadepaw is part of the patrol that discovers the suspicious paw prints and freshly-killed prey)
Owl the Outlaw | (Shadepaw is part of the patrol that finds Owlstrike lingering on Shadowclan Territory)
December Gathering, 2016 | (Shadepaw's first Gathering)
Skirmish in the Shade | (Shadepaw and Silentpaw take on Sprucethorn and Duskstorm of Windclan)
Long Time No See | (Shadepaw manages to find his estranged sister Stormpaw on Shadowclan territory)
Shadepaw's Warrior Ceremony | (Shadepaw becomes Shadewillow)

No One Knows, How Far It Goes | (Shadewillow saves Acornpaw from being run over; The Beginning of the El Tango De Roxanne plot)
Birds of a Feather | (Shadewillow joins Smokestripe, Mudfoot, Blazepaw, and Swiftpaw as they defeat the Badger that interrupted Ravenpaw's assessment)
January Gathering 2017 | (Shadewillow's first Gathering as a Warrior)
Spiderkit and Badgerkit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Shadewillow is given his first apprentice; Spiderpaw)

Brindlewhisker's Character Development:

Brindlekit of Windclan | (Brindlekit is Created)
Long Lost Relatives | (Brindlekit meets her grandfather Smokepelt (deputy of Windclan) and he brings her to Windclan)
Brindlekit, Willowkit, Halfkit, Spottedkit, and Halfpaw's Apprentice Ceremony | (Brindlekit becomes Brindlepaw)

Windclan Life | (Brindlepaw interacts with her Clanmates)
Young Souls Fall Early | (Brindlepaw tries to help after it becomes apparent Twistedkit has kit-cough)
So Am I Wrong? | (Brindlepaw listens to Ashstar's post-Gathering report; including the accusations and threats from Riverclan)
A Windy Day's Patrol | (Brindlepaw goes out on patrol with Smokepelt, Emberfall and Duskpaw)
The Hour of Justice | (Riverclan makes good on their threats at the previous Gathering and invade Windclan, and Brindlepaw fights alongside her Clanmates)
Break a Leg Kid | (Brindlepaw watches as Robinpaw is crippled for life)
We're Gonna See Some Ice | (Brindlepaw goes out on patrol)
December Gathering, 2016 | (Brindlepaw's first Gathering)
The Start of a Friendship | (Brindlepaw and Mottlepaw become good friends)
Brindlepaw's Warrior Ceremony | (Brindlepaw becomes Brindlewhisker)

Camp Shenanigans(Brindlewhisker meets Kindlekit and Furzekit)
Pleased to Meet You | (Brindlewhisker meets her future mate, Sleetfang of Riverclan)
Keeping Yourself Busy | (Brindlewhisker goes out on patrol with Duskstorm, Cloudpaw, Redpaw, and Nightheart)
Hollowkit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Hollowkit becomes Hollowpaw and Brindlewhisker becomes his mentor)
Beginners Luck | (Brindlewhisker takes Hollowpaw out on his first patrol and training session)
Fruition of Appreciation | (Brindlewhisker spends sometime with Thistlefall, who feels overwhelmed by his relationship with Willowwhisker)
Girl Time | (Brindlewhisker spends some time with Willowwhisker, who is desperately attempting to salvage her relationship with Thistlefall)
Falling Apart | (Brindlewhisker and Mottleheart get into a fight that nearly destroys their relationship completely.)
January Gathering 2017 | (Brindlewhisker's first Gathering a a Warrior)
I Don't Have To Be The Outsider | (Brindlewhisker becomes friends with Mossfoot; a former Thunderclan warrior)
What's That Coming Over The Hill? | (Rockpaw of Thunderclan is caught sneaking into the Windclan camp)
A Quick Run Down | (Brindlewhisker takes Hollowpaw out for pre-assessment hunting)

Shallowpaw's Character Development:

Shallowkit of Riverclan | (Shallowkit is Created)
New Family | (Shallowkit spends time with his family)
The Beginning of Dawn | (Shallowkit plays with his sisters and denmates)
Shallowkit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Shallowkit becomes Shallowpaw)

Cloudpaw's Character Development:

Cloudkit of Windclan | (Cloudkit is Created)
More for Windclan | (Cloudkit is born)
Cloudkit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Cloudkit becomes Cloudpaw)

Cold, Cloudy Days | (Cloudpaw goes out on a walk with his father, Thistlefall)
Disgraceful Deception | (Cloudpaw and the rest of Windclan is informed of Lionfur's treachery)
Camp Shenanigans | (Cloudpaw meets Kindlekit and Furzekit)
Getting to Know You | (Cloudpaw bonds with Redpaw)
Clouds in The Red Sky | (Cloudpaw spends more time with Redpaw, his future mate, and they train together)
Keeping Yourself Busy | (Cloudpaw goes out on patrol with Nightheart, Brindlewhisker, Duskstorm, and Redpaw.)
January Gathering 2017 | (Cloudpaw's first Gathering)

Adderpaw's Character Development:

Adderkit of Skyclan | (Adderkit is Created)
Snake Among the Trees | (Adderkit's first time out of the nursery)
Need Any Help? | (Adderkit learns some battle moves)
Lonely Little Snake | (Adderkit plays with Cloverpaw)
Adderkit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Adderkit becomes Adderpaw)

First Time Out | (Adderpaw goes out on her first patrol with Pansypaw, Eagleheart, and Tinylegs)
This Is My Burden | (Eagleheart and Rippedpaw bring back mysterious kits whom Eagleheart claims are his, and Adderpaw does her best to help get the kits settled)
A Quick Romp | (Adderpaw joins Pansypaw's patrol)
Adders and Eagles, Oh My! | (Adderpaw spends some time with Eagleheart)
A Little Bit of Exploration Never Hurt a Kit | (It's Hollykit's first time out of the nursery and Adderpaw intends to mess with her.)
Rise of the Clique | (Adderpaw, Viperpaw, and Whitepaw spend time together; Beginning of the Mean Girls plot)
Hollykit's Apprentice Ceremony | (Hollykit becomes Hollypaw, and she desperately seeks approval and validation from Adderpaw)
Cat Fight! | (Adderpaw, Viperpaw, and Squirrelpaw take on Quailpaw of Windclan and Blazepaw of Shadowclan in a petty girl fight)
I Think I Made A Mistake | (Adderpaw goes with Eagleheart into Shadowclan territory to help him reclaim his kits)
January Gathering 2017 | (Adderpaw's first Gathering)[/i]

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Seer's Character Development Chart
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