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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Viperfang's Family Plot

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PostSubject: Viperfang's Family Plot   Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:02 am

So, basically, it will be revealed that Viperfang's surprise kits (Spiderkit and Badgerkit) were fathered by a really mean rogue from Twolegplace called Splinter (or something).  Spiderkit is your average shy and quiet kit whereas Badgerkit is loud, brash, and rude. Ever since they could open their eyes, there was judgement upon them from their entire clan. They were basically the unwanted combination of the easily most hated cat in Shadowclan and a mean terrible rogue. Badgerkit couldn't care less seeing as it didn't affect him as much (He easily and quickly redeemed himself and others are slightly afraid of him anyways due to his intimidating nature and tendencies), but Spiderkit has always been much more vulnerable. She often messes up and isnt the best at standing up for herself, so most of the criticism in their family ends up directed at her.

As they grow older and turn into apprentices, it just gets worse. Spiderkit eventually gets into a few fights with others over these kinds of arguments (Badgerkit also does, but the others quickly back off).She ends up with multiple scars all over her body. Though she does eventually turn into a warrior, its much later than her brother and her name turns out to be Spiderheart (meant as an insult. Saying that she has the heart of something weak and small like a spider). As a warrior she normally avoids others and sticks to her duties. Others are pretty much okay with this, seeing as they are seeing her less.

At some point when she is a warrior, she is on patrol with her brother (now namely Badgerstrike), her mother Viperfang, and some stupid NPC character (lets go with notimportanttotheplotpaw), suprise suprise Splinter comes by! (What a twist!). Splinter attempts to kill them all. Succeeding in the case of mr.whathisnamepelt, knocking out Viperfang, deeply injuring Spiderkit, and convincing Badgerkit to leave the clans and become a rogue. After the fight and Splinter leaves with Badgerkit, Spiderkit drags Viperfang to camp (or at least attempts to) before Splinter comes back. Supposedly he killed her brother and plans on killing her and Viperfang.

At this point, Spiderkit has had enough and gives it her all using the opposite tactics of most cats she knows. She uses her speed and agility, running around until Splinter is out of breath and nearly passed out. At this point, Spiderkit has a plan and grabs some deathberries (carefully by the branch with her mouth) and shoves them in Splinters mouth. So hes dead now.

Spiderkit drags Viperfang back to camp and they get healed up as nicely as they can. Viperfang realizes that shes been a terrible and irrational person and fixes her ways before becoming a fully fledged elder. Directly after that ceremony, Spiderkit will get a name change ceremony done (Spiderheart to Pineheart for her strong and determined ways).

Then who knows what'll happen to Spiderkit...

Other stuff to know

  • Viperfang is kind of distant from her kits in fear of what they think of her
  • Her kits are kind of okay with it though because up until the end, Viperfang isnt the greatest person ever

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Viperfang's Family Plot
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