Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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There is danger in the air. Oh, there is a reckoning coming and it burns beyond the grave...
This month's activity is over, please check that your cats are on allegiances and everything is correct ;)
If it's the full moon and the Gathering hasn't been made yet, please tell a Staff member. Thank you!
There are No Missing Cats on WCC! All Missing Cats are now considered officially dead! Please do not try bring them back, you will incur a ban if you try!

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 how do i get in the rp

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PostSubject: how do i get in the rp   Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:05 pm

Wanting Hamu help can you guys please help me get in the rp
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PostSubject: Re: how do i get in the rp   Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:17 am

Well first you must make a cat in Cat Creation, find a mother or a way to get one, and then you can.

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PostSubject: Re: how do i get in the rp   Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:45 pm

Sky, please leave helping new members to Staff. If you want to help, just send us this topic via PM.

As for Mikathevampire, if you want to start RPing on WCC, please make a cat creation here. The sticky topic has a template that you can copy and paste. Please fill that out and once you've been approved, you can begin RPing.

If you need anymore help, please feel free to PM a staff member.


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PostSubject: Re: how do i get in the rp   

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how do i get in the rp
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