Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! The latest announcements are below.
This month's activity is over, please check that your cats are on allegiances and everything is correct ;)
Leafbare is here, the icy winds cut across the five territories. Who will live? Who will die? Who will remain to tell your story?
If it's the full moon and the Gathering hasn't been made yet, please tell a Staff member. Thank you!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!

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 Day Six - WCC Popularity Contest 2.0

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Who do you pick?
 54% [ 7 ]
 46% [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 13

How chu like me now?
How chu like me now?

Characters : [I] Ivystar RC [D] Dewtuft WC [M] Minnowslip RC [O] Otterleap RC [P] Peatkit RC [V] Violetshine SC
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PostDay Six - WCC Popularity Contest 2.0

The winner of Bracket Cinq is...


Bracket Six

Who's notable achievements are that he is Deputy of ShadowClan. De facto leader since Thrush went insane. Has (shockingly) not killed anyone despite being in EdgeClan. Trained by Thrush bby himself, and was pretty much raised to take his place. Took part in the battle against the DF. Was a good guy.


Who's notable achievements are that she was mentored by Gentlenose, went on a journey to bring StarClan back with five other cats to take Thinstripe's place after she died, fought in the final DF battle and survived, became mates with Blazingleap but had no kits, participated in a border fight in the tunnel underneath the Thunderpath against ShadowClan as a warrior, participated in a border fight at Sunningrocks against RiverClan as an apprentice, believes that family is the most important thing, but is still very loyal to her Clan, works for what she wants and doesn't back down even if it seems impossible, willing to do anything for what she believes in, currently going through a lot of stress due to family drama, all she really wants is for all the drama to stop so everything can be normal and peaceful.


             Water-Type Pikachu ϟϟ Site Administrator ϟϟ RiverClan Leader    

  Minnowslip [#cc9999]   Dewtuft [#0099ff]   Ivystar [#33ccc] 
Otterleap [#006699]  Violetshine [#9999ff] Peatkit [#666600]
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Day Six - WCC Popularity Contest 2.0 :: Comments

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Day Six - WCC Popularity Contest 2.0

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