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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)

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PostSubject: Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)   Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:09 pm

She had no idea how long it had been. Maybe it had been days. Maybe it had been moons. And she had been trying...trying to live. For her family. But she was the last one left, and in her madness, she thought she would die. Night, Pepper, Mouse, all of them...they tried to convince her to live. They had, in part - they were the only reasons she was trying . But it's hard to convince an insane cat of anything entirely. Raven's bloodstained muzzle, unkempt fur, crazed eyes and mind, her unrelenting, deranged smile and laughter were not changing, nor was her refusal to eat. She only destroyed, took out her rage, sadness and insanity on dead mice and dumpsters. She spent all her days by Felix's rotting corpse, so far back into the alleyways that nobody, Twolegs or otherwise, came and moved it. The massive black she-cat was as terrifying as ever, just in a different way.

But not eating had taken a toll on her. She was getting skinnier by the day, her ribs showing through her pelt. She was hallucinating, imagining her family was here, with their comforting warmth. Imagining that the Clans were gone. Her hunger had taken her insanity to a new level, and she more destructive and dangerous than ever, ready to lash out at the slighted prod. But Raven was growing tired and crazy. She sunk into her brother's body, her stomach rumbling, her mouth going dry, and she knew she was done for. "I knew I was going to DIE! I'M GOING TO DIE NOW! JUST LIKE I WAS DESTINED TO! I WAS THE LAST ONE LEFT! I'M GOING TO SEE THEM AGAIN!" she yowled with her maniacal, hollow laughter. She felt her breath grow short through her chortles, as she collapsed into what was left of Felix's fur and the rats around him.

The insane cat had died of hunger, and she was happy.

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PostSubject: Re: Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)   Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:36 pm

Pepper was trying, really trying. She had always been this way. The urge to keep everyone safe around her. Perhaps it was maternal instict. Her kit were with her for only a short time and now the feeling of needing to be protective went to most cats she met. With a squirrel in her jaws, on she had to trespass to get in a mere attempt to get Raven to eat something. She entered the alleyway that she had felt was leeching the life out of her and padded further into it. Pepper felt her heart sink as Raven's cackling echoed around her and dropped the prey, running to Raven. Tears filled her eyes as she found her collapsed on her brother. The she-cat gave a shaky breath and blinked away some of the tears that hadn't already fallen though, they kept coming back. The white and black cat smiled weakly, Raven could be happy again now, she wouldn't be sitting among rats and corpses of those who didn't make it here. She'd be with her family. She carefully nudged her off her brother and tried desperately to ignore the smell.

After a bit of struggling, she had managed to get him on her back and grabbed Raven's scruff struggling to move with the weight though sadly she knew that the cat was much lighter than most now. She eventually got them to the edge of the twolegplace. She'd have to bury them on clan territory despite their hatred. She had no choice. Hiding the among the shrubbery she could find, she left to get lavender. She'd spend a lot of time trying to give them a good of a burial as she could by herself. Digging the grave would take an eternity.

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PostSubject: Re: Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)   Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:53 pm

Gold padded over when she heard screaming afraid that it was on her her friends or worse her family.. She gasped when she saw Raven, dead on the ground and growing cold. She helped Pepper bury her and laid her tail across her sisters shoulders and bowed her head.

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PostSubject: Re: Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:23 am

Mouse had witnessed the whole scene from atop her two-legs fence. Gulping away tears, she had stayed there, watching the two cats bury Raven, a cat that she had never gotten to now, yet she had been fighting to understand. She had waited there on the fence a few hours before she crept away to eat and get some rest in her basket. Her heart sank with guilt as she ate, thinking about the she-cat dying of hunger. She suddenly shock her head in fury and topled over the can of kittypet food, climbing back on the fence and dropping on the other side.

She didn't care if the other she-cats were still there, she simply dashed and curled over the grave of Raven, her mind spinning. She buried her nose in the dirt, as if she could bury her nose in the fur of the black cat. She breathed out sharply and felt tears wet the fur on her cheeks. "I'm sorry, Raven I did not understand you, I did not know how it is to lose someone, I had no one before I met you. And I thought that, if I loved you like a big sister would, you'd change, and you'd still want to survive, and I'll understand what it means to love, but instead, I didn't help you, and I only learned how it is to lose someone you cared about, not to have someone to care about. I'm so sorry I didn't try and get why you were like that, just wanted you to stop it, because I wanted to feel like I was the hero, but I wasn't, I was to blind, to blind, to..." she murmured until her voice drowned in gulps of sorrow and she remained still on the grave of the cat.


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PostSubject: Re: Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)   

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Do it for Him (Raven's death topic, OPEN)
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