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 New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]

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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:39 am

Ashwing gave a sigh of relief. She hauled herself up, side aching, and gazed at the familiar bodies around the clearing. Daisypatch, Saltpelt, Breezeheart... Gorsefeather. This had been a long two moons. She was glad it was over. Now to get things in order back in WindClan. She stumbled down the Great Rock and started leaving. "WindClan?... Let's go home."

Shimmerheart touched her nose to Leopardfang's. "No, don't blame yourself. There's nothing you could have done. I did my best to look after the young ones, but I couldn't help either. I'm just glad that you're my mate, and that we have three beautiful kits. I love you very much, Leopardfang, and I'm sorry I forgot it for a while." She gave a broken purr of exhausted laughter. "Now, let's get back to ShadowClan."


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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:03 am

Treestep sat there motionless. Her eyes were wide and face expressionless, she gazed around blankly and simply sat with Thunderclan, ignoring the uneasy stares she was getting. "What do we do now?" She said with a monotone croak in her voice looking up at Starclan.


Amberclaw was furious, his blood was bubbling and he erupted in a loud hiss, I am nothing now! Just a useless cat." He spat before he puzzled his thoughts together. He sat down from his outburst and thought about the good that could come from this, "how will anyone ever forgive me?"

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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:39 am

The world was spinning as the cries of victory filled the forest. Thrushstar tried his best to stay awake as he looked around the clearing seeing the glistening pelts of Starclan surrounding all of the living. It was weird to see but it was a little calming. Unfortunately, nothing could change the way he felt about this situation. Anger still boiled inside of him as he saw several still lying on the ground. They deserved it, all of them. He felt no remorse and no guilt for what he had done. Well, that was until his eyes suddenly landed on Mistflower across the way. Suddenly everything within him froze as he tried to figure out if he should try to say something to her or if he should walk away. She shouldn't have to see him like this. He was covered in blood, both his own and the blood of others. He looked like a mess and probably a terrifying one at that. There was nothing about him that looked like a leader. There was nothing that showed that he was a follower of Starclan. Was he even doing this for Starclan or did he just want his territory back?

With strained breaths, he finally turned away from his mate and began walking the other way. He couldn't let her see him like this. Not in this way. As he walked, his vision blurred and faded, making his head spin, knocking him off balance. Without even realizing it, Thrushstar hit the ground hard, too dazed to do anything about it. His limbs protested as he tried to stand back up but he didn't have the energy. Flopping back on the ground, he finally gave up and closed his eyes, quickly losing consciousness.


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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:24 pm

Snakepaw walked over to Amberclaw. "Your not a useless cat, Amberclaw." he said. He walked away with ShadowClan.

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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:27 pm

Cloverpool slipped over to Treestep. "You see Mapledrop up there?" She meowed referring to her daughter.

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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:42 pm

Stormpaw had been hiding in the bush with Morningpaw. Even though he had been temporarily knocked out by a Dark Forest ghost, he had woken up early enough to see the fight between Smokefang and the many StarClan ghosts and loyalists. When StarClan won, he opened his mouth to cheer, but only a weak croak came out. Even though he seemed weak on the outside he was joyful and excited. The Dark Forest was finally gone. He padded out of the bushes, looking around at the clearing as cats left for their Clans and families began gathering together. He was eager to return home. We was tired and his head was hurting. He looked around to see where his siblings were. He noticed his father's leg from where Stormpaw was standing, and some cats were still trying to stand and walk because of their wounds. This had been a bloody battle, and so many cats had died tonight. All he wanted to do was get out of here.
"C-c'mon Morningpaw," He weakly managed to say, stumbling forwards a bit,"Let's go."


Baypaw looked around, seeing dead cats scattered around the clearing. There was going to be an awful lot of mourning for the next moon or two. He dipped his head. But behind all the sadness now, there was peace. The Dark Forest was gone, and all the chaos they had brought with them was gone. A small grin began to stretch on his face. He soon faded from the vision of the living cats in the clearing, returning back to the starry skies of StarClan.


Otterlight had been defeated by Smokefang, but it had all been worth it if it meant protecting the living cats of the Clans from having to live under the destructive ways of the Dark Forest. She scanned the crowd, silently wishing the RiverClan cats good luck, as well as the other Clans of course, before her starry form disappeared from sight as well, to join her other dead Clanmates in StarClan, and to help welcome the cats that had given their lives tonight to protect their beliefs, their Clans, and their families.

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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:45 pm

Morningpaw had let out a happy yowl as soon as the battle ended, but she stopped when Stormpaw weakly began going away from her. When he beckoned Morningpaw over, she followed, but let him lean on her.
"Just tell me where the camp is, you shouldn't walk alone." She said, her voice thick with concern.


Vixenheart looked around the clearing, a small smile on her muzzle. Now everything would go back to the way it was before. She flicked her ginger tail, padding over to Frostedgaze and whispering something in her ear.
"I'm sorry about what happened to Wrenpaw...but she'll always be watching you. I hope all is well with ShadowClan when you return."
She didn't bother to wait for a response from the black and white cat, she just padded away, heading out of Fourtrees. She was eager to return back to SkyClan.


Frostedgaze was relieved that the battle was over. Her entire body was aching from wounds and exhaustion. She then raced over to Wrenpaw, crouching over her friend's dead body. It would be disrespectful to bring back Wrenpaw's body to ShadowClan, because that was not Wrenpaw's Clan. She decided to let WindClan handle it. She licked down a patch of bloody fur on Wrenpaw's neck.
"May you spend your time in the sky with nothing but peace and happiness." She murmured.
Vixenheart then came up to whisper something to her. She turned her head to sadly smile at the ginger and white she-cat, but then turned her head back to look down at Wrenpaw. She would have to leave her sometime, WindClan would want her body.
"You're waiting for me up there, right?" She asked the dead body, knowing it wouldn't respond, "If you are...then I'll be there soon." She whispered, before turning, and padding out of Fourtrees.


Cinderpaw was mentally and physically exhausted. Thankfully not wounded, but she wanted to just sink into her nest and sleep for moons and moons. There was so much sadness and worry and even love going through the clearing, but Cinderpaw could experience none of those. Her fluffy tail flicked. She padded over to leave Fourtrees, but she looked back one more time. Moments like these made her miss her mother and father who had died when she was a kit. She shook her head, shrugging. They were safe in StarClan, she'd see them moons later when she ended up joining the ranks of StarClan. She left Fourtrees, her paws dragging along the ground and her ears flat against her gray head.

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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:30 pm

Blizzardshine smiled, taking a deep breath as a heavy weight that she didn’t know has been carrying until then was lifted from her shoulders. She turned around and padded back to where Cloverpool and Scorchfrost were “Its time to go home…I’ll help you to carry Scorchfrost back to camp” She looked at the sleeping warrior, not even thinking about waking him up. He had fought way too much lately, he deserved the rest. Shen then looked at his broken leg, wondering if he would ever be able to walk normally again or if he would never fully recover from it…she really hoped the first option to be the case, but only a medicine cat would know for sure.


Moonlight smiled and looked at the sky, looking at the stars…they were so beautiful…she sincerely couldn’t remember looking at them before if she ever did. She finally understood the tales of the warriors and the elders of when the stars still were visible in the sky, and now she wished she could see them every single night after this one. After taking a deep breath she slowly walked closer to Crowstar and the rest of her clan, ready to walk back to SkyClan, feeling the aftermath of the battle already as her whole body ached and almost begged her to just lay there and sleep for a whole moon.


Nightpaw almost jumped with joy as soon as the victory of StarClan over the Dark Forest as finally made official with all the Dark Forest vanishing. Her eyes traveled across the battlefield, looking for her clanmates only to have that happiness ripped away from her when she saw Breezeheart’s limp body on the blood stained grass.

The dark apprentice rushed to her mother’s side, tears already pooling in her eyes and ears low, she was hoping to find out that she was only knocked out, but deep inside she knew that this wouldn’t be the case “M-mom?” She meowed softly, pushing one of the warrior’s paws gently with her nose, a tear already rolling down her cheek when there was no response “Mom!” She used her front paws in a futile attempt to make her wake up, going through denial of what she knew was the truth.

After a couple of seconds she finally stopped, tears soaking the fur on her face as she let out a yowl that reflected her sadness and grief. She just hoped…no, no, she knew that her mother was now watching over her from StarClan.

As soon as Ashwing called for his clan to follow him back to WindClan, Nightpaw grabbed her mother’s body, doing her best to carry it back to the clan with her. She couldn’t just leave her behind like this.


Owlpaw slowly got up, his whole body numb and head spinning. It took him several seconds to finally be able to recover from the fight, or at least enough to move around without tripping with himself. He knew how the fight had ended and that enraged him to no end. How could the Dark Forest lose?!

He walked slowly towards Amberclaw, a small limp clear on him thanks to his wounds, sitting at his side while licking the dry blood off his muzzle, blood that belonged to the WindClan apprentice he had killed earlier, Wrenpaw, or at least he thought that was the name, not showing any remorse for the terrible act that he had just committed. If anyone asked, it was just a battle casualty, an accident caused because he never had battled another cat before and consequently couldn’t correctly control his own strength on what should’ve been an attack meant to only knock her out of battle.

He listened to Amberclaw’s words and bumped him playfully with his shoulder “You are a great cat, Amberclaw” He smiled at his mentor, the only cat he felt comfortable with “There is nothing to be forgiven, you did nothing wrong” Owlpaw looked at the StarClan cats with a hate filled gaze, they had turned their back on them when they needed them the most while the Dark Forest gave them a reason to live on. Those cats with stars on their pelts didn’t deserved their loyalty, and he would never bow down to them.
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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:07 pm

Ghostpelt purred and nuzzled Pineeye. "We go home and have kits that's what we do." The silver she cats licked him on the cheek and nuzzled into him once more.

Honeyblossom went over to her brother who was lying on the ground. "Scorchfrost!! Are you alright?!?!" The small tiny thin golden she cat meowed sniffing her brother. He smelled of blood and she could sense how hurt he was.

Briarpaw looked back at Crowpaw once before looking over for Otterpaw. Once he saw her dead body he gasped and ran over and curled around her smaller frame. "Otterpaw.. I never got to tell you I-I liked you.. May you rest in piece in Starclan.." He murmured nuzzling her before going over to his mother and uncle and a older warrior.
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PostSubject: Re: New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]   

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New Moon [Final DF TOPIC]
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