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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Urgent - Needs TC Cat for Whispers Plot

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PostUrgent - Needs TC Cat for Whispers Plot


With Thinstripe dead and Bracken having not been on in ages, we need another ThunderClan Apprentice/Warrior to join the group.

The only requirements are that they did not participate in the recent gathering with the Dark Forest as the group was supposed to set off before the Gathering happened. And also that they're not a Dark Forest cat. That's it.

Fill out the form below and sign up, please!

[b]Name[/b] :
[b]Rank[/b] :
[b]Clan[/b] :
[b]Gender[/b] :
[b]How long have you RPed on WCC?[/b] :
[b]A sample paragraph of RPing (50+ words)[/b] :
[b]Are you confident that you'll have time to participate regularly?[/b] :
[b]Are you certain that you didn't RP this cat in the DF Invasion Gathering[/b] :


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Urgent - Needs TC Cat for Whispers Plot :: Comments

Re: Urgent - Needs TC Cat for Whispers Plot
Post on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:44 am by Acrylic
Name : Morningpaw
Rank : Apprentice
Clan : ThunderClan
Gender : She-Cat
How long have you RPed on WCC? : This is my second month on this site.
A sample paragraph of RPing (50+ words) : Morningpaw was astounded. All of this territory had just been taken away from them for no reason? Well, at least she thought it was for no reason. When she was kit, she thought the barn was her home. This territory was way better. She'd rather rather have a camp in the middle of the woods instead of one in some wooden barn made by twolegs. She hoped no other Clan would chase out her Clan again, so they could stay in this wonderful forest full of flowers, and prey. The scent of SkyClan and RiverClan were still lingering in the air, and it just mingled with the scent of prey, and stale fox and badger. She marched on through a bush, flicking her tail, and lifting her nose. She froze when the bushes nearby rustled. At first, the squirrel didn't see her with it's back turned away from Morningpaw. She dropped into a crouch, creeping forwards, and holding here breath so no noise would be made. At the last moment, she squirrel was alerted by Morningpaw's shadow, but the apprentice was able to pin it down and get rid of it's life with a quick nip to the spine. Picking it up in her jaws, she buried it in a bush to come back for it.
I love it here! She thought as she trotted on.
Are you confident that you'll have time to participate regularly? : Yes.
Are you certain that you didn't RP this cat in the DF Invasion Gathering : Yes.

Note: I was going to go back and edit the post that I made on the DF sign ups, but it was closed last night so I couldn't. I wanted to take Morningpaw out of the DF. Is that okay? If not I'll withdraw from this...
Re: Urgent - Needs TC Cat for Whispers Plot
Post on Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:40 pm by Pikachu
Morningpaw is approved. Please go join this topic, saying that Morningpaw heard from Thinstripe about the dream as is here to take her place etc.

Urgent - Needs TC Cat for Whispers Plot

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