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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Progression of Character Development :D

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PostSubject: Progression of Character Development :D   Mon May 02, 2016 6:16 pm

So I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for some reason right now and have decided to go back through all of my topics with Thrush and place them chronologically here. If nothing else, it's basically a quick run-through of everything that has happened to my poor baby in the three real-time years he's been alive. The only things that will be left out are apprentice/warrior ceremonies and training and most gatherings as these don't really have any effect on his character (some do and will be added). Next to each link will be a brief synopsis of what happens in the topic. Also, feel free to make your own if you want :D This is just something I wanted to do so I'm not expecting anyone to respond or really read this~


+ = major development point
* = minor development point

[Cat Creation - May 1, 2013]

[May 6, 2013] Cedarfur, Did you know You're a Father? - Birth Topic
[May 20, 2013] Let All the Cats be Invited - Thrush and siblings roam the camp
[May 27, 2013] Thrushkit and Maplekit Go on an Adventure - Camp funsies with a sibling (incomplete)
[June 5, 2013] Thrushkit and Mottlekit Go on an Adventure - More camp funsies with other sibling

[June 5, 2013] Thrushkit's Apprentice Ceremony - Self Explanatory
[June 8, 2013] If Anything Goes Wrong, Make a Sound like a Dying Giraffe - Thrushpaw and Shadepaw hang out
[July 8, 2013] I will Finish this Topic - Thrushpaw and Hailpaw chat (ironically incomplete)
[July 11, 2013] Gingerheart has a New Apprentice - Gingerheart trains Thrushpaw
[July 22, 2013] After She's Gone - Thrushpaw and Eaglekit talk about passed parents

[July 30, 2013] Thrushpaw's Warrior Ceremony - Self Explanatory
[July 30, 2013] He was like "I still Love You" ... - Mapleface and Thrushstripe Gossip over MCA
[August 21, 2013] Look at all these Kitties! - Shadowclan hang out day

*[September 22, 2013] Shadowclan's Deputy - Self Explanatory
+[September 22, 2013] Dead Hearts - Thrushstripe and Mapleface get attacked by a fox
[September 23, 2013] Dead Hearts (Cont.) - Thrushstripe brings in an injured Mapleface
[September 28, 2016] Look a Topic - Thrushstripe finds Eaglepaw half conscious in the territory
[October 1, 2016] Searching for the Culprit - A Shadowclan patrol tries to find the fox that injured Mapleface
[October 27, 2013] Surprise Attack! - Windclan and Riverclan team up to run Shadowclan out of Shadowsky territory
[December 19, 2013] Soulkit Wanders out of the Nursery - Thrushstripe talks to apprentices and kits
+[December 21, 2013] Wilted Leaves - Mapleface's death [gore warning]
[December 26, 2013] Wilted Leaves (Cont.) - Thrushstripe brings Mapleface back to camp
[January 4, 2014] Snowface's Adventure - Snowface trespasses and gets hit by a monster and Thrushstripe and Redpaw try to help...ish.
[January 10, 2014] What do we even Do? - Thrushstripe and Gingerheart deal with their sorrow in opposite ways
[January 29, 2014] Let's Make a Topic - Thrushstripe chats with apprentices and kits
[February 12, 2014] We Need some Hunting Time - Thrushstripe and Mistflower go hunting and chat
[February 15, 2014] Plague - Shadowclan gets sick because of tainted prey and Thrushstripe tries to deal with it
+[March 5, 2014] Plague is the least of your Worries - Thunderclan, Windclan, and Riverclan attack Shadowclan and run them out of camp for multiple murder accusations
[March 22, 2014] Where do we go from Here? - Shadowclan seek refuge in/around the tunnels of the Thunderpath
[March 28, 2014] Tunnel Ceremonies - Thrushstripe helps keep up with ceremonies while living in the tunnels.
[April 1, 2014] Just a Family Hanging out and Being Cool - Thrushstripe visits Mistflower and his kits
[April 6, 2014] The Aftermath - Shadowclan cleans up the camp and buries the dead [Slight gore warning]
[April 8, 2014] How am I going to be an Optimist about This? - Father/Daughter bonding time with Thrushstripe and Ebonykit
[April 28, 2014] Finally Back Home - Shadowclan camp is fully restored and things go back to almost normal
[May 4, 2014] The Hunting Patrol ... - Thrushstripe organizes a hunting patrol
[May 7, 2014] A Message - Ebonypaw gives a message to Thrushstripe
[May 15, 2014] Bringing in some Dirt - Thrushstripe reluctantly takes in Dirty the kit kittypet
[May 21, 2014] We should Talk More - Thrushstripe and Mistflower have a short heart-to-heart
[June 5, 2014] Shadowclan June Gathering - Shadowclan's own gathering since they isolated themselves from the other clans

*[June 6, 2014] Thrushstripe's Leader Ceremony - Self Explanatory
+[June 8, 2014] Soulfang's Exile - Murderer that caused Shadowclan decimation is found and exiled
[June 18, 2014] What is This? - Thrushstar speaks to the returned Silentstar and team
*[June 25, 2014] Dogs! - Thrushstar and team get attacked by dogs and Thrushstar loses his first two lives
[June 26, 2014] A Wild Kit Appears! - Bearmask brings Cloudykit into camp
[June 27, 2014] Light and Shadow [plot] - Thrushstar and team meet up with Elea to discuss things
[July 6, 2014] Dawn Enters the Camp - Thrushstar lets in another rogue kit
[July 6, 2014] The Carrionplace Battle - Thrushstar teaches Scratchpaw and Badgerpaw a lesson
[July 9, 2014] Dawn's Rays [plot] - Thrushstar and team speak with Elea again
[July 10, 2014] July Gathering 2014 - Shadowclan returns to the gatherings
[July 19, 2014] A Dangerous Game - Falconstar and Thrushstar discuss Skyclan and Elea
[August 6, 2014] Stranger in Shadowclan - Badgerpaw brings Duskkit to camp
[August 10, 2014] Death of a Murderer - Thrushstar and team find Scratchclaw dead with Windclan scent
[August 13, 2014] Badger Attack! - Shadowclan gets attacked but runs the badgers out
[August 26, 2014] The New Danger - Dawn (#2) requests to join Shadowclan before fleeing
[August 31, 2014] One Thing after Another - Thrushstar ponders life (incomplete)
[September 8, 2014] Shadowclan get your Butts in here ... - Skyclan asks for help against an ambush and Thrushstar agrees
[October 17, 2014] A Glint of Worry - Thrushstar talks with Duskpaw about her problems and trains her
[January 23, 2015] Just Stuff and Things - Thrushstar and Mistflower discuss more things and break down walls
+[February 24, 2015] A Talk with the Leader - Darkstrike admits he accidentally kills a cat, Thrushstar punishes him, Darkstrike does not take it well and gets exiled.
*[March 19, 2015] A Matter of Business [plot] - Breezestar and Thrushstar make a deal to help each other out
[April 9, 2015] Taking back Skyclan - Shadowclan helps chase badgers out of Skyclan in return for herbs
[May 3, 2015] No Memory for Snowfall - After a long time away, Snowfall comes back to Shadowclan with no memory
[May 7, 2015] No Memory for Snowfall (Cont.) - Thrushstar brings Snowfall back to camp
*[May 30, 2015] An Uncertain Secret - Mistflower tells Thrushstar about her mixed clan blood
[June 3, 2015] Sandpaw's Survival - Thrushstar helps Ebonyleaf save Sandpaw after a monster accident
[July 3, 2015] Wait that isn't a Squirrel! - A Thunderclan kit finds its way into Shadowclan camp
[July 14, 2015] I'm Sorry Thrushstar - Shadepaw's body is brought back to camp by Mousepaw and Windclan warrior Icestorm
*[September 20, 2015] Rainpaw's Border Patrol - Thrushstar starts a patrol and saves Rainpaw from a monster. The monster takes Thrushstar's 3rd and 4th lives
*[October 13, 2015] Scrumptious Prey for All - Traps were set all through Shadowclan territory, injuring several, killing one, and Magpiewing gets kidnapped
+[November 10, 2015] An Unfortunate Incident - Breezestar and Thrushstar discuss the murder of a Skyclan warrior
+[November 18, 2015] The Flame that is Broken is Dying - Brokenflame reveals she murdered three cats and in a fit of rage, Thrushstar and Spottedstar kill her (incomplete)
[November 19, 2015] Jay, Meet Shadowclan - Dunepaw brings a rogue to camp and Thrushstar doesn't take it very well
[December 3, 2015] Don't Tell Fishstar - Riverclan MCA Wisteriapaw comes to Shadowclan to ask for herbs
[December 5, 2015] I'm Home! - Magpiewing returns home after being capture by twolegs
[December 6, 2015] A Patrol for the Weary - Thrushstar and Mudfoot have a good talk
[December 6, 2015] I would have been Better ... - Thrushstar starts going a little crazy
[January 5, 2016] Blossoming Bromance...? - Thrushstar and Leopardfang chat about Shadowclan
[January 6, 2016] Bonding Time - Thrushstar, Magpiewing, and Silverkit chat
[January 12, 2016] Breezestar's Famous Homemade Casseroles - Breezestar and Thrushstar discuss getting Skyclan territory back from Windclan
[January 19, 2016] Sharing the Homemade Casserole - Thrushstar and Breezestar negotiate with Falconstar over Skyclan territory
[January 24, 2016] January Gathering 2016 - Gathering where Nightpaw speaks out about leaving and Thrushstar publically exiles him.
+[February 9, 2016] January Gathering 2016 (cont.) - Thrushstar loses it, sets new rules for Shadowclan, and exiles Shatteredsoul in the process for doing almost nothing wrong
[February 11, 2016] Littlekit Explores - Thrushstar tries to go unnoticed while he recovers from his episode but chats with Mudfoot and Littlekit anyway
[March 29, 2016] Night Returns - Dawnflower brings in a kit that looks exactly like Nightstar and Thrushstar mentally freaks
[March 31, 2016] The Warrior Sign Part 2 - Silverfern speaks to Thrushstar and Dawnflower about becoming a warrior
+[April 4, 2016] I am Here to Kill Thrushstar - Shatteredsoul comes back and takes Thrushstar's 5th life before Thrushstar comes back and kills him. The incident permanently damages his voice.
[April 7, 2016] Please Forgive Me - Nightpaw comes back to tell Thrushstar how much being exiled sucks.
[April 7, 2016] We Need to Talk - Dawnflower speaks with Thrushstar about the blood moon at the last gathering
[May 4, 2016] Face and Soul, Both Split in Two - Thrushstar tries to give words of encouragement to a recently injured Ferretpaw
[May 4, 2016] Goodbye Pinepaw - Thrushstar mourns the death of Pinepaw and wants to get revenge on his murderer.
[May 15, 2016] Eaglefeather is Dead! - Thrushstar mourns the death of Eaglefeather after finding out she was murdered by rogues.
*[June 12, 2016] After the Fact - Tigerstorm comes into camp half dead with her Windclan mate Kestrelstorm. After hearing he saved her life, Thrushstar relucantly allows Kestrelstorm into Shadowclan.
+[May 22, 2016] May's Gatherng 2016 - The Dark Forest drives out Starclan and takes over the clans and names Webtail the new leader of Shadowclan. Infuriated, Thrushstar gives up trying to save his clan and leaves.
[June 14, 2016] Well Now What? - The exiled Starclan loyalists try to figure out what to do now that they have no home. Thrushstar throws the biggest pity party of his life.
[June 15, 2016] Hey Guys! Thrush is Dying! - Leopardfang tries to talk some sense into Thrushstar. Thrushstar loses his 6th life due to infected wounds.
+[July 31, 2016] New Moon - The Starclan loyalists return with Starclan themselves to get rid of the Dark Forest. Thrushstar loses his 7th and 8th lives and kills Breezeheart and Saltpelt, nearly losing his last life. Kestrelstorm also decides to go back to Windclan so Thrushstar vows never to let outsiders into the clan again.
+[August 30, 2016] Haunting Nightmares - Thrushstar goes through a terrible supernatural journey as he tries not to lose his last life. Once awake, Leopardfang smacks some sense into him and pulls him out of his spiraling pit of insanity.
[August 31, 2016] A Gift for a Curse - While recovering, Thrushstar gets company from Maplekit, who looks and acts just like his long dead sister Mapleface.
*[November 15, 2016] Important! - Finally fully recovered from the Dark Forest fight, Thrushstar exiles several Dark Forest loyalists including Webtail, Lightningstrike, Owlstrike, and Amberclaw.
[November 16, 2016] Spending Some Time - Thrushstar and Mudfoot talk and discuss kin and Starclan.
[November 16, 2016] Getting Back to Business - Thrushstar and Mudfoot take Mousepaw out on a patrol and put him in his place.
[December 12, 2016] A Patrol of Loyalty - Thrushstar takes Larkpaw on a patrol to discuss why she disappeared and returned.


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PostSubject: Re: Progression of Character Development :D   Tue May 03, 2016 12:28 am

All I can say is you're just as insane as Sleepy, except more sane, because Sleepy's gone mad trying to make a timeline for Beata.

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PostSubject: Re: Progression of Character Development :D   Tue May 03, 2016 11:43 am

Great job. That timeline is massive tho.


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PostSubject: Re: Progression of Character Development :D   Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:12 am


Thought I'd share because I'm actually kinda proud of this and put a lot of work into it ;w;


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PostSubject: Re: Progression of Character Development :D   

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Progression of Character Development :D
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