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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Crowflight's Leader Ceremony

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PostSubject: Crowflight's Leader Ceremony   Crowflight's Leader Ceremony Icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2016 6:42 pm

Crowflight stared at Mothermouth before him. As much as he didn’t want to do this, it was his place to do this. He knows he was the one chosen by Breezestar for this job, and he knew he could do it, but the reason he didn’t want to be here was because Breezestar was so young… He still had a lot of time left, but his leader was now buried in the territory, murdered by some cat. He wanted to find the cat responsible, but he had a duty to his clan and he had to earn his name.

His yellow eyes flicked to the medicine cat beside him, and he nodded to her, and then turned back to the tunnel in front of him. With a heavy sigh, the deputy pushed his way inside, letting the darkness of the caverned take his sight from him. He relied on his paw steps, and his fluffy fur on the side of the cave to ‘see’ where he was going. Acornheather told him that it was basically a straight shot, and not to diverge of the path. He silently hoped he was staying on the right path.

After a few minutes of walking the deputy swore he was lost, but his hope flared up once again when he could see light at the end of the tunnel. Picking up the pace slightly, Crowflight headed towards the light. Slight joy filled the tom as he came out of the tunnel and into the clearing where the moonstone was. He certainly didn’t like that tunnel and how small it was. His yellow eyes scanned the bright rock in front of him that seemed to catch the moonlight. It amazed him. All he wanted to do was stare at it, and take in every detail, but he had a ceremony to do. Walking up to the stone, he laid down in front of it. All he had to do was press his nose to the stone right? Is that what Acornheather said? Well better give it a shot. The deputy pressed his nose to the cold stone, and instantly fell asleep.

When Crowflight opened up his eyes, he looked around at the starry lit plains around him. There was no one here? Did he mess up? Is he not the right one? The deputy looked around frantically, trying to see if they were hiding from him.. The deputy let out a sigh. This was disappointing, he looked back to what was in front of him, and saw a single cat standing there. Relief, and joy filled him once again. ”Greetings Crowflight. Do you swear your loyalty to your clan and Starclan?” The strange cat asked.

Crowlfight froze. What? That didn’t sound like a normal question. Why were they asking him that? If this was apart of the ceremony he wasn’t going to question it. ”Yes. I do. I have and will always be loyal to my clan and starclan.” Crowflight responded.

The strange cat seemed pleased with his answer, and vanished from sight. Soon enough nine cats replaced one. All the cats familiar in some way except for maybe two or three. Among them were his parents, Rabbitwhisker, and Breezestar.. Oh Breezestar.. At the sight of his former leader the deputy wanted to say something, but no words came out. They spoke as one. ”Are you ready to recieve your nine lives Crowflight?” They asked. The black warrior only had the courage to nod.

A small cat stepped forward first. He looked to be the size of an apprentice. ”I’m Palepaw, an old Medicine Cat Apprentice. With this life I give you healing. To heal any tension or divides in your clan.” The apprentice pressed his nose into Crowflight’s fur. Crowflight felt a sensation wash over him. The smell of herbs filled his nose, as well as the disgusting scent of blood. A warm fuzziness filled him as well as cold. It was a strange feeling, and Crowflight couldn’t describe it too well if he had too. The small apprentice stepped back only to be replaced by another cat.

Next a white fluffy cat stepped up. She was a small cat, but her fur made her appear a lot bigger. ”Grettings I am Cloudheart. With this life I give you love, to love your clan not matter what shape they are in.” The she-cat said. She pressed her nose into the deputy’s fur, and Crowflight could feel the love of a queen coursing through him. Reminding him of how he felt when Snowstorm gave birth those moons ago. The white she cat stepped back.

The next cat to step up was his father, Blacktail. His father was a black cat just like he was, but except he didn’t have fluffy fur. ”With this life I give you Patience. So you may be tolerant of others of any type, and stay calm under pressure.” His father said. Time seemed to slow for the deputy, as the life was given to him, it soon cleared up, and his father just looked at him with pride in his eyes. That was just like him. His father was so accepting of others. The deputy watched with sadness as his father stepped back to join the others.

His mother was the next one to step forward. She greeted him with a purr, and a swift lick to his head. Smokecloud was always a loving mother. ”With this life I give you hope. So you and your clan may overcome any problem no matter how bad.” His mother pressed her nose into his fur, and hope surged through Crowflight’s veins. It was stronger than the feeling he got when Newleaf rolled around, or when new kits were born. It was nice. His mother stepped back, with a somber expression.

A big, tall tom stepped forward next. ”Greetings, I am Rockfall, Breezestar’s first deputy. With this life I give you strength. To take on any challenge or battle that comes your way.” Crowflight felt pain, a great amount of pain. It felt like he was going through a battle or a war. Claws teared at his fur, and sides, but no matter what happened nothing would stop him. The pain ended as the tom stepped back.

The next cat in his sight was his old mentor Rabbitwhisker. The old tom greeted the deputy with a smile. ”With this life, I give you Wisdom. To guide your clan through any tough situation, and to face any problem with the great knowledge of Starclan.” The tom pressed his nose into Crowflight’s fur, and the pain came back. But this time it felt as if his head was going to explode, and his fur felt like it was on fire. A gasp escaped the deputy, but the pain receded as soon as it began. Crowflight gave Rabbitwhisker a sad look, and watched his mentor step back.

An unknown cat stepped up next. It was a pretty she-cat. ”I am Heatherfang. With this life I give you courage. To be brave in times you are scared, to lead fearlessly no matter the situation.” Crowflight felt a bright light blooming inside of him, like any ounce of darkness that was within him was gone. It was a nice feeling. The she-cat stepped back, and was replaced with a silver cat.

She looked regal, and like she had been through a lot. ”Greetings. I am Silentstar, the leader before Breezestar. With this life I give you loyalty, to do anything for your clan no matter the circumstances.” Fatigue filled Crowflight, every single one of his muscles screamed at him for standing, everything in him wanted to lay down, and sleep, but he didn’t give. He looked up at the cat. Did she go through this? The she-cat stepped back with a look on her face that Crowflight couldn’t quite identify.

Lastly, Breezestar stepped forward with a proud look on his face. ”It’s good to see you here.” His former leader purred. ”Stepping up to fill my pawsteps. You will do a good job. With this life I give you justice, use it to give out consequences fairly whenever a law is breached or your authority is questioned.” A terrible pain soared through Crowflight. He didn’t even know what it was from, he couldn’t even relate it to anything. It was just a sharp pain, and felt like he was dying. Once the pain died away, the deputy was left a panting mess.

Yellow eyes looked up at his leader once he caught his breath. ”Who killed you..?” The deputy asked.

”I couldn’t see who, but they smelled like a clan cat.. It was hard to tell when I was just suddenly attacked. But Crowflight worry about the clan first, don’t let revenge cloud your mind.” Breezestar said. He stepped back a bit to finish the ceremony. ”You have received your nine lives, and earned your spot as leader of Skyclan. For here on you will be called Crowstar, Starclan welcomes you as leader of Skyclan, and wishes that you lead them well.” Chants of Crowstar’s new name broke out among the nine cats, and more voices joined in like there were so many more cats there. The voices started to fade, and so did Crowstar’s sight.

When Crowstar opened his eyes again he was back at a dull Moonstone. It was slightly darker than before but he could still see. With a hefty sigh, he lifted himself off the ground, and back into the tunnel. He flinched at the darkness once again but pushed on till he was on the other side. He saw Acornheather there waiting on him. With a smile in her direction, and a small nod. He said. ”Let’s go home.. I have a clan to lead.”

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Crowflight's Leader Ceremony
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