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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 December Gathering 2015

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PostSubject: Re: December Gathering 2015   Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:53 pm

Ashwing, who was totally listening to all this, watched as the battle between the leaders raged. Head high, she followed her Clan out of the Gathering. She wished Falconstar were here...!

A growl built up in Shimmerheart's throat listening to all the declarations of anger. Couldn't a Gathering be civil for once? She was proud of Thrushstar, and the rest of ShadowClan, for staying out of it. She followed her leader and mate back to camp.

Halfpaw was amazed. WindClan was giving their land back? Of course, the rabbit-brains couldn't catch fish anyways. Then she watched, with vengeful pride in her Clan, as Fishstar claimed Sunningrocks just like her roleplayer had hoped. She watched, with pride burning in her heart, as ThunderClan, the fox-hearted cowards that they were, turned tail and scampered out of the Gathering. She hissed at them as they went past.

Nettlepaw's mouth dropped open. WindClan was giving back RiverClan's land, and keeping SkyClan's? Just you wait 'till I'm a warrior! I could defeat your whole Clan with my claws unsheathed! She yowled in agreement at Breezestar's brave words, and watched with fury as the two allies, WindClan and ThunderClan, retreated. It was about time SkyClan took a stand. Falconstar and Spottedstar think they can just walk all over us. Well, they can't!


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PostSubject: Re: December Gathering 2015   Fri Jan 08, 2016 6:32 pm

The WindClan warrior's response hadn't left him surprised in the least. Pride had radiated from every step they took and rung in every word. He remembered stories from the late Silentstar of how WindClan had used to be one of the weakest clans in the forest. To him, it could have been comical how they all were acting once they had gained real power, that is if his clan hadn't been the ones suffering - along with RiverClan. Even their medicine cat, who was sworn to StarClan to stay impartial to clan affairs, was sneering at their every word.

In a way, it reminded him as his old life as a rogue. There were no mercies or courtesies then. No formal rules or nights of gatherings. There was only strength. And if you were weak, you died. He remembered the madness all to well. It was the entire reason that clan life had enticed him so.

He knew better than to expect any kindness from them. It was the ThunderClan leader's words that had left him completely baffled. She claimed to have let go of any so-called grudges against SkyClan's existence, and yet had no problem watching as WindClan pushed them again to the brink of extinction. She spoke peacefully, as if she had no desire to bring her clan to war, and yet it was hardly a moon or two ago when she had invaded their camp, hurt his denmates, and steal all their herbs. She even had the gull to invite ShadowClan to an alliance, and it was obvious to him then that their pride as an independent clan meant absolutely nothing to her. Spottedstar had no issue with being WindClan's lapdog. So long as ThunderClan was, they could do whatever they liked. Breezestar thought it absolutely disgusting.

He had at least thought that he could entice the ShadowClan leader to join their cause. After all, SkyClan had been nothing but quiet neighbors, and even friends at times to the dark clan. When ShadowClan had been low on herbs, and SkyClan low on prey, they had come to an agreement together to assist each-other until the time of trial had passed. When he had found one of his warriors murdered by a ShadowClan warrior, he had come to Breezestar seeking a peaceful justice, which was given when the murdered was revealed. They had been nothing but respectful to Thrushstar, and yet he still found it in his heart to distrust them? Would they truly rather have the cats of WindClan surrounding them on both sides of their land?

Instead of friendship or approval, or at least the hope of consideration, Thrushstar stayed silent, leaving the gathering with a small joke to Spottedstar and giving her, instead, the promise of thought to an alliance between them. In a petty way, Breezestar felt angered, betrayed even.

Of course, it would only have been the cats of his own clan to have responded to his words. He let out a silent heavy sigh, digging his claws into the great rock and glancing up at the stars. "I was told so many stories," he meowed sadly to the RiverClan leader left beside him. "Of clans of cats that longed for peace and balance, whom all followed a strict code of honor and worshiped their ancestors, a place with no borders and only friendship. But the world is no better here than it is out there." Greed and arrogance would always triumph, he supposed.

"I won't forget the kindnesses you have given my clan still, Fishstar. If you should need it, at least until we return home, the strength of SkyClan is with you." The gray tabby left off the gray rock and began to lead the way out of the clearing.


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PostSubject: Re: December Gathering 2015   Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:12 pm

Kestrelpaw watched the gathering with amazement, in awe with everything.

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PostSubject: Re: December Gathering 2015   

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December Gathering 2015
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