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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Rockfalls ceremony wip.

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Rockfalls ceremony wip. Empty
PostSubject: Rockfalls ceremony wip.   Rockfalls ceremony wip. Icon_minitimeThu Sep 24, 2015 4:21 pm

There was nothing.

Breezestar had passed on, and it had felt like time had stopped moving in Rockfalls life. The thought of death had never fazed him, never worried him, never made him doubt his self or limit himself. Skyclans greatest leaders death was unexpected, unfair how could this happen at such a moment? Ever since the beginning skyclan was limited on warriors, many had passed on just because they weren’t fit enough for the warrior ways it was heart breaking. Rockfall had fell too the ground with a soft thud, his eyes shut tight as he dreamed. His paw gave a small twitch as he felt himself slowly being dragged towards the world of sleep, he wasn’t ready too lead a clan he was too young.

The moment he woke in his dream there were hundreds - no millions of cats surrounding him, all staring at him with peering beaming eyes there was no escape too their gaze they were watching his every move. They always were, blinking the deputy had felt his shoulders stiffen with tension glancing around nervously and being quite nervous he looked around for familiar faces, hoping too see his mate Whitefur around. It’d be nice too see his mate again living here peacefully and hunting for prey that never runs out, living in starclan seemed like a dream which was why the deputy had never feared death knowing he would find peace here. He couldn’t spot her in the crowd, instead he looked at the cats that stared into him with blank expressions the air was intense he couldn’t say anything he didn’t know what too say he didn’t know what to do, he could only stare at them helplessly as he looked clueless.

Shifting around with his paws he gazed at the ground, all they were doing was staring it made him uncomfortable - unsure. Clearing his throat his gaze shot up again glancing at them, but they didn’t move. Didn’t speak. Didn’t even blink. Crouching backwards the deputy wasn’t sure what they were thinking, were they not happy that a rouge came too be starclans deputy? Did Breezestar defend him and say that he was the right choice for skyclans lea— His thoughts were interuppted.

"Welcome Rockfall." The cats spoke in union, their starry pelts glimmering as they spoke their eyes only becoming bigger as they continued too stare with more interest. Out of the crowd of millions of cats, only 9 had approached. Their stride was slow but confident, it was intimidating too watch them come near him but he knew that he had too trust him. He wasn't able too see their faces clearly and they stopped from a distance and 8 of them had sat down neatly, curling their tails around them too get comfortable. Only one had kept moving, one had kept coming at him, slowly walking towards him and when the cat was close enough too the point where Rockfall was able too study her face his eyes had widened with complete shock it was her.. Never in his life did Rockfall think that he would see her again. Rockfall had left her to face the dangers of the two-legs alone, never knowing what became of her it was sad too see her here.. The deputy didn't actually expect her too be dead he had hoped that she would be living happier then ever with her kits but she was here with stars in her pelt.

Speechless at first the large tom only blinked, not able too get words out of his mouth. His amber gaze only stared at the beautiful russian blue-cat, his gaze not being able too move an inch when he was looking at her. "B-Belle.." Rockfall had whispered still not being able too believe it how was she here? She was never a warrior or a forest cat. She was a loner that he had left too die he was ashamed too be facing her like this her death was most likely his doing. The short-haired cat only purred as she brushed up against him it her purr only growing louder as she did so. Belle had took a small step back her eyes glimmering, "It's been too long my dear Rockfall.." The she-cat paused clearly still not used too saying such a long name. She glanced back at him meeting his gaze with another purr. "Look how far you have come in life! I'm glad.. that this is the path you choose." Belle had said too Rockfall with a confident nod before continuing. "You're so happy.. and for that I shall give you this life, the life of joy, use it too bring a spark of happiness to you're clan for they are you're family and it is always your duty too make a friend feel better if they are feeling gloomy." The blue she-cat had gently pressed her muzzle against the large tom's purring softly. As she rubbed her muzzle against his, her eyes sparkling with gratitude. "I'm truly happy for being able too see you again for one last time... Thank you." And with that Belle had vanished right infront of him, there was no trace of her she completely vanished..

Thats when the feeling had hit. The feeling of warmth and the sound of cats purring ringed in his ears, the image of cats being happy couldn't leave his head he liked the feeling of this. He wanted too make everyone in his clan happy, and he was happy too see Belle again. Even though it was for the last time. His ear gave a slight twitch as he felt suddenly sad from her leaving him so soon, it had been awhile since he ever saw Belle let alone to hear her beautiful soft spoken voice he just wanted another second with her.. why did everyone have too leave so soon?

As soon as Belle had left another cat had made his way over, he was smaller. Around the size of an apprentice and when he saw the way how he walked it had reminded Rockfall of a apprentice that had died long ago.. and he was surprised when it was him! It was palepaw making his way over towards him. The deputies ears had perked forward his amber eyes squinting too make sure his brain wasn't playing tricks on him. Palepaw died too soon, he would have made an excellent medicine cat but now they have Acornpaw and Rockfall was sure that the she-cat would not let Palepaw down.
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Rockfalls ceremony wip.
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