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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 Battle System + Rules

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PostSubject: Battle System + Rules   Battle System + Rules Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 1:43 pm

These are rules for full-scale battles between Clans and patrols. If you're looking for the battle system, look here.

  1. Once your HP or SP reaches zero, you can no longer fight. You can't take anymore and either collapse on the spot or run away.
  2. Only medicine cats can heal. Only warriors with more than 1 HP can be healed (unless using the moves "Revive" or "Max Revive"). Medicine Cats cannot heal the same warrior twice in a row. Warriors cannot be healed while actively fighting another creature.
  3. Elders and queens should only fight to defend camp. Medicine cats and their apprentices should only fight in self-defense. If you can't hunt or fight, you shouldn't be on a battle patrol!
  4. Switching opponents mid-fight is not allowed. If you are being double-teamed you must finish battle with your original opponent.
  5. Post once per turn. Once you do your attack, that's it. Don't post again until your opponent replies. Follow the posting order! Large-scale battles can be an exception to this rule due to the final rule.
  6. You can only use your Clan's special moves. If your cat switched Clans then they can only use the Clan move they learned in their apprenticeship, whether that's their new or old Clan. Exiled Clan cats can still use their Clan Moves, but their original rules apply. Disabled cats cannot use these.
  7. Battles require the same amount of cats on both sides. Leaders must pick out their warriors beforehand, and only these cats are allowed to join the fight. If one Clan is attacking another Clan's camp, then every able-bodied warrior/apprentice in the defending Clan is allowed to participate, no matter what. The attacking Clan can bring as many cats as it takes to match their numbers, but not more.
  8. Special effect moves can only be used once each against the same opponent. This includes Leap-and-Hold, Tail Yank, Teeth Grip, Scruff Shake and Blocking Leap (Clan Moves are an exception).
  9. Special effect moves cannot be used twice in a row. This includes clan moves.
  10. No double-teaming a single cat unless there's no one else left to fight. The spreading out rule applies, so you cannot stack 3 cats against one if there are other cats you can double up on.
  11. No special effect moves allowed when you are double-teaming a single cat. The victim of the double team can use special effect attacks, though. You may use special effect moves when double-teaming predators.
  12. Disabled cats take a -5 HP/-30 SP rank penalty. Disabilities include being unnaturally short or tall, partial/full blindness/deafness, and missing/damaged/broken body parts. Only mute/no tail cats are free of this penalty.
  13. Medicine Cat buffs can stack. However, the moment your MC is down to 0 health, you will lose the buff. Only full MCs can give the buff.
  14. Queens/Elders/Kits/MCs cannot fight unless they are engaged in battle first. They are not part of the battle count.
  15. Taking longer than 24 hours after your opponent posts is an auto-lose for you. This includes minor clan skirmishes to full-fledged battles.

For small-scale or spontaneous fights where territory is not on the line, rule 7 does not apply.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle System + Rules   Battle System + Rules Icon_minitimeTue Oct 08, 2019 3:59 am

On Warrior Clan Cats, we have a certain fighting system. This also incorporates the rank system, found here.
You can click here for our rules and guidelines about battles.

The Battle System is not required for any fight, but it is a helpful system that can easily resolve battles that no one is willing to lose.

There are charts of available moves and attack damages below.
- The amount of damage each move does differs from rank to rank. The higher your rank, the more damage your attacks do.
- Moves can only be used once you reach a certain rank. You can use all the moves your rank has and everything from past ranks.
- Each move costs a certain amount of your stamina points when used. Stamina costs are the same for every rank.
- Some of the moves have special effects, such as stunning your opponent or evading attacks. This is further explained below.
- A turn is every time you post. If you are stunned for one turn, you must post once before you can move again. If you are stunned for two turns, then you must post twice before you can move again.
- Special Effect and Clan Moves cannot be used in succession, and Special Effect Moves cannot be used twice in the same battle. e.g. No using Scruff Shake twice in the same battle (the only exceptions are SC/RC Clan Moves).

Battle Moves Chart:

Move*Rank First UsableStamina CostSpecial EffectDescription
Front paw blowKit 5N/ASmash a sheathed paw across your opponent's head.
Killing BiteApprentice 10Kills opponent.
Bite hard into your opponent's neck until you feel their life ebb away. Considered a shameful and dishonorable tactic.
Front paw strikeApprentice 10N/ASlice at your opponent with unsheathed claws.
Belly rakeApprentice 10N/ASlash at your opponent's exposed soft underbelly with your hind legs.
Leap-and-holdApprentice 10Can't be hurt while using.
Damage inflicted each
turn move is in effect.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, 3, works for one turn.
4, 5, 6, works for two turns.
Spring onto your opponent's back and pin them down while raking at them with unsheathed claws.
Run-and-TackleApprentice10Will do +3 extra damage to a cat not focused on you.Charge at your opponent at full force and knock them flying to the ground.
Tail YankApprentice10Stuns opponent for one turn.Bite down hard on your opponent's tail and pull sharply to knock them off balance.
Play deadApprentice15Usable only if you're currently caught in 'Scruff Shake' while battling against an opponent with the stats of Warrior & up.
Roll one 'Effects Dice' to see if your escape is successful or not.
1, 2, 3 = Successful Escape
4, 5, 6 = Failed Escape
Get out of a tight situation by going limp under your opponent's paws. Attempt to trick them into believing you to be defeated before leaping up and lashing out explosively.
Back kick[Tier 1]
15Usable only on a cat that's
not focused on you.
Kick at a distracted opponent with your hind legs.
Rear-up to Slash[Tier 1] Warrior15N/ARear up on your hind legs and slash wildly before coming back down.
Teeth grip[Tier 2] Warrior20Can only be hurt by Front
Paw moves.
Damage inflicted each
turn move is in effect.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, works for one turn.
3, 4, works for two turns.
5, 6, works for three turns.
Bite down hard on your opponent's scruff, tail, leg, or ear, and don't let go. While you have leverage, slash at them with your front paws.
Upright front paws[Tier 2] Warrior20N/APummel your opponent's face with both paws while rearing up on your hind legs.
Half-Turn Belly Rake[Tier 2] Warrior20N/ATurn over and slide under your opponent to rake at their soft underbelly before scrambling back up.
Jumping Strike[Tier 2] Warrior20N/ALeap at a distant opponent with paws outstretched and bowl them over.
Scruff Shake[Tier 3]
25Stuns opponent, roll to
see for how many turns.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, 3, stunned for one turn.
4, 5, 6, stunned for two turns.
Grab onto your opponent's scruff and shake them violently. It will leave an older cat dazed, but will break a kit's neck.
Upright lock[Tier 3]
25Usable only if opponent's
HP is at half or less.
Rear up on your hind legs and bring both paws down hard onto your weakened opponent's head.
Duck and Twist[Tier 3]
25Cancels the effects of Leap-and-Hold and Teeth Grip.When your opponent has you gripped, roll over and back onto your paws to throw them off.
Front paws strike[Tier 3]
25N/ASlice at your opponent with both paws in rapid succession to overpower them.
Breaking Strike[Tier 4] Warrior20Frees a friendly cat from the effects of Leap-and-Hold and Teeth Grip.Strike at an enemy cat focused on your ally to free them.
Blocking leap*[Tier 5]
30Takes HP damage intended for an ally based off your rank. Stun/Pinning moves cannot be blocked.Leap in front of an ally to take damage intended for them.
ResurrectionLeader 30Restores 60 HP
after death on
the battlefield.
Can only be used
once per battle.
Does not restore
Use one of your nine lives to restore your health.
*SP cost is reduced by 5, when actively protecting a kit, an apprentice, or your mate.

Damage Done by Each Rank:

Front paw blow24679111215
Front paw strike-68911131418
Belly rake-791012141520
Tail Yank-23567910
Play dead-5------
Back kick--101113151618
Rear-up to Slash--91113141720
Teeth grip---810121316
Upright front paws---1113151617
Half-Turn Belly Rake---1113151617
Jumping Strike---1012141516
Scruff Shake----57810
Upright lock----14161720
Duck and Twist----57810
Front paws strike----12141519
Breaking strike-----248
Blocking Leap-------15-20
* Kittypets use the Kit damage and moves.
** Medicine Cats, their apprentices, and elders use the Apprentice damage and moves.
*** Queens and Rogues use the [Tier 2] Warrior damage and moves.
**** Skilled Rogues use the [Tier 3] Warrior damage and moves.
***** Experienced Rogues use the [Tier 4] Warrior damage and moves.

Clan Moves

Special EffectDescription
Lightning StrikeThunderClan15ThunderClan territory
and Fourtrees only.
Zoom out of the bushes at full force.
Tree SpringThunderClan10ThunderClan territory,
SkyClan territory, and
Fourtrees only.
Scramble half-way up a trunk,
then spring off and onto the enemy.
Night AmbushShadowClan15Can be used anywhere,
but only at night.
Strike out from the shadows at
full force.
Mud SlapShadowClan10Stuns opponent for one turn.
ShadowClan territory only.
Fling mud into the enemy's face.
Underwater Push-OffRiverClan15RiverClan territory only.Lash out from the water and
knock your opponent off balance.
Underwater ClinchRiverClan10Stuns opponent for one turn.
RiverClan territory only.
Push your opponent's head
beneath the water.
Whirlwind RushWindClan15WindClan territory
and Fourtrees only.
Rush at your enemy at full speed
and knock them to the ground.
Swift StrikeWindClan10Can be used in the same
turn as another move.
Attack normally, then strike again
before your opponent can react.
Sky DropSkyClan15SkyClan territory, ThunderClan
territory, and Fourtrees only.
Balance on a branch overhead
and land squarely on your enemy
with claws unsheathed.
Leaping BoundSkyClan10SkyClan territory, ThunderClan
territory, and Fourtrees only.
Leap from a high place with
powerful back legs and tackle
your enemy to the ground.
Damage Done by Each Rank:

Lightning Strike-791012141519
Tree Spring-681011131517
Night Ambush-7101112151720
Mud Slap-23567910
Underwater Push-off-7101112141519
Underwater Clinch-68911121316
Whirlwind Rush-791113151617
Swift Strike-2345678
Sky Drop-7101113151618
Leaping Bound-691012131415
* Medicine Cats and Medicine Cat Apprentices cannot use Clan Moves.

Non-Cat Moves

Special EffectDescription
20Stuns opponent, roll to
see for how many turns.
-Roll one "Effect Dice"-
1, 2, 3, stunned for one turn.
4, 5, 6, stunned for two turns.
Be careful! Catches a cat in their jaws and
shakes them by their leg or scruff.
Iron BiteFox
20N/AWatch out as they clamp down!
The bite is strong enough to break bones.
Heavy BlowDog
20N/ADon't let it hit you! It will bring its huge paw
down on you and send you sprawling.
Quick SwipeRaccoon10N/ABe sure to back away, it's usually aimed at
the eyes.
Talon StrikeEagle
10N/AA quick attack from above.
SwoopEagle20N/AA heavy blow from up high. Kits and
apprentices can be carried off by this move.
Damage Done by Non-Cats

Iron Bite30
Heavy Blow25
Quick Swipe20
Talon Strike10
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Battle System + Rules
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