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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Sisterly love. (note the sarcasm)

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PostSubject: Sisterly love. (note the sarcasm)   Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:35 am

The moon hung high in Silverpelt, sending out glittering rays of silver which danced on the grey pelt of Jayflight. She was folowing her sister, Hollyshade, who supposedly had something to show her. The two sisters had nothing in common, and they looked nothing alike except for a few white patches, but that was it. The grey tabby often found herself wondering if Hollyshade was adopted, because their parents were always so friendly and happy whereas Hollyshade kept herself to herself in the shadows of camp, staring at everyone and becoming hostile to anyone that dare speak to or approach her.

The siblings came to a fallen tree trunk, Hollyshade leaped over it first and when Jayflight landed, her sister was nowhere to be seen. "Hollyshade?" She called out into the silent night. "Hollyshade! Where are you?" The feline began to look around the surrounding area, but after a few minutes she gave up and sat down. Ugh, she can be so annoying sometimes. Jayflight said in her mind. "For StarClan's sake, Hollyshade, where are y-" Her call was interrupted by a shadow that cast over her eyes, and a weight that pressed her to the ground.

The black and white cat namely Hollyshade had leaped over the tree trunk, snuck under it and crawled to the nearest tree where she scaled it quickly. The warrior sat on a branch, hidden by shadows, and stared down at her sister, preparing her attack. When Jayflight was in the right position, Hollyshade glided down from the branch with all claws unsheathed to land on her sisters back, pressing her into the ground. "You may have been wondering what I wanted to show you." She meowed in a deep, chilling tone with a slight high-pitch to it.
"Get off me, Hollyshade, I can't breath!" Jayflight gasped. A cackle escaped Hollyshade's mouth and she grinned evilly.
"I wanted to show you pain and suffering."

I wanted to show you pain and suffering.

Those words rang in Jayflight's ears, her jade eyes growing rounder and wider. She tried to wriggle free from her sister's clutch, but she was too strong, and soon felt sharp fangs peirce the skin on her shoulders. The tabby cried out in pain, but that made her sister laugh. "Hollyshade, what are you doing!?" Jayflight yowled. Her sister did not respond, but let her up. The feline thought she was free, but that feeling was wiped away when her sister charged at her, ducked under Jayflight and slice open her belly.

"I have showed you pain, now you shall feel suffering." Hollyshade spat out the last word with so much emotion that it almost oozed cruelty and hatred. "This is what I felt when I had to live with your happy-go-lucky family, yes, Jayflight, I was adopted. My family left me behind, and when your parents found me just before you were born, I had no choice but to go with them!" Hollyshade's sister was panting on the ground, staring up at her with round greeny-blue eyes that expressed pain and suffering. "Good, good. You are feeling what I felt. But, being that they left me, I shall now leave you to die!"

The black and white warrior smiled, showing her teeth which Jayflight swore were covered in blood, but she was in too much pain to think straight. "Goodbye, Jayflight." Hollyshade laughed as she left the clearing, waving her long tail behind her.

The moon, which was directly above the mauled body of Jayflight, made her scarlet blood shine as she took her last painful breath and died under the light of the luminous moon.
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Sisterly love. (note the sarcasm)
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