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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 The journey through the dark (Death topic)

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PostSubject: The journey through the dark (Death topic)   Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:38 pm

Ever since the first step...

Ever since the first smile...

Ever since the first friend...

Ever since the first doubt...

Mistfur padded through the quiet moors, a solemn expression lay plain across her flat face, her eyes examining the silent plains as the grass slowly swayed in what seemed to be a melody. Mistfur licked her maw as her stoic, and solemn expression turned to the tunnels that had been growing and growing as she approached.

With a short intake of air the Persian trekked into the shadows which had shortly engulfed her small frame,"Smells like the others have been here too... Seems like Ivyfur and Longtail," Mistfur's stoic expression saddened at the thought, she wanted someone for herself, someone to love, to have kits, but she had no one, no one to wake up to at night.

The she-cat padded on wards, forcing herself to continue now, the scents of Ivyfur and Longtail disappearing behind her. Mistfur
had heard that the tunnels were falling apart, and perhaps that is why she was here, but she herself couldn't tell.

The dark tunnels and the thickening stench of the tunnels rumbled silently, though it still could be heard clearly, as if it was a threat for the Windclan warrior to leave before getting crushed under a large force, but she didn't leave, she stayed, confident they wouldn't collapse, they rumbled before and never collapsed, why would it change? Oh how she was never so wrong in her life, and it could cause it.

As if it was a real earthquake, or a loud flash of thunder, the tunnels rumbled over top of Mistfur, fear racked her heart as she looked above her, sprinkles of dirt and minuscule sized rocks to large pebbles. Soon enough, with a rush of adrenaline Mistfur charged through the tunnels, but not before dirt was showering down on her, making it into her lungs and grinding her teeth. With pained coughs, Mistfur was roughly seven fox-lengths away, in joy of making it out she had so dumbly slowed her pace.

That was when the large bundles of rocks came down, right on top of Mistfur, crushing her spine, skull and ribs, in a loud screech of pain she made one last pained effort to escape, but, of course it had failed, she was soon engulfed at the entrance of the tunnels, the only part of her body that was even evident was her paw, hanging limply, just barely through the dirt.

A young warriors death, the physical killer of the she-cat was dirt, inhalation of dirt.

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PostSubject: Re: The journey through the dark (Death topic)   Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:49 pm

A silent breeze, which carried the heart-stopping scream of a cat.

That's when Ivyfur ran.

Her pawsteps thudded the moorland grass, towards the tunnels, her home. She had a lot of speed in her run, despite being a queen. But the instinct she felt was no match for how her body retorted the action. Ivyfur heard it, the sound of crushing bones. Lingering not to far away catching a small meal was how, and her pelt slightly blended as she ran. Arriving soon after, she saw the large piece of stone that killed a warrior. Panting heavily, she looked at the shape of the boulder. There was a big enough gap for her to slip in and push it out, but not without exhaustion. Gulping, Ivyfur knew she would have to get the dead warrior out.

Using a crack in the stone, Ivyfur got through. But she was still tired, very tired. Resting for a few long heart-beats, Ivyfur finally mustered up strength. Quickly settling to the light change, she saw how she would move the massive rock. It had the right shape to be pushed easily, but the weight could, and did, kill a cat. Moving forward, she started pushing with her shoulder. It budged, and she kept pushing, The roaring pain in her shoulder from her body disliking this was taking a lot not to yowl from, but after a long time, she had moved it. How long? VERY. LONG. Oh, and she basically collapsed there and took a small nap.

But when she woke up, she dragged the cats' body out. But, she was horrified to who it was, Mistfur. Tears stung her eyes quickly at how deformed her body had became, and she started the journey to camp to let them mourn, tears coating the young she-cats' pelt.


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The journey through the dark (Death topic)
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