Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! The latest announcements are below.
This month's activity is over, please check that your cats are on allegiances and everything is correct ;)
Leafbare is here, the icy winds cut across the five territories. Who will live? Who will die? Who will remain to tell your story?
If it's the full moon and the Gathering hasn't been made yet, please tell a Staff member. Thank you!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!

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 ShadowClan Allegiances (update in progress!)

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PostSubject: ShadowClan Allegiances (update in progress!)   Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:36 am

This is a work in progress. All cats not added on here will be added soon.

Magpiestar - large black tom with white patch on chest and amber eyes; Apprentice: Wolfpaw

Littlebrook - small tortoiseshell she-cat with deep blue eyes; Apprentice: Ebonypaw

Medicine Cat
Roaringblaze - small black tom with yellow eyes

Blazeflight - bright orange tabby she-cat with green eyes ; Apprentice: Newtpaw
Bonestrike - fluffy white tom with burning amber eyes
Cedarstorm - muscular brown Maine Coon she-cat; Apprentice: Tansypaw
Copperfang red-orange she-cat with dark spots and icy blue-green eyes; Apprentice: Minnowpaw
Crowfur - fluffy, pure black tom with golden yellow eyes; Apprentice: Sootpaw
Curlyfeather - one-eared, grey tabby she-cat with piercing blue eyes
Firestone - orange tabby tom with blue-green eyes; Apprentice: Sparkpaw
Gingerstripe - ginger tabby tom with deep green eyes; Apprentice: Thistlepaw
Larksong - tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and a scarred side; Apprentice: Ashpaw
Lilacfall - grey she-cat with green eyes; Apprentice: Nightpaw
Lizardtail - light brown Bengal tom with green; Apprentice: Patchpaw
Mudfoot - handsome dark orange tom with yellow-green eyes
Olivelily - small Bengal she-cat with olive green eyes; Apprentice: Russetpaw
Rowantalon - sleek Bengal tom with vivid green eyes; Apprentice: Hailpaw
Ryeheart - ginger tabby tom with icy bluish-green eyes; Apprentice: Darkpaw
Silentstorm - fluffy black-and-white tom with green eyes
Smokestripe - yellow-eyed grey tom with dark grey legs, tail, and spine; Apprentice: Owlpaw
Violetshine - black-and-white she-cat with one blue eye and one yellow eye; Apprentice: Scorchpaw
Willowheart - slender tuxedo she-cat with bright yellow eyes; Apprentice: Snowpaw

Ashpaw - dark grey yellow-eyed tom
Darkpaw - sleek black tom with golden yellow eyes
Ebonypaw - black calico and white she-cat with green-yellow eyes
Hailpaw - silver tabby and white short-haired tom with blue eyes
Minnowpaw - black she-cat with the right side of her face ginger-colored and a white chest
Newtpaw - speckled tortoiseshell tom with yellow eyes
Nightpaw - fierce black she-cat with bright blue eyes
Owlpaw - dark brown tom with a white chest and socks, a light brown fluffy tail, and dark orange eyes
Patchpaw - black, white, and tan she-cat with dark yellow-green eyes
Russetpaw - white she-cat with ginger forehead and tail and amber/olive-green eyes
Scorchpaw - scruffy, long-furred dark gray tom with bright orange eyes
Snowpaw - black and white tabby with amber eyes, has a ginger streak on her nose
Sootpaw - large black and white tom with green eyes and long fur
Sparkpaw - fluffy ginger she-cat with green eyes
Tansypaw - black and white striped tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes
Thistlepaw - half black, half ginger tabby she-cat with bright golden eyes
Wolfpaw - green-eyed golden brown tom covered in dark brown rosettes

Ravenclaw - solid black she-cat with white ears and nose and green eyes

Sorrelkit - pretty tabby she-kit with pale green eyes
Stoatkit - tuxedo tomkit with blue eyes
Toadkit - light tan colored tomkit with green eyes

Thrushstripe - brown tabby tom with white underbelly, muzzle, and paws

Missing List

Toms :: She-cats
23 :: 20


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ShadowClan Allegiances (update in progress!)
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