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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Nothing is Certain but Death Topics and Cat Taxes

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PostNothing is Certain but Death Topics and Cat Taxes

So, because of my own laziness, Site Cats is really out of date. So is the Deceased List. And the Leader list. And the groups. And pretty much everything.


I don't know what I'm going to do with Site Cats, because while it's important and I need to update it, I really don't want to. I considered for a brief second of doing the thing where I had everyone give me their character name and rank, but I don't want to do that only to have me be too lazy to update it later. It'd just be a waste. I kinda want to do that, though. I might. I don't know, I think it depends on how much people actually care about an updated Site Cats.

So while I order Ebs around to do everything for me because I have the God-given right to be a lazy, bossy, arse (murika), I'll just get straight to the point.

PLEASE, if your character has died and been replaced by a new character, tell me and make a death topic for the old one. This is just for the StarClan/Dark Forest groups, because if nothing else I want at least those to be updated. Also, tell me of characters you know that have died. This includes members who perma-poofed and people who made new characters while not formally discarding of their old ones.

(by perma-poof, I mean that they announced that they will never come back and for all we know, it's certain that they won't turn back on those words. I don't mean people who just kind of disappeared and it's unsure of their place on the site.)

Deceased Characters (needs verification):
Silentfeather - Echo
Leafstorm - Flame
Frogfoot - Frog
Amalric - Jay
Kestrelflight - Kes
Coldheart - Kitty
Fallencloud - Minty
Redfeather - Mossy
Grayheart - Grey
Berrysplash - Shiny
Stormpaw - Storm
Flamestar - Stormi
Icestream - Mink
Larchcloud - Kitty

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Nothing is Certain but Death Topics and Cat Taxes :: Comments


The current on the Deceased list is correct for Coldheart.
Yeah, you got it right Sleeps~ My only deceased character currently is Silentfeather. X3
You're right sleepi :3

Nothing is Certain but Death Topics and Cat Taxes

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