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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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 Reincarnation and Remaking Characters

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PostReincarnation and Remaking Characters

There seems to be confusion surrounding this, so I'll try to clear this up.

The Old Canon has absolutely zero connection the New Canon. The Old Canon never happened. The New Canon doesn't take place thirty years afterwards or in an alternate universe. All the convoluted stuff from before, as enjoyable as it was, is gone so we could start anew.

Now, when the reboot happened, there was a lot of talk about remaking characters. Since the Old Canon never happened, these are not REINCARNATIONS. A reincarnation is when someone dies and then they're reborn into a new body. In a sense, they'd be the same character in a separate physical form. Remaking the character would simply be taking a character from the Old Canon and basically replaying them.

So, I couldn't have a reincarnation of Sleepystar because Sleepystar never existed. However, if I wanted to recreate Sleepystar I'd take his personality and appearance, change his name to be more fitting to traditional standards, and... yeah. x3

Does that make sense?

And this doesn't mean we will let reincarnations happen at all when it comes to our New Canon characters. I don't know what Jay and Rain's position are on it, but I think they're a bit silly. I've always preferred to keep StarClan as disconnected from the earthly business of cats as possible besides the occasional terrible omen of doom, because it's just silly when you have something as powerless as StarClan walking around doing bugger all.

And why would you want a character to reincarnate anyways? Okay, it'd be interesting at times, but at heart they're just going to be the same character again. A wise man once said that a story is like a good bowel movement; it's only really satisfying once it's over. I believe this applies to all good things. So while you try to no avail to get that terrible thought out of your mind, remember that you'll really only value the character you have now once they're gone and that value will diminish once they keep on going longer than they need to.

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Reincarnation and Remaking Characters :: Comments

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Reincarnation and Remaking Characters

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