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Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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 My Own Little World

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PostSubject: My Own Little World   My Own Little World Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 1:09 am

Me and my best friend are doing a roll-play together and I love it so much. Ok so there are four clans. WillowClan is out main clan. Then there is MoonClan, RainClan and RuinClan but we don't play them much. We have one "family" that we play the most. DeepSoul/Star, LittleFlower, CricketSong, GhostPaw, DawnPaw and HopeDream. I thought I would post a some of what we've done and just see how you guys like it.
I would post all of the ranks and warriors but we are planing on majorly changing EVERYTHING so I'll wait until then to post them.

DeepSoul/Star (Played by Me): Rank: In between as of now, Fur: Russet, Eyes: Black, Build: Large and muscular , Markings: None, he is very smooth furred, Personality: He has mood swings almost constantly. Sometimes loving and sometimes deadly. Loves a good fight.

LittleFlower(Played by my friend): Rank: Queen, Fur: White, Eyes: Light blue, Build: Apperentice sized and slender, Markings: none, Personality: Sweet and tough (independent)

DawnPaw (Played by my friend): Rank: Apprentice, Fur: A Rusty kind of tabby, Eyes: dark brown, Build: normal, Markings: Scar on his right side, Personality: Like to be the leader, and very strong willed.

GhostPaw (Played by my friend): Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice, Fur: Gray with black paws and ears , Eyes: Blue, Build: Slender for a male, Markings: none, Personality: Quiet but sometimes very emotional.

CricketSong (Played by Me): Rank: Warrior/Apprentice (She is the age of an apprentice but she ran away from another clan and gave herself a warrior name.), Fur: Different splotches of brown and white, Eyes: Bright blue, Build: Slender and quick, Markings: None, Personality: She is strong willed and hyper. She ALWAYS speaks her mind even if it means getting in trouble.

HopeDream (Played by my friend) is not played very much and she is about to be killed off.

Ok so a few things you need to know...
Summery of the last month or so:
DeepSoul was leader but he left because he was afaid he was going to hurt his mate (LittleFlower) and kits(GhostPaw, DawnPaw and HopeDream) because he has a bad temper. While he was gone his deputy SnakeTail became leader then abused/raped LittleFlower. She ran away and while she was in the woods she found CricketSong who's past is unknown but she is a nice cat. CricketSOng winds up killing SnakeStar then DeepSoul finds them in the woods and promises never to leave again. LittleFlower has had SnakeStar's kit (LostKit) and DeepStar wants it dead. CricketSong may have feelings for DawnPaw but she's not sure.
Got it?! Ok let's go....

Far Past:
LittleFlower's father forced her mother to abandon LittleFlower when she was just a kit.

This was what we did today: (First paragraph is mine then the next is my friend's and so on.) Today's was mostly about DawnPaw and CricketSong but most of the time we play all of them.
Cyan = Me
Green = My Freind

"He'll (LostKit) be a remeinder! Think LittleFlower," he paused looking deep into her eyes, "When he gets bigger every time you see him you'll be terrified. Every time you turn around you'll see that monster (SnakeStar). Do you really want our kits to go though that too?" He hoped that he could get though to her. This would be a bad idea if she let it live. ---- CricketSong rolled closer too DawnPaw and put his paws over her ears. "Much better." she whispered before she drifted back to sleep. (DeepSoul and LittleFlower had been fighting and she used his paws to block to sound)

Littleflower looked away "Why, why are you acting like her (LittleFlower's Mother)?" she whispered feeling her heart pounding. "Why do you want me to do what she did to me?!" she said this time finding some of her voice. "It's a living breathing thing! We shouldn't get rid of him because of the way he looks!" she felt tears in her eyes "I wouldn't be here, did you forget about my father and mother?" she sighed deeply "You forgot alot of things about me, didn't you?"

DeepSoul's eyes got round as she said this. He had forgoten. WHat kind of pain was he putting her though just by asking her to leave LostKit? "Oh." he sqeaked out, "Oh... I didn't... I'm so sorry." he leaned over and held her close. He wished again that the wriggleing mound in between them wasn't there but he would keep quiet. For LittleFlower. It took every once of all that he had to lean over and give LostKit a swift lick between the ears then he rolled over and went to sleep.
Littleflower knew he had forgotten about her father now. It made her feel better that he wasn't just doing it to make her remember. When he licked lostkit's ear she gave a faint smile and laied down pushing her face into his pelt and drifted off to sleep. DeepSoul rolled over and saw that it was morning. He looked over at his mate and saw that she was still fast asleep. He remembered what it was like for her when the other tree kits where first born. SHe hardly ever got any sleep. DeepSoul got up carefully. He would bring her breakfast in bed. "Wow! She'll love this!" he thought to himself. He padded over to where the apprentices where sleeping. He would take DawnPaw with him for a hunt. Then he saw them. "What in the name of StarClan are you two doing?!?" he yowled at DawnPaw and CricketSong. They where all snuggled together like mates. DawnPaw's forepaws where wraped around CricketSong and DeepSould didn't like that. Not one bit.

Dawnpaw jumped up, he wasn't prepared to answer "I-we...what are you doing?!" he stammered. He had been awake when Cricketsong had put his paws around her. But he didn't stop he because he secretly liked he But, so they wouldn't get in to much trouble he said "It was cold last night dad, and you and mom wouldnt shut up" he knew he would get in trouble for that but that was better than Cricketsong getting kicked out of the family

CrietSong jolted up. She remembered putting DawnPaw's paws around her but she would play dumb. Before she could answer DeepSoul she had a thought. "Wasn't DawnPaw awake when I did that?" this stopped her in her tracks. "What if... No not right now bird-brain. Focus. DeepSoul wants an answer. Wait... What was the question?" her mind was messed but she said the first think that came to her mind. "You and your mate fight really loudly!" she knew she was in big trouble. ---- DeepSoul glared at them for a long time. Looking from one to the other. Their stories both kinda matched so maybe they were true."Well... Don't let it happen again." He stalked of into the forest. He would hunt alon

Dawnpaw turned to Cricketsong, he didn't know what to say. He opened his mouth then closed it "I should cheak on Ghostpaw!" he stammered walking away. He knew what a stupid excuse that was he was so mousebrained when he talked to Cricketsong. Something about her...he couldn't leave alone. "that was way to close to dad and cricketsong finding out about...me and her" he thought to himself

"O-o-ok, that sounds good." she stamered as she walked the other way. She had to think this though. She'd known for a while that she liked DawnPaw but she never dreamed that maybe he might like her back. She had always been so sure of everything but now... now there was a maybe. Maybe he liked her. Maybe he didn't. Maybe she was just crazy. Maybe she wasn't. Maybe she told DeepSoul the truth about what had happened. Maybe... she didn't. He head was spinning out of controle. She couldn't stand all of the maybes. She started feeling woozy... then she fainted.

Dawnpaw turned around when he heard something behind him. Cricketsong! He ran to her side "Wake up!" he screamed and then he did something that all his life he was told not to do...he cried. He didn't know what to do "Please love, don't die! I couldn't take that!!!" he pushed his muzzle into her to see if she was still alive "Please..." he said not even thinking to get Ghostpaw, the mediciene cat

CricketSong could hear DawnPaw. He was somewhere. Somewhere close but she couldn't see him. She couldn't see anything. "Oh she thought to herself, "Open your eyes stupid." When she looked up and saw his face she lost all common sence and reached up to nuzzle his face. Then she snapped back into the preasent. "OH!" she practicly screamed. "Oh... I'm sorry." she looked closer at DawnPaw and said, "Your crying. Why are you crying? Please don't cry." she had never seen DawnPaw cry. Ever. Something must be very wrong. "What is it DawnPaw? Please tell me Love." she stopped herself again. By now she knew that he knew that she loved him so she gave up and said, "I think I love you DawnPaw."

Dawnpaw didn't hold back he stammered a little at what she had told him but then it hit him hard in the chest when he said it "I've loved you since the first time I saw you" he whispered smothly and pressed his muzzle into her side and laied down next to her "I'm not going to let anything happen...I promise" he said licking her ear. He knew she had doubt...he did too but he loved her and she loved him too. That was all they needed...right?

CricketSOng leaned over onto his braud sholders and said, "DawnPaw... I never thought that I could love anyone," she paused to look into his eyes, "but I love you. I love you with all of my heart and I never want to leave you." Now that she had told him it felt like five hundred pounds had been lifted off of her chest. It was out there now. He knew that she loved him and that was all that mattered in the whole world. She heard rustling out in the forest and relutantly said, "DawnPaw... Your dad's coming. You know as well as I do that we can't be together around him." it hurt her so much to get up and walk away from him that she thought she would die. "He would never let me live with you anymore." I couldn't live without you now DawnPaw. We have to keep us a secret."

Dawnpaw nodded and with all the streagh he had he stood up and padded away from Cricketsong...his love

I will make another topic for discussion.

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PostSubject: Re: My Own Little World   My Own Little World Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 11:55 pm

Ok so we didn't do as much today and most of it was about LittleFlower and DeepSoul.

DeepSoul padded into the clearing. Thank goodness CricketSong was no where near DawnPaw. That was a relief. But both of them looked funny. Like something was going on but he couldn't figure out what. "Ah whatever." he mewed to himself as he gave up on trying to figure it out. He padded into his den and looked at his mate. He thought back to all of their first days together. All that they've come though. Tears came to his eyes as he thought of all of the times LittleFlower had looked past his failers and only saw the good in him. His heart was warmed and he walked towards her. "How are you this morning my LittleFlower?" he asked in the soothing tone that he always used to use around her. They had always been so sweet to each other. He really wanted that back.

Littleflower rolled over to look at her mate, her love "I'm good, how are you?" she asked sweetly. She had noticed the velet way he had spoke to her, it reminded her of old times. She almost asked about traveling but it was obious they needed to have some time where they were at peace for a while. Fresh kill filled her senses, "Fresh kill?" she asked looking behind him slowly standing up and yawned "When did you go hunting love?" she was sure it was early and it was only sunrise...what was he doing up so early?

"Oh I couldn't sleep and I thought I'd go hunting." he would NOT mention the DawnPaw problem. He didn't want to upset her. "You slept longer than you think my Flower, All of the kits are up." he looked down at LostKit still asleep. He didn't count. He would never count. After LittleFlower was done eating he curled up next to her and licked her ears. Things had been so crazy for so long that he hadn't just gotten to be with LittleFlower in a long time. He wraped his fore paws around her then suddenly stopped and pulled away. DawnPaw had held CricketSOng just like that only this morning. For both of their sakes they should hope that it was the acsedent they said it was.

"What's wrong?" she asked worridly "Is everything okay?" she asked. She wasn't sure if he saw something or maybe it was something she said...she didn't think she had said anything but she never knew. Littleflower gave up and pressed her head into his pelt avoiding his paws in case that was the case "I loose track of time when I'm with you..."

"Same here my sweet. Same here." he leaned into her and hoped that she would just forget what had just happened. They stayed like that for what could have been hours or only seconds, he couldn't tell. He never wanted to leave that place but he knew that they needed to get going. He slowly got up and padded out to where the apprentices stayed. "Good" he thought to himself, "They're not together." He padded to GhostPaw and said, "Son, can you prepare all of us some travleing herbs? We will all need them for our journey."
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PostSubject: Re: My Own Little World   My Own Little World Icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 11:18 pm

What you need to know:
ThornStar is the leader of RainClan and he is also LittleFlower's brother. He never liked DeepSoul so there is conflict.

Green=My Friend

Littleflower sat in a clearing, it seemed familirer in a way but she refused to walk she just sat. "Littleflower, I need to speak to you!" a voice rang in her ears something she heard from a distance "No! I don't want to speak to you Fragileface!" she adressed her by her name. A sharp gowl was heard behind the bushes "You have conrol wether I come to you or not but it's about your kits!" the voice said sharply. Littleflower stood for a minute then ducked her head down. A large white she cat padded into the clearing "Thank you" she said in a whisper "Tell me now!" littleflower said sharply. The she cat took a deep breath and said "When the dawn begins to fade away to darkness a ghost will haunt the lost parts of the woods and all of your hope WILL be lost" she said leaing her head down hoping littleflower could change the prophecy. "Mom..." she started then stopped. "I'm sorry" she said. Fragileface looked up "I didn't plan to kill you, you know?" she mewed to her littlekit. "w-what?" she was confussed "I was planing on taking you to my loner friend Ruby but I died before that" she said sadly and started fadding away "Stop! Tell me more!" littleflower pleaded. Her mother shook her head and littleflower woke up.

Littleflower sighed as he padded off and watched him until he was out of range. She thought about what had happened last night, what she dreamed of. It just didn't fit together with what was happening now...Ghostpaw padded to a tree with deep roots where he kept some of the basic medince so he could get to it quickly. "Are we heading back home?" he asked in his normal whisper of a voice.

"Yes son we are." DeepSoul purred. He couldn't wait to get back. It felt like it had been forever since he had lived the life of a leader or even the life of a clan cat. But as he thought of what was to come he shuttered. They would have to pass through RainClan territory and possibly face an encounter with ThornStar witch could be very bad. Then when they did make it back to camp he would have to take it over again just like the first time. There would most likly be bloodshed and he could only hope that none of it would be his family's. "Well...," he thought to himself, "Maybe it wouldn't be to bad if CricketSong got a little scuffed up." he had to smile at the thought. She needed to be shown her place.

Ghostpaw ignored his dad's smirk 'whatever he's thinking isn't my battle' he told himself but he couldn't help asking in a low voice that no other cat could hear beside his dad, "Do you want me to bring some cobwebs...just in case" he didn't care what he said he started a gathering some herbs 'just to be safe' he told himself.

"That's for cuts right?" DeepSOul asked. He had never payed any attention to herbs and their uses but he thought he knew this one. "Yah," he said, "Bring some along. ThornStar never did like me and we might need some. He can fight you know." DeepSoul then got up and headed off to check on everyone else to make sure they were ready. He found CricketSong talking to DawnPaw but they looked like they were doing just that. Talking. Still he didn't feel good about it. "DawnPaw!" he called, "Come over here to me." ---- CricketSong looked at DawnPaw with sympathy. She knew what he was in for. "Good luck" she whispered to low for DeepSoul to hear.

Dawnpaw nodded sadly but when he turned around he squared his shoulders and padded confidently to his father "Could I tell our newest member of the family to try not to get killed going through rainclan, or were you planning on doing that?" he didn't say it harshly or with a tone...he needed his father to think it was just a chat about Thornstar...nothing more.

DeepSoul looked hard at his son. Was DawnPaw just trying to get close to CricketSong? Or was he trying not to talk about her? DeepSoul was really confused but he just nodded. Once again DawnPaw had escaped talking about CricketSong. DeepSoul just hoped it didn't mean anything. "Well...," he thought to himself, "If I can't talk to DawnPaw myself I'll get a spy." DeepSoul liked this idea but who would use? Then it hit him. He knew who it would be. DeepSoul padded back over to GhostPaw and said, "Hey... Can we talk?"
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My Own Little World
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