Warrior Clan Cats

The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place in an AU before the cats in the books existed.
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Welcome to WCC! Here are our latest announcements:
Change is picking its way through the forest again: changing names, promoting ranks, taking lives. Will the shaky time of peace last?
September's Activity Check is complete. If you missed the check, please PM a staff members with your characters' information.
Greenleaf is present, but the nights aren't as long as they were a moon ago. Cool mists now blanket the mornings.
Gatherings take place on the 1st of the month; keep your eyes out for a staff member's post!
Make sure to check your Clan's Key Events under the Clan Information boards to see what's happening in your Clan!
Please feel free to hit up any staff member if you have any questions!

Group Information

Group name:StarClan
Group description:The warrior ancestors of the code-abiding Clan cats in the territories. They have since passed on from life and now live in paradise among the stars. They watch over the Clans below and give them guidance.
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Private MessageUsernamePostsClan/Ranke-mailWebsiteSelect
Group Moderator
Pikachu5429Thunder Stone Visit poster's website 
Group Members
Darky2325RiverClan Leader Send e-mail
Dead6614Professional zombie.  Visit poster's website
Fish1193former RC leader | former site moderator  
Frogglyness602Riverclan 5ver-/-Kit  
Frosty1966RiverClan Leader x2  
Ice Cream Zombie1392|L|Thunderclan/Elder|S|Shadowclan/Young Warrior|C|Windclan/Young Warrior  
Jay9447  Visit poster's website
King Falcon I2302F: Windclan Leader E: Windclan Warrior  
Kitty1128ShadowClan Apprentice  
Lucio2194RiverClan Kit  Visit poster's website
meme police1976ThunderClan/kit, ShadowClan/kit  
Minty183ShadowClan Apprentice  
Mistpelt8269RiverClanWarrior Send e-mailVisit poster's website
Moonela Rae223Deceased RiverClan Medicine Cat  Visit poster's website
Mossy5271 Send e-mail
Mud2279Riverclan/Elder, or dead idk yet  Visit poster's website
Nix ♥191Riverclan warrior / Thunderclan kit  
Pinely-san5346[M] RiverClan Apprentice [R] ShadowClan Apprentice [D] ThunderClan Apprentice Send e-mail
RainyHeart3180Former ThunderClan Leader / Site Moderator  
Rook602Thunderclan/Apprentice; Skyclan/Kit; Shadowclan/Kit; Riverclan/Kit  
Rose1838[Sp]TC Leader [St]RC Elder [N] TC Medicine Cat [O] TC Apprentice [E] TC Apprentice  
Shade632 Send e-mailVisit poster's website
Shadow6674Windclan kit  
Silverpaw/Streampaw303Starclan warrior,Starclan warrior, Starclan warrior , Starclan apprentice , Starclan apprentice,Starclan Kit , Riverclan apprentice,Riverclan apprentice ,Windclan apprentice,Thunderclan kit  
Splotch3085Ye Old Member;; ShadowClan kit  
Stormi the Gummy3741{Storm}Riverclan/Experienced Warrior {Adder}Thunderclan/Experienced Warrior {Red}Shadowclan/Experienced Warrior {Wolf}Shadowclan/Apprentice  
Sun7348ThunderClan Tier 3 Warrior / SkyClan Tier 4 Warrior / ThunderClan Tier 2 Warrior  
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