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The future's in your paws. Shape it well.

Roleplay in a cat Clan of warriors. Based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Takes place during the time before the cats in the books existed.
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Even with the arrival of Greenleaf, danger lurks around every corner.
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Hello there, my friends.

For the next 10 days, I will be going on vacations. My trip starts tomorrow and for the first 3 days, I will have poor internet. I'll give priority to my posts with Jaystar but if I have time, pls shoot me PMs wherever I have to post. After those days are past, I'll move to a place with better internet, apparently.

If you need me, don't be afraid and bug me via Skype or via pm. Seriously. I don't want to miss my duties as the leader of RC.

With that being said, thank you for your comprehension and I see you all later!
by Jay Bird - Comments: 1 - Views: 19

so i haven't posted anything for a bit and i just kinda needed a break after the parents and the poplar thing, but i just wanted to let y'all know that i'm "back" and ready to actively post once again!!!

however, i still recommend that you shoot me a PM if you need or want one of my characters in a topic, or else i probably won't end up seeing it.

~ harlem
by Harlem - Comments: 1 - Views: 39

im leaving for two weeks
I'm going off to camp!

Luckily for me, it is actually my favorite summer camps. I get to go ride horses bareback, make bonfires, bake cinnamon rolls over burning coals, and jump off the sides of cliffs into a natural swimming hole. No parents there either. This is going to be my fifth year there and I am pretty exited.

aand there isn't any wifi or electricity at all.

so yeah. I'll poof for two weeks starting tomorrow,...
by Twisted Cinnamon Rolls - Comments: 2 - Views: 37

I'll be going to Coding camp starting tomorrow, and I will be back online three weeks from tomorrow. However, school starts then, but Iíll try my best. Also, Iíll be posting on weekends because thereís no camp on weekends.

others go to summer camp, I go to coding camp. yay.
by Mamenchisaurus - Comments: 0 - Views: 16

So now it's my turn to head off on a camping trip. Monday through Friday, and we do not know whether there will be WiFi and how good the reception will be. Even so, I'll only be on occasionally anyway.
by Jade - Comments: 0 - Views: 18

So it didn't really know what to title this, so just ignore the very boring title. I'm back! Turns out the wifi + data was really bad and I only got 1 bar every few hours. So, I'll be getting back to topics very soon! If you've seen I've responded to a few, that's because I usually just go to my page and click topics so I can see who I need to respond to. So, if I don't get to you first that's just because I'm doing it from top to bottom! I won't respond to random topics because those aren't really as important. Anyways, PM me if I miss responding to something!
by Thinny Thin-Thin - Comments: 1 - Views: 40

So next Monday, I will be leaving for one of the best weeks of my life. My family is going to an RV camp called Lost Valley Lake Resort. Featuring; two lakes, 2+ in/outdoor pools, cheap as heck horseback riding and boating. It's all going to be great. I'll be bringing my phone, but we do not know if there will be WiFi and how good the reception will be. So if you NEED me to get something done before next friday/saturday then tell me now so i can put it to my top priorities.
by Jade - Comments: 0 - Views: 24

Duty calls, kids. My uncle's getting married and I'm going on a ~roadtrip~ to Cali for the wedding. I'll be gone for like a week because it's a long drive. Luckily, there'll be cell reception + it's not a jungle, so I'll be able to do a few mobile posts and stuff like that.
by Drippy - Comments: 0 - Views: 19

Grey's computer has decided to be a butt and not connect to any wifi networks, so she won't be able to post until that situation is fixed. †Please stand by, be patient, and be mad at technology.

by Rainu-chan - Comments: 0 - Views: 32

So I've already addressed that I was gonna be inactive due to a short power-outage although I will now be a little less active because of a small vacation I'll be going to. Camping! I only will be bringing my phone so if I am in a topic with you currently, please be patient because I don't even know if they have wifi or not. So, if I don't respond to topics as quickly or not at all, that's why. I won't be there for long so I'll be back soon! (I'll be leaving tomorrow @ 10 am where I am, although that's not very useful because we all are in different places.)
by Thinny Thin-Thin - Comments: 0 - Views: 26

From the 10th of July (tomorrow) to the 21th of July, I will be away on a mission trip. I'll fortunately have wifi, but I'm pretty sure I need to share it with twelve other people. In addition, I'll only have my phone again. This means that posts will be somewhat short and my activity might be a bit iffy. I am so sorry for all the inconveniences this causes.

On the bright side, my irregularly timed exams are finally over, and I have been released from the darkness. Freedom sure tastes great....
by Transient - Comments: 0 - Views: 36

I <3 you all and i'm sorry!
Hey there! As you've noticed, my activity level had gone down to an incredible low since a while back. The truth is, I've been struggling with major depression. School also played a huge role in keeping me away from WCC. Other stressing factors included home life and my anorexia, which thankfully is no more! Now that I've got my life sorted and have my priorities straight, I can finally enjoy some role-playing fun with my online family! I'm sorry for not making an announcement sooner but I just wasn't feeling up to telling anyone then. I'm not going into details about my depression but just know...
by Caprisun - Comments: 1 - Views: 33

Hey guys! So currently my power went out because of the heat where I live which is over 105 degrees. I canít be on my computer so I have my phone for now, I canít use much on here so itís limited. I may not be able to do much so please wait for things like replies and such until later today or tomorrow. Best of luck to all of you who also in the hotter states!

Also sorry for any spelling errors!
by Thinny Thin-Thin - Comments: 1 - Views: 45

Night wrote:

Today, we have suffered a great loss.

To be a little more specific, something (I'm not too sure what) has happened...
by Maple - Comments: 3 - Views: 73

So, from today (July 7th) to July 28, Iím going on vacation! So, obviously, I wonít be able to post. When I get back, Iíll tell you guys and try my best to cath up on everything.
by cinnamoncat321 - Comments: 2 - Views: 38

Hey! I'm finally back and gonna be a little bit more active. While I do have some things to care for along with this site I'll show you whats new!

So, first of all, I can draw A LOT better. Here's some of my recent art pieces :0

K thats all I'm showing you.

Also, I have a few other places you can find me!
@Thinny_Little on instagram
Thinnylittlethin on DA
@elizatheferret on instagram (pet account)
by Thinny Thin-Thin - Comments: 8 - Views: 61

Heyyy y'all! Whassaaap?

Starting tomorrow, I will be on vacation- and then straight after that, to camp- until the 20th. It's off to super-hot (compared to Oregon) Utah for a family reunion, and then Yellowstone (home of my kindred bears), for me! From July 6-15, I will have minimal, unreliable internet access, and probably not a lot of time to be on even when there is WiFi because it's family time. (I love my family ;w;) The 15th is my 17th birthday, and we'll be driving home all day, which kind of sucks- but hey, what can you do? From July 16-20, I will have no internet...
by Ash - Comments: 0 - Views: 43

yeah, here's another update.

my parents have known about wcc ever since i've been on it. they've been fine with me using it, but they know that my summer ends in the end of july. they're REALLY intense when it comes to schoolwork and... work in general, and they think that wcc is a complete waste of time. they want me to be focused. even though they've threatened me multiple times on the subject of getting me off of wcc, i think they...
by Harlem - Comments: 18 - Views: 342

so my family decided "let's go out but not let lulu know where we are going lol"
i won't be active for today - saturday i think, so if you need me to post, pm me and i'll get back to it whenever i return
pray for me
by Lulu - Comments: 0 - Views: 29

From this afternoon through evening on Tuesday, July 17, I'll be visiting the Great Lakes. While that is fun for me, I'll be on a lot less and the few times I am, I will be on my phone. So for two weeks I'll be doing all this on my phone. Hopefully I'll do just fine, but you may need to PM me after three days if I don't post in a topic. Thanks!
by Squirrelnose - Comments: 1 - Views: 21

great star clan I am back
so maybe you guys have noticed that I havent posted almost anything for the past two weeks, this was because I was sick we stil don't know what it was but it was really annoying, I could not stay awake for longer then an over or three and most days I only spent 5 powers in total awake.
I was kinda like a panda sleep and when your not asleep eat.
Because of this I could not find the time to post anything and when I found time my head was al mushy and everything I typed was complete crowdung.
So yeah, don't worry do its getting beter now! We are stil running some blood test's but...
by rainypool - Comments: 1 - Views: 55

by Jay Bird - Comments: 0 - Views: 49

Your friendly neighbourhood Tart has a big announcement!


We're super excited, but this means that in about 8 weeks or so, I'm probably going to disappear for a few days while I move. Once it gets closer, I'll post here with specific dates, but I can't keep this in! I just got the news and I keep squealing XD
by Tarto-sensei - Comments: 1 - Views: 44

mmm... i haven't been as active as usual, and i'm sure that's been extremely noticeable considering the past couple of days. my july and end of june has suddenly been crammed with so much to do.

- summer reading for the next school year
- summer reading essay and project
- script reading for the lion king
- trips out of my state
by Harlem - Comments: 0 - Views: 80

Hey there! As you may have noticed, We haven't been posting for a while and we really hope you guys aren't mad at us. I'm also posting this on behalf of my lil' sis, Hazel. Family is over at our house so we can't be on the laptop or our phones for very long. We're also renovating the house so our dad won't allow any "slackers." Hazel also had to attend some programs so she's super busy. We'll try to put aside some time to post here but life is pretty hectic. We really hope you guys aren't mad at us and we're truly sorry ;-; I'll be posting today and Hazel will post tomorrow....
by Middy - Comments: 1 - Views: 45

Hey! I think I mentioned this to a few people earlier, but I'm leaving at like 3:30 AM on Thursday on a two-week long trip to Costa Rica! It's gonna be amazing, but there won't be any internet/electronics the entire time.
What does this mean?
First and foremost, since Honeypaw's MCA ceremony isn't completed, I'm leaving someone somewhere in charge of Moonstone journeys. Don't worry, I'm totally dealing with it.
Next, all of...
by Drippy - Comments: 1 - Views: 77

Hello friends!

Sorry for being kinda inactive lately. I've been dealing with a couple weeks of getting used to being on some new medication and finding out that I need glasses because I'm nearsighted, as well as a diagnosis of a thyroid disease that is probably part of the reason why I'm so tired all the time and why my muse is so low. (Don't worry, it's nothing super serious!) I'll be going on medication to fix that soon too so I'll be back and posting regularly within a couple days, providing my glasses arrive so I don't have to keep getting eye strain headaches. :')

by Jehan - Comments: 1 - Views: 37

I've been legit dying for like the past two weeks with a fun combination of pneumonia and a bad reaction to antibiotics that had me unable to even drink water for like two days.

I was hospitalised briefly, and had to get ct scans because they though the antibiotic reaction was possibly my appendix acting up? But to do that, I had to do an ultrasound that involved drinking 1 litre of water, that I promptly threw up because y'know, I can't hold down water. What a shocker, kudos to my doctors.

Turns out my body just got tired of being crammed with antibiotics, and after taking...
by Pikachu - Comments: 5 - Views: 122

From June 11th to 14th I will be away at bible camp, in the mountains. †I don't know for sure if there will be any sort of service, but if I'm able I'll try to maybe sneak on and do some mobile posting. †It won't be a priority though, cause SUMMER CAMP BABY! †Sunburns, mosquitos, and sleeping on crappy mattresses, what could be better? XD

Cays will take over all TC ceremonies in my brief absence, along with handle any topics...
by Rainu-chan - Comments: 6 - Views: 128

Hey guys! Iím going to be traveling to Mississippi to visit family today and Iíll be there about a week(so next Sunday). Iím not sure how much WiFi Iíll have, if any at all, so my activity might drop quite a bit until I get back home. I should be able to check my pms and things on my phone, so if thereís anything I need to know or post in just let me know and Iíll try to let you know when Iíll be able to post for you! If you canít get a hold of me for ceremonies and the like, just pm your friendly ShadowClan Deputy Yosh...
by Sunlit - Comments: 1 - Views: 51

So, I hesitated on posting this for a couple days just to let my decision settle, and because I do not want to make a deal of this, but all you lovely people here deserve something from me. As you all may have noticed, Rippedstar is gone. All of my other characters are as well. I have made the decision to officially leave WCC.

This is not a "I'm temporarily leaving and may return at a later date". I'm officially moving on. I have tried to leave before and come back and it still led me to this decision. For many reasons, I have come to this conclusion, but the fact of it is, this just...
by Tommy Rippedseau - Comments: 15 - Views: 357

I will probably fall into an inactivity streak after today.† My school computer will get taken away until next year (because it's the next-to-last day of school) and my new computer needs some anti-virus software before I can use it.† My dad will download the software soon, so I think that I would only fall inactive for about a week or so.† In-RP, my cats will all get whitecough(except for Larkkit, who isn't born yet, and Boar, who will wander away from the clans for a while).† I am not leaving this site permanently.† Please PM me if you need me to post in any topics.

by Mamenchisaurus - Comments: 0 - Views: 52

Hi guys!
I have not been active for a while now because of school and other important stuff. But I hope that you guys still remember me.

Finally vacations are here and I have dropped some of my work so it is perfect chance to get roleplaying active again.
My cats are now death so I am looking forward to making a new ones. Feel free to PM me about possible parents if you have something planned in the near future.
Also I am so glad that there are still many known names to me left here. Seems like you guys are ruling the place quite well.
by Boulder - Comments: 9 - Views: 116

Just here to let everyone know that I'm gonna be on more; a LOT more. Now that summer is here, I finally get a break from work. So get ready for a lot more fun because I'm back people!
by Cry of dying hawk - Comments: 1 - Views: 60

OMG so I just got back from Florida Yesterday! I had so much fun and I LOVED it but I am so glad to be back xD
I do know I am really behind on everything here so that'll be fun to figure out xD
ANYWAYS! Just wanted to throw up an update.
by Lostsouls - Comments: 0 - Views: 49

Hey everyone~

Starting tomorrow, I'll be away on a trip for four days (June 11-14). Fortunately, there will be wifi. Unfortunately, I won't have my computer, only my phone. My time to post each day will probably be restricted as well. As you can imagine, long posts will be a struggle. I always feel less motivated to write without my computer. Something about the sensation of a physical keyboard beneath my fingers, you know? Hopefully, the effects on my posting won't be that great, but I'll be prioritizing deputy duties.

There's also the off-chance the wifi I have on this trip...
by Transient - Comments: 0 - Views: 39

I figured Iíd might as well make this for her since she wonít be able to.

My little sister SillySunshine is graduating high school today! Actually, her ceremony will begin in about 15 minutes by the time Iíve finished typing this on my phone. Sheíll still have a job over the summer, but other than that hopefully sheíll be free enough to return here again because I know how much you all miss her.

I figured that if she saw how much you all like her and miss her with congratulations of her achievement sheíll be drawn back here! :3
by Yoshachu Scorchachu - Comments: 4 - Views: 101

I might not be active tomorrow? I dunno. Apparently I have a dance show tomorrow?? I was notified last minute so I'm not sure if I might go or not?? Or how long it'll last?? I'm just letting you know now in case they whisk me away and I'm not here.
by Lulu - Comments: 0 - Views: 37

Featherlight and Sunpaw are dead. I don't have the time or energy to continue with medicine cat duties, particularly with the new duties (yay, new stuff to do), and it's simply unfair to WCC and WindClan in particular to force myself to do something that is no longer a priority to me. I was hoping to at least finish Goosepaw's training first, but it doesn't look like I'll have the time for even that, and I apologize. In Sunpaw's case, her plot is all but cancelled and that's the only reason she was created.

WCC has also had a negative impact on my mental health, which isn't the fault...
by Holly - Comments: 0 - Views: 79

Today is my last day of finals. But, I don't have any left! I'm basically going to school for no reason so, I consider it over. I'll be on mobile all day today but consider my activity drop over! If I have any training topics that went dead, I'd rather not revive them. Starting fresh is better in my mind. I believe I got two(???) apprentices over my activity drop so, they will be getting training as well if they want it.
by Kent Mansley - Comments: 0 - Views: 48

Itís finals week Next week :( expect little to no activity for a little bit. Sorry!!
by Drippy - Comments: 0 - Views: 32

Just want to give you guys a heads up, from July 9th to July 29th, Flowerkit will be inactive. That's a while from now, so I will repost it when I get closer to the day. Vacation for 2 weeks!!! (Not yet though)
by cinnamoncat321 - Comments: 0 - Views: 35

Summer camp tomorrow through Friday. Electronics forbidden, no activity until Saturday.

My cats will come down with a minor case of greencough
by Jade - Comments: 5 - Views: 73

I don't know how to sleep anymore, dangit

Tuesday through Friday of next week, I'll be at summer camp and hope I don't end up in the hospital like last year.

Otherwise, I'm back for good!
by Jade - Comments: 10 - Views: 118

None of you know how much it hurts me to do this.

I'm leaving WCC. For a long time. And you can't make me stay- even I can't make me stay. My mother says that talking to people online is how they get people like me, blah blah blah. So no forums.

What'll happen to my cats? †You guys have permission to rp their last moments. Spotfur is killed by a fox. Blossom is either killed by rogues or heart problems. Crowpaw is killed by a rogue after trying to flirt with him. Cinderfall can be killed in yoshachu's plot with Shadefang. Flamepaw either drowns, starves, or saves someone....
by Jade - Comments: 15 - Views: 270

Hi. I tried, I really did. I guess I just feel unwelcomed and awkward. I'm not into the warriors book series. I'm a bad roleplayer. I feel out of place joining topics.

Thank you for being welcoming to me, but I don't fit in here.
Maybe you'll catch me in the chat box every once and a while, but I'm unsure.

- Indigo
by IndigoColoredCabbage - Comments: 2 - Views: 72

Yeah hi, I don't really have much to say other than I feel out of place and somewhat unwelcomed anymore!

I don't feel like I fit in well, and as much as I enjoyed roleplaying with you all, after I dunno two months of being back I'm getting the same negative emotions that I used to when I was here in earlier years.

Um, I'll still be around the chat box sometimes I guess, but I noticed that it's not really a place to be hanging out if you're making no effort in trying to plot and roleplay. I'm too shy to get into any plots because I know that I take forever to respond so I'm...
by Mink - Comments: 2 - Views: 79

Just an update on my activity situation! I'm still a little busy but I've cleared up a little bit of my schedule. I did an audition today. I have to write an essay, do a test and then next is finals week. After that, I shall be free! Of course, if I get into my mentorship, I won't be able to devote every seconds but I will be way more active. Sorry for the trouble again!

From the grave, Kenny.
by Kent Mansley - Comments: 0 - Views: 38

i know i am supposed to be back i am going through some stuff and am pretty stressed out

my replies may be slow, or they may be fast

i guess it depends how i am feeling on the day.

i will do my best to keep up with everything as much as i can

by Tommy Rippedseau - Comments: 0 - Views: 38

Hi, I've been absent for about 3 weeks again; I'm overseas and don't have a lot of time on the Internet as a result. I'll try to catch up again with RPing soon when I get the chance.

Thanks all,

by Dingorok - Comments: 0 - Views: 23
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